January 19, 2013 by Jay
A Real Lifesaver
First of all, I want you to know I usually don't do reviews because I tend to be honest, and sometimes the truth hurts. In this case, however, honesty is a testament of praise. As a writer I sometimes interview people for their knowledge. I have to admit, before the 702PC I relied on an old fashioned tape recorder. When my 92 year old father found out what I was using, he ordered your voice recorder and then gave it to me as a gift, along with a phat SD card and all the amenities. I took it home, set it up and turned it on in my active living room for forty five minutes. I took the 702PC to my laptop and copied the recording then listened to it. The sound is absolutely crystal clear, without distortion or confusion, and is ready to use in Movie Maker and other audio programs or even high quality software like Vegas Pro. In two days I'm going to record my pastor's sermon (which has never been done before) and next week I interview tornado survivors for a book project. At least now I don't have to worry about the equipment! If the taste I had of the quality of the 702PC is any indication, I won't lose a single precious word. Now I just need to understand the dialect. :)
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November 30, 2012 by adi
hey i got this vn-702pc about a month ago. and its fantastic so far and i used it to record my lectures and everything. the sound quality is really good and the memory is great! u can always shift the recordings to your laptops and get your hours for recording back ( which according to me is awesome) . you can also put in your sd card and record lectures on that.
June 21, 2012 by Superior product
Excellent sound quality and recording sensitivity
I purchased my 702pc with some hesitancy. I had not been impressed with digital recording; but this little device is amazing. Its adjustable recording sensitivity and long recording times are outstanding. On playback, the recordings are crystal-clear. I use it for interviews, meetings, and personal notes. It's exactly what I wanted, better quality than I expected, and without having to spend a fortune to get it.
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April 14, 2012 by jilohe
Excellent product
I bought the VN-702PC on somewhat short notice and required overnight shipping for usage at a conference I would be traveling to. I had no prior experience with digital voice recorders, save for having a friend who owned one (though not this make/model). Using the default recording setup (I did not have much time to study the features), the recordings which I captured over several days were quite impressive, considering it was being used in rooms of different size (from a grand ballroom down to a small classroom). The recorder has both a mic input (which I did not use) and an earphone input, which can be used for playback and during recording (if you wish to monitor the recording). There is also a built in speaker which can be used for playback; I mostly use the earphone input for listening. The record/play/advance menu control is relatively intuitive. I can't predict the long term usage, but I am very pleased at this time with my purchase and could recommend this product to others.
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April 8, 2012 by Vern
Excellent product
I bought this voice recorder, got it yesterday. It's so easy to use. Glad I bought this model because I added a micro SD card also adding a lot more space to use. The sound quality is wonderful, I listen back on headphones and sound is great. Many adjustments you can use. Great device to have if you have to make notes to yourself or for a verbal journal or for whatever reason.