August 11, 2014


Poor image quality

I purchased VR-370 for my daughter because I thought based on other reviews that it would be a good point and shoot camera with automatic settings. The camera is a huge disappointment although the features look very nice on tech specs. In real life the image quality is very poor outdoors especially in sunlight and the colors are inaccurate, not vivid at all. Useless iAuto. The iAuto mode doesn't provide good results at all and this is probably related to the poor measurement system of the camera. I have contacted the European support and sent them photos but their advice is to use the "P" mode instead of the automatic mode. What's the point of using point and shoot camera without automatic mode? I wouldn't recommend the camera to anyone and personally I will never buy Olympus products again.

June 06, 2014


Too expensive for this quality

Poor picture quality. Impossible to take good picture while holding camera in hands. Otherwise easy to use.

November 16, 2013


Love it!

Takes incredible scenic/landscape pictures. Also takes great fast motion shots. The zoom is amazing in natural light, but hard to steady for clear pictures at night and low light. Has a duel voltage feature that is wonderful for overseas travel - just plug the camera cord into the adapter and it charges right up.
Weaknesses include difficulty using in view finder in full sun, as the image gets washed out. If you plan to take a lot of pictures (some days I took 100 shots), get an extra battery, which I used several times.
Great camera, but wished I'd spent more time getting acquainted with it before my trip, as there is not a small sized manual fit for travel - only the CD manual in the box. Have also had some problems with the accompanying software.

October 21, 2013


I like it

This camera is so easy to use, it even tells you what to do. I haven't had it long but what I've seen so far tells me it's going to be exactly what I'm wanting in a pocket size camera. Glad this is the one I choose.

September 09, 2013


Like so far, just got

This camera has many bells and whistles, but the instructions are a little vague I feel. I called and had someone walk me through e -mailing a picture I wanted to share!
I will learn as I go, but I am impressed so far.

September 07, 2013



I bought this camera because it looked like it was easy to use and I could use it for fast shots without a lot of thought. I have only owned it for about a month. So far the camera has work fine and has many features that I did not realize were available until I down loaded the user guide. I am not too crazy about the editing software that downloads from the CD it seems clunky and rather confusing to use. Overall I am pleased with the camera so far.

July 31, 2013


Best Value for Price I Have Found

Within about 15 minutes I was able to go through the camera completely and try all the modes, and they work fairly well even outside the camera shop.

For what you get for the price, I would actually rate at 4.5 stars. I paid $95.00 where I picked it up in Japan.

Sturdy build.
12.5x Zoom (Very Nice) Digital zoom can be turned off/on.
Automatic modes / Manual modes Get your creative needs filled.
Quick, not super fast, not slow.
Help mode. Help button will help you setup the camera.
Menu - Easy to make quick changes and to understand.
Lens / battery saver. When viewing pictures, for a few seconds, the lens will retract.
Battery charges in the camera. No extra charger to pack!
Includes mini HDMI out.
Better than my smartphone camera.

Doesn't use a standard USB cable.
Can't zoom when taking videos.
Screen isn't as hi-res as I had hoped, but way better than others that I compared with in the less than $120 range.
Anti-shake is not as good as I saw in other cameras even in the same price range, but it does at least help some.

Even though the time I've owned the camera is somewhat short, I'd purchase it again, if my budget were the same. Of course there are better options if you want to double your budget.

June 14, 2013


Still Learning

So far so good it is a new camera for me and so much smaller so I am still learning more latter maybe another star :)