April 14, 2016 by Lakebum
Nice but a challenge to shoot
I actually found a good deal on this used as don't think I could justify it full price or on sale. That's because i don't really need it. If your going on safari and need the reach it would do if you can't afford a brighter lense. I have had fun getting shots of birds around my home and nearby pond. One cool trick is i've had trouble framing at 300 but i found in some situations i could back off frame and focus and them zoom and shoot. it seems to hold focus as you zoom.
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February 17, 2016 by Paul
Eh its ok...
I ordered this lens directly from Olympus, when it arrived I immediately took it out for a try. It looks a bit awkward on my Em-5 and a little heavy. Definitely need a tripod for this lens especialy when reaching out to the full focal length. i was surprised that it wasnt as sharp as I thought it would be, I was shooting surfers on the north shore and using the auto focus tracking. Its good to have in your bag but I think we have some better ones out for the budget photographer.
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February 17, 2016 by Dana
Amazing range for the price.
If this lens was a bit faster it would be perfect but then it would cost twice as much. This is great for getting those far off landscapes or closeups of people/wildlife. Coupled with the EM5's image stabilization, you can get some pretty stable handheld shots for how long it is. You will need to have a bit of distance in between you and your subject as the shortest this goes is 75mm which is basically doubled in 35mm equivalent.
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January 21, 2016 by harvey
Great Reach
Great reach for compact size and weight. Could be brighter but useful in good light. Good optics. Images are bright for 10X zoom. Autofocus reasonably fast. Good color, Handles well on EM-5. Images are sharp. Useful range when you need it. Easy to hand hold and get good photos with IBIS. I thought 14-150 would be long enough but there is no substitute for reach.
November 24, 2015 by Erick
Very quiet, lightweight lens. I suspect many people who want this amount of reach want to shoot wild life and other moving subjects in the distance. It gets tough to get a clean shot without ample light because you need to push the ISO up pretty high to get the shutter speeds necessary for moving subjects I also have the 50-200 which is a better wild life lens optically, but bigger and much heavier.
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