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November 23, 2013


Best littlecamera yet

This camera is my third Olympus and is by far the best of the three I own.

I was skeptical at first because I thought it would be complex to use.

I have found out it is easy and very easy to learn to use all of the features.

The lack of a printed manual is not such a big draw back , I have printed my own copy from the PDF file and it works for me.

The crispness on the pictures and the video are amazing in comparison to my other two Olympus.

All of the features are great for creativity . I recommend this camera highly. you will not be sorry; It is worth the money. I am having a lot of fun taking pictures of my grand kids and have taking it on our vacation. It takes great pictures.

October 20, 2013


One big thing lacking

The camera itself it really nice. It's a good size & does everything I wanted. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a manual. I downloaded the manual but found the print much too small for me to read. I went to the Olympus Learn Center & found I can probably print out most questions from there but that will take an awful lot of time, paper & ink.

September 24, 2013


Happy Owner!

The anti-blur technology caught my attention with this camera. While the camera is easy to use, it also has many features to experiment with and learn from. Great video quality, too. This camera offers better quality than the "popular" point and shoot cameras that you can buy at big box stores. I highly recommend!

August 28, 2013


Up to usual standards and then some

Very similar to the SX-14 which I have but vastly superior in the video taking- the stabilization control is excellent and the ability to take pictures while filming is a great bonus. As with all Olympus cameras, great features and a superb dollar value.

July 20, 2013


Worth the Longest Wait

Beautiful form meets ultimate function in this camera and that's no exageration. I have had five digital cameras before this including an Olympus PEN that I liked very well. None has had the full features in a convenient size as this one does. The menus are intuative and easy to use, the buttons are comfortably and traditionally located and the anti-shake features are as good as Olympus claims. Best and most important of all the photos look extremely fine with little noise and the colors seem very accurate. Battery life is plenty long, but I did also purchase a spare. I do wish there were a way to charge the battery outside the camera, but there is a light around the power button to let you know when it is fully charged. I love the telephoto range and at this point no other point and shoot has this extreme range and with the superlative stabilization you can use the full zoom without a tripod. I give this camera my highest recommendation.

July 08, 2013


Great little camera.

I purchased this camera mainly for the 5-axis video stabilization and I was not disappointed. The camera seems to be floating through the air when taking videos while on the move. Another great feature which I like is the ability to just touch the screen on what you want to focus on and take the picture without having to use the shutter button. Pictures and video all are sharp and clear. The 3-axis stabilization when taking pictures also does a great job while the 24x/48x zoom is a lot of range for such a small camera. The camera is very well constructed and has a little weight to it. The only thing I did not like on the camera is the plastic cover over the USB and HDMI connections. A hinged door would be less inclined to be broken. Overall a great little camera.

June 29, 2013


Great camera

I researched this and comparable cameras from other manufactures before I chose this model.
The fact that I own two other Olympus cameras probably did weigh my decision to go with Olympus, but this feature rich camera had many pluses going for it over the competition.
Now that I own this camera I am absolutely super impressed with it. Everything that the Ad says is true and this little gem has replaced my C5050 and my C8080 as my bring along camera.
I am a retired Pro Shooter and really did not want to lug around a great lump of a DSLR or look like I was on the job every time I raised the camera especially in public as I have found the bigger the camera the more people shy away thus killing any spontaneous moment.
From wide to an amazing zoom this camera covers it all and the richness of detail along with the HD movies not only satisfies my artistic side but also my aching shoulders from years of hauling around tons of equipment.
As I said at the beginning, "A Great Camera".

June 26, 2013



I bought this camera for my 13-year old daughter, for her birthday. She enjoys taking close-up photos of flowers, bugs, leaves, etc. This is an all-around great, point-n-shoot camera. It has a lengthy zoom, is both touch screen or not, takes macro images and is just what she wanted.

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