April 22, 2014 by Jo
Best in class
This pocket-sized camera has some features that set it apart from the usual point-and-shoot digital cameras. The 24X zoom is HUGE. Image stabilization in this camera is exceptional Full HD Video Recording (1008/60i) and Smart Panorama feature to let you take panorama shots. 3" Touch Screen. Battery lasts for about 300 shots, pretty good. Has a very sturdy, robust feel. A great camera for backpacking and outdoors. This camera is bigger and heavier than most point-and-shoot. It is 30% bigger than a Canon Powershot I (But it also does more.) So, a bit bulkier than typical point-and-shoot cameras, which are often about the size of a pack of cards. Video: very easy to use, high def is an advantage. The manual is somewhat sketchy on the deeper features and it's not particularly good, missing some info and the software is not very functional. It's there as a "you need SOMETHING" but I recommend you use Photoshop Elements and Premiere 12 instead. I like it far more than my Canon Powershot. If you can only buy one camera and it needs to be affordable and compact, this one is a great choice and has a lot of features for the price.
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February 25, 2014 by Len
I am still learning to use this camera. It is my first Olympus and I am impressed. The image stabilization works very well. and I think the color results are impressive. We are taking a European vacation in a few months and I look forward to some great pictures.
February 9, 2014 by Joy
Sooo Satisfied
When to Portugal and Spain in November and wanted to have a fantastic but easy to use camera that didn't take 5 minutes just to set up a perfect shot. I needed one that was sensitive to tricky lighting as well as a good enough pixel count that I could get a very reasonable zoom in on the numerous ancient structures or just the general scenery; either in the moment or later on the computer. In the end the pictures take a bit of extra memory to store but nothing outrageous and I am thrilled with the level of detail in what I already see and not just what I recovered in the shadows with a bit of adjusting. The most impressive zoom was rested on a fence post zooming in on the next mountain top where an old Viking outpost was built... the zoom was sooo sweet that I could see the actual grain in the granite stones that were used to build it! Thank goodness I could satisfy my husbands curiosity with a great picture cause I was too pooped to hike anymore! This trip has sold me on Olympus for life; I will never buy any other name! Thank-you Olympus for providing me with such pleasure!
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January 30, 2014 by Fico
Best yet!
I replaced my old Stylus 820 with this newer model and before these two Olympus cameras I had a Minolta MD 11 35 mm film camera. First I had a hard time getting used to digital transition. Eventually I got used to it. However the 820 was not a very good camera to transfer from my Minolta. I went back and forth from either format . When I got the SH-50 iHS it was a completely different experience. I love the little camera. I use it mostly for architectural picture taking and sometimes family pictures and vacations. I love it because of all of the different options it gives you. I would never use my film camera again. It is going to the museum. I recommend this little camera. I only have one compliant. I wish it had a view finder. The camera does a wonderful job for someone who has had, Nikon, Minolta, Leica. and comes from 35 mm film and developing its own pictures. This is it! buy it! you will not regret it.
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January 5, 2014 by Natalie
Vivid color, no easy option for black and white
I love the beautiful color photos, but I am very disappointed that there is not an easy option for taking a black and white photo....it can be done through the Master system, but amazed this isn't an easy option on the camera.
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