November 8, 2013 by Terri
Would give it a zero if I could
I have owned at least 6 digital cameras. All of them have been Sony and I have loved every one. I got the new cameras as each new resolution update and options were released. I saw this Olympus on QVC and it seemed like a spectacular deal and a quality camera. I was especially excited for the 24X zoom and the 14 megapixel resolution. I ordered extra batteries and an external battery charger before the camera even arrived so that I would have batteries ready for trying out all the options. That was a HUGE mistake that I will never make again. First of all, the flash does not automatically pop up when needed. You must flip a little switch to pop it up. I used the zoom to take some pictures of an apple tree that is 3 houses away from me. The zoom worked well. I don't, however, believe that the resolution is actually 14 Mp. I tried the macro mode and the camera kept going in and out of focus for as long as I held the shutter button halfway down. I tried pushing all the way down when it was in focus, but still never got a macro picture that you could tell what the subject was. I used just the general portrait mode to take a few pictures in a well lit room in my house of several different items. Some turned out clear while most were very blurry and even hazy in some instances. Without fail, while trying to focus, the camera made a moving gear type of sound the entire time. That was a pretty telling indication of problems itself. Now for the movie mode. Never seen a camera take such horrible videos and make so much noise while doing it. Even in a well lit area, the video was not crisp or clear and the audio was even worse. The bottom line is this....if it were just this camera that I bought that had these problems, I might send it back for a replacement, however, my sister bought one for her and one for her daughter at the same time. Both of those cameras had EXACTLY the same problems as mine. I took pictures with my 8 Mp Sony and compared them to the exact same pictures taken with the new Olympus 14 Mp and guess what, the Sony photos were far superior in clarity and color than the Olympus SZ-15. It's going back to QVC for a refund. By the way, I couldn't find any reviews on this camera until after I purchased it and got the request for review from Olympus. Had I been able to read these reviews, I would not have purchased this
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October 25, 2013 by Rachel
I was really undecided at first with this camera....but after taking the time to sit and play with it I LOVE IT. I have 2 kids and the different options are really fun. I don't mind that the flash doesn't pop right up, but it does take longer than I'd like to zoom in when I'm trying to take a pic of something far away. Other than that the picture quality is great. FUN CAMERA ! ! ! !
October 19, 2013 by George
Fantastic Camera
I love this takes crystal clear still shots as well as video's....the zoom is perfect...this is a great camera for novice OR Professional ppl....
September 10, 2013 by c
Aweful Camera
Ok so I bought the cam thinking I'm going to get something great...I previously owned the Olympus SP 320 and was very pleased with it, only 8mp and 5X (?) zoom but it worked great. So, I use the SZ-15 outside in bright sunny daylight at the beach, in auto mode, and the pics came out dark. I used it inside and no automatic flash popped up, pics dark and blurry. So many pics I took came out blurry and as if they were taken in dark light, even when not the case. Never ever ever had this problem w/the sp320. I would not recommend buying this cam. Took super long to reset for the next pic. Dark LCD view screen when used indoors, could not view anything I was taking a pic of. Would not select a star if I didn't have to.
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August 16, 2013 by Charles
Superb little camera!
I just received this camera a few days ago and am very happy with it! I have been fiddling around with it to get used to it. Thank heavens for digital photography and rechargeable batteries - I don't have to worry about wasting money on film and batteries. I have been taking some pictures around the area to get used to it and find it really easy to use. The camera has great capabilities but it is also very easy to use for basic shooting. The camera seems to go from off to fully on (booted up) in about a second. Focusing seems to be very fast also although I think it will be slower in low light. A full set of instructions come with the camera on a DVD. Directions are complicated but I think new users just need to take their time and gradually familiarize themselves with its different options. Some people mention that the flash has to be popped up to work while many cameras have the flash pop up automatically when needed. I don't find this a problem. If I want to use flash, I pop it up and the camera will only use it if necessary. If I don't want flash at all I leave it down and the camera will not use it. The viewing screen is very bright and clear outdoors in bright sunlight, which can be a problem for many similar cameras. This camera has about five different brightness settings for the display and I set mine to the brightest. Even with the sun shining over my shoulder directly on to the screen I could clearly see the picture. For years I have been using bigger and more complicated digital cameras. Before that, for many years, I have used everything in film photography from 1/2 frame 35mm to 8X10 view cameras. I am really happy with this little camera and think it is the perfect choice for me. It has many different options if I want to use them but it is also an excellent point-and-shoot camera with a very long zoom lens. Because of its small size, this little gem is really easy to carry around without the need for large, heavy camera bags. I bought this camera in bright red to satisfy the Walter Mitty side of me. I really think anyone looking for a great, little all-around digital camera for almost all photography will be very happy with this camera. Just be sure to give yourself and the camera a break and don't expect to be familiar with every aspect of the camera in a few minutes. This is true with any digital camera. Enjoy!
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