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February 12, 2015



My Olympus sz-15 died in the middle of my trip to Tanzania. I was photographing giraffes when it started to flicker and quit every time I tried to turn it on. It was less than 2 years old.

April 28, 2014



I don't know why all these people are leaving bad reviews evaluate this is the best camera I have ever had! I love it SOOOOO much it takes the best pictures! I went to Disney last week and took so many picture and they all turned out wonderful! The camera had great flash amazing settings take fantastic pictures and il never leave this camera behind it shall be my buddy!!

April 16, 2014



Have to hold breath & shoot. Good pictures of Alaska. Glaciers from our truck, far away & up close, all look good. I couldn't believe the distance. I had an Olympus before and liked it, but only 3x zoom. This 24x is great! Pictures of clouds & moose. Thank you. Couldn't get a second battery for it though.

February 01, 2014


Very Disappointed

I had very high hopes for this camera based on my very positive experiences with two previous Olympus cameras, but in the end was very disappointed. Auto focus was inconsistent leaving pictures without good definition. Colors were washed out compared to scenes being photographed. Video focus was constantly hunting, resulting in playback that was sometimes very sharp, and others almost unrecognizable. It has lots of great functions for taking photos, but unfortunately, that functionality didn't result in good pictures on many occasions. On the other hand, some pictures came out great and were real keepers, but the inconsistency drove me crazy. I’m not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy photography and have been engaged in the hobby for a long time. This camera was not going to allow me to enjoy my avocation. I returned it for a refund after three weeks and many disappointing photos while on vacation.

January 14, 2014


Excellent camera

I got this camera to use on my daily walks, I like the range of the zoom, As I see various wildlife. Also the super macro for photographing insects and flowers, along the roadside. It fits in my shirt pocket, in cold weather able to keep it warm. Missing out on photo ops will not be a problem.

January 07, 2014


Terrible, aweful pics and videos

My first my son got me for Christmas, was overjoyed! It sucks, I have tried and tried, blurry pictures, it zooms in and out on its own and by the time it stops doing its thing is too late to take a picture then comes out blurry. Love my sons Sony Syber shot that is ancient and love how crisp and clear the pictures and videos are. Took one or 2 videos with this and can hear the shutter noise and if you try to zoom it goes all blurry same as when I try to take a picture, just hate he spent all that money on this camera and how the heck to you tell someone after all that trouble that this camera sucks!!! He was so proud of it bought the case too.

December 26, 2013


Disappointed Twice

Got the camera and got blurry photos and videos that were not synched with the audio. Returned it and got a replacement of the same camera and the same result. This is a bad camera and
I have lost Circus and Christmas photos and videos due to this defective product. Memories that I cannot redo in photos and videos of the grandchildren.

December 17, 2013


Great little Point-N-Shoot

I bought this Camera a few weeks ago. This camera meets all my needs for a novice photographer. The zoom works very well and the quality of the photos even in low light are great. I would recommend this camera to everyone.

December 12, 2013


Not great.

Am not impressed with photo quality especially with flash. My 8 year old Sony Cyber Shot takes much better pics. The control button is a bit erratic and doesn't seem to respond properly. When taking video the sound of the lens adjusting is heard in the audio. Advertised as "wide angle" but doesn't seem to take a wider shot than my Sony Cyber Shot. Separate battery charger is a bit expensive.

November 09, 2013



11-9-13...just got this camera......I have noticed that I have to take multiple photos JUST to get the right quality...the first one might be blurry, the next one might be too dark...the flash doesn't flash every time....the auto mode is not good to me......when I want it to flash it does not.......i am using a 64mb memory card....when I the movie mode it is constantly trying to focus so as I am watching the movie I taped it is constantly going in and out of blurriness......Teresa in Florida

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