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April 27, 2013


Absolutely Fantastic Camera.

I have had the camera now several weeks. Really impressed. Easy to use. Great photos. The zoom is incredible .
This is by far the best camera I've ever owned.

Curt Maxwell. M.D.

April 26, 2013


Excellent overall camera

I bought the TG-2 as an all around camera. For that purpose to works great. We went on a scuba diving trip to Bonaire. I used the camera on both day and night dives as is without a housing. I used it with and without flash. I was very pleased with the results. At night I pre-focused using the flashlight and then turned the beam away to take the shot. Got some great octopus pictures at night. The manometer appears accurate and displays a warning that you are getting too approaching the maximum depth (at .40 feet). It remained dry when used down to 45 feet.

It was nice that I could use the same camera to take underwater and normal pictures. I also took under water videos.

4 Stars because of the audible noise during video. zooming and focusing both create sounds. I am still very pleased with its performance as a camera.

April 23, 2013


vvgood Camera

i have a Stylus 1030sw before this one.
It`s a great update. Now i can make HD video with this one !! Nice !!
The only thing missing with this camera is a carry case when the camera have a teleconverter on it, Make it !!

April 09, 2013


Great quality for the price

This camera feels good in your hands. It's a great size and has just enough bulk to it to make it feel well built. I've taken this camera out on a number of outings now in varying conditions. The auto setting amazes me every time with how great it can make the images for you on the fly. This camera is a great turn on and snap a great picture kind of camera. With that said, the built in effect settings are also really awesome and fun to play around with. Super Macro Microscopic Mode is a little tricky to get to work - but when you do get it to the close up images are amazingly detailed. This camera can do a lot of cool things and is performing flawlessly so far. The tought features are an added and convenient bonus for someone who is taking pictures on the go. Great value in my opinion.

April 08, 2013


Good Camera....But...

I find the camera to be good. The smoothing out that some have mentioned by changing the compression to Fine instead of Normal. You will get fewer pictures on a memory card, but considering a 32GB will still hold over 4,000 I think you are doing good.

I did buy the lens ring adapter and a lens cap to protect the lens. This is really something that the camera should have come with though.

I haven't had any sound issues while recording, I believe I have the record volume set to medium, I know I did play with that.

Now, here are the items that I have noticed:
When recording video, watch where you use all of the image stabilization features, you can get some odd results when used in low light or you are far away from your subject.

I do not understand why they couldn't put the multirecord mode that allows photos while taking video into this camera. It is in the lower end TG-830IHS. This one is a big one and if they ever do come out with a TG-3 that has this, I would probably buy it. That being said, I would not return the TG-2 to get the TG-830, I think the TG-2 is a great camera.

April 01, 2013


Tough, but not from all aspects

I purchased this camera 3 weeks ago just before I left for my vacation to Cancun. Previously I owned an Olympus StylusTough-8010, another tough type camera with similar functions. I chose this camera as I wanted to have a tough construction, durability and above average picture quality.

I have tested this camera day, night, underwater, in badly lit places and also during snorkleing. I have not managed to drop this camera so far so I cannot tell anything about the real toughness.

The pros:

- This camera does take brilliant photos, the best function I like on it is the handheld night-mode shooting. I was very much surprised at the quality of the photos. The photos are quite good, however sometimes I feel that the focus is on the wrong spot and the other parts of the photo is quite blurred.

- The turning on time is 1-2 seconds which is already a great improvement compared to my previous olympus camera.

- The battery life is quite long, I have managed to take ~380 photos during snorkeling within 3 hours using the original Olympus battery.

- The GPS does work very well, however sometimes it takes quite a long time to find a position, it could take up to 5min even with full wide view to the sky. (Note that the GPS does not work underwater, this is due to the fact the water absorbs the radio waves used by the GPS.) The tracking function is also useful, however there are no additional settings for the plotting interval.

- The provided software could plot the photos on the map, it is similar to the iPad's function.

- The video does have a good quality as well, however the compression rate is very low so it takes up quite a lot of memory.

The big cons I have found with this camera:

- There is a dial on it to change the shooting mode, it is definitely not a smart idea! At the first time I took it into the sea the fine sand penetrated underneath the dial so I could not turn it for a while. (On my previous Olympus model there was no dial, only buttons, yes it took longer time to select the mode, but it had never got stuck.)

- There is no protector for the lens. I very much afraid that it is going to get scratched even in my pocket. Recently I took this camera for biking and put it into the pocket of my jersey, everytime I took it out it was steamed up and I had to wipe it. (Again on my previous model there was a lens protection. Well it took 5sec to fire up the camera, however I never had this kind of problem.)


I will stick with camera for a while as I am generally happy with it, however I am looking forward to some software update especially for the GPS and to get some extra manual functions on shutter timing. It was not the cheapest tough model on the market, but it is worth the price. I would like to try the extra lenses as well, which was not possible with my previous camera.

March 30, 2013


awesome camera!!

I bought the Tough TG2 to replace an older Olympus. This camera is incredible. Easy to use and perfect for our work, which involves being able to take EXCELLENT close-up photos of homes/buildings. It's rugged yet easy to carry & the picture quality is great. Aside from my DSLRs, the TG2 is probably the best camera I own! Thanks, Olympus!

March 28, 2013


Nearly perfect Tough Point&Shoot

I really like this camera.
Especially the aperture mode allows you to get great quality images out of the camera. If you pick the right aperture and limit the ISO to a reasonable value. You will get very good image quality out of it.

I was also very positive surprised by the output of the magic filters. It is very easy to create some amazing fun pictures with this camera.

One other very nice feature are the two custom modes, which allows you a fast switch to your preferred settings.

I am very sure I will have a lot of fun in the next years taking pictures with this camera.

For a perfect camera I would just wish tow more things:
- RAW image storage to allow optimized post processing (or at least a setting to define the level for noise reduction as there is very good noise reduction software available).
- make a little bit smaller so that it fits even better into jacket pockets.

March 27, 2013


Tg-1 vs tg-2?

When I heard this was coming out I made a deal and sold my tg-1 to a friend for $150. The super macro and updated resilience appealed to me. I Also didn't have a doubt in my mind that Olympus would address all the sound issues, noises, in video mode... Boy was i wrong, After reading the reviews and seeing the tg-2 actually got I worse rating from user I want my camera and $250 back :( I feel kind of stuck because I already have all the attachments for this camera. Just why in gods green earth would Olympus not fix a known issue on a previous model. As its well known Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result. So me next question is why? Or am I wrong and did Olympus do this knowingly..???? They had to of known, how could they not. Now did they factor in this major flaw and crunch numbers only to decide they will make enough of a profit to pull out ahead regardless, I Did notice Olympus blocked the reviews of the higer rated,older tg-1. Is that because they can't admit failure, to save face? Surely it is. To top it off the tg-1 has 3d, tg-2 no. The tg-1 is 9.8mp effective, the tg-2 9.7mp effective, also a few other items on the tg-1 make the quality better. really tg-2 is just slightly tougher with super macro as upgrades.I just though Olympus was better than this.

March 24, 2013


Great for travel cam

The camera lived up to everything. We went on a trip to 3 islands in Hawaii. Used it for hiking , Swimming and underwater shots. only complaint is the ring that goes on the lens area fell off several times the last on a boat and fell over board. Gone. Works fine without. I well continue to use my Larger full size cam for everyday use but this is a great pocket cam for travel and skiing.

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