December 10, 2013 by Leo-Paul
Superb Camera
Great camera, easy to learn and use. Great Shots. I prefer it to my Nikon. Fun to use. One small quibble; The controls in the back are hard to read I have poor eyesight, an age thing, But all is not lost thanks to the icon guide I can read the descriptions of the buttons.I will gladly give this superb camera a 5 star rating,
November 30, 2013 by Mike
Recently bought it, found it easy to use with great resolution. Then I started checking out all the bells & whistles and am amazed at what this camera is capable of. The added features make it almost impossible to take a "bad' picture.There are so many options to help you shoot different scenerios, it's unbelievable. The functions actually "show you" what they do. So far I'm very pleased & would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to take good quality pictures easily.
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November 11, 2013 by Bill
Good Tough Camera, but . . .
When taking video there is a mechanical clicking noise from inside the camera. Once played back, the clicking noise can be heard throughout the entire video. When I called customer support, they were aware of the problem and said it will be fixed in later versions of the camera. That does not help me and then they expect me to ship it back to them, with me paying for the shipping. I like the camera and the pictures that it takes and will have to live with the clicking in the video since I do not use the video option very often. Also, the placement of the video button should be in a different place, too easy to press on it when all I want is to take a picture. I will probably get used to this as time goes on, but, should not have to worry about it at all - maybe this button should be switched with the larger picture taking button, would make sense. Mostly satisfied, too bad about the video.
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November 9, 2013 by Tim
Battery Sucks
I bought the camera back in August and charged the battery per instructions. The first time I used it was end of September on my vacation. There was only 2 segments left on the battery as indicated on the camera. I took about 20 pictures before the camera frozen up no matter what button I pressed. Pushed the power button and no response. The only way to power up the camera was to take out the battery and re-insert it back in. I recharged the battery to get ready for the next day but the battery died again about 20 pics taken. It happened everyday during my vacation. I am very disappointed with the performance of the battery.
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October 20, 2013 by Kimberley
Better than expected, yet still learning
Takes good pictures even without using a flash. Don't like the dial but I'm getting used to it since it still means 25 formats to take pics. Loving the Fragmented, Mirror & Soft Feature within MAGIC. Too many steps to use Macro vs just 1 button as my previous Olympus did. Overall it's better than I expected, which makes it an improvement to my previous model, but takes some getting used to. Especially the child proof doors as I call them to get to the battery and plug. Have to be more mindful of my nails whereas the previous doors were rubber and didn't need two locks.
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