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August 19, 2013


Terrific Camera

Just got back from an off road camping trip. This camera performed beautifully. Great shots in low light including the moon. Easy switch from video to stills. No issues. Recommend to everyone. Easily gets a 5 star.

August 04, 2013


Amazing camera !

This was a last minute purchase for our trip to Cancun. We were looking for a waterproof camera for when we went snorkeling, read all the reviews and decided to just go for it. The pictures and videos we took underwater where amazing! We even used it for everyday pictures on our vacation! It has amazing features for every day use. Well priced and great quality! Highly recommend this camera!
Lily D

August 02, 2013


Good Waterproof Digital Camera

I have a number of digital cameras, all with good resolution, low light performance, with moderate optical zoom. I needed one for use on the water and perhaps under but at least waterproof. In all my searching I found the TG-830 had the best combination of features for me with some very good reviews. My experience agrees with most of the good reviews. I do find the menus confusing (to take a macro shot I need to go to the underwater menu, for example) and the low light sensitivity less than desired, certainly not as good as my Ricoh CX3. But I would recommend this camera. This said, I have yet to get it wet....

July 30, 2013


Great camera!

My intention of buying this camera was because I will be going snorkeling soon. I did research on some other under water cameras but between an employee from Best Buy and my own judgment/what I was looking for I chose this camera. Mine is red.
Now, some reviews about this camera may sound a little bad and make you hesitant to purchase it but I have not ran into any troubles. The battery life is wonderful. If you charge it completely you're good to go! I have taken it in the water and it still works afterwards. haha I love all the different scene modes and other special features to customize your pictures, very fun! The zoom level is also a plus. Oh, and the software that comes with it is such a breeze to load onto your computer or laptop. And for me, this was such an upgrade compared to my old camera that was a 1.8 megapixel. Regarding moneywise, I say it is worth it because you can do so much with this camera. I completely adore this camera which is saying something because my old camera is a Kodak and I also like Cannon so I am partial to those brands. Olympus definitely made me a believer in their brand and my new TG-830... I have grown to adore:)

July 25, 2013

Lora Jane


I have been looking at waterproof cameras for a couple years wanting one. I can tell you comparing photos to a camera that I purchased last Christmas for my niece - these are more clear. I am more pleased with the photos than I thought I would be. Night photos are great. Photos at the pool are great and not worring about my DSL camera getting wet makes it easier to have fun. I would recommend this camera to others.

July 18, 2013


Awesome Camera

Camera takes great photos! I have not used it under water yet so I can't comment on that. Easy to use, portable but not too small. Plan to use it while on our Seadoo's this weekend!

July 14, 2013


Best camera I've ever had!

I bought this camera because it was waterproof and my family loves to be in the water! The fact that it could withstand being dropped or stepped on was just an added bonus! But, when I started using the camera, I truly began to feel lucky that I found this camera. It has amazing photo quality! I love all of the features, including the different scenes for taking pictures and the magic tool for cool effects (soft focus, pastel, punk). The Beauty option is awesome, as well, and we've been playing around with that, eliminating the dark circles under our eyes and other imperfections! Truly amazing camera! Well worth the price!

July 08, 2013


Great camera

Love this camera. My previous camera was an Olympus Tough series that I owned for about 7 years. Other cameras I have owned in the past have never lasted that long. The camera is great especially if you have young ones that might get a hold of it. Very durable and love the waterproof aspect since Im always at the beach.
The only complaint I have is the circular dial to change the settings is a little looser than my previous one. So if I take it out of my bag to take a picture 9 out of 10 times the setting has changed to something else.

June 20, 2013


family cam all the way

We have three very active kids and are an outdoors kind of family. I set it on sport shoot and let the camera take care of lighting and etc while I attempt to wrangle a 6yo a 4yo and a 2yo. even when the happen to take it in the pool its OK! great pics and video on the fly glad I bought it.

June 10, 2013



It's a great camera, worth every penny.

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