January 14, 2014 by William
answered my needs
I recently had a seizure and damaged my right shoulder making my SLR photography impossible, I have to take pictures, I decided point & shoot was the answer as there is no such thing as a left handed camera this would be the easiest, so far, so good. 16MP was the big selling point for me. This will never replace my SLR, but is a definite asset.
January 14, 2014 by Barbara
Great camera
I researched waterproof cameras for about 2 months before deciding on this one. There is so much conflicting information on which is best it was very frustrating .I bought this for our trip to the Caribbean because we planned on doing a lot of snorkeling and beach time. Camera worked great! The underwater images turned out really well. Very durable. In one day went from beach pictures, wave runner and snorkeling. I did notice the clicking sound on the videos on the underwater images. I didn't know if was the underwater sounds it was picking up or what. I made sure to soak in fresh water for 10 minutes after having it in saltwater and have had no water seal problems. So far it has met my expectations.
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January 13, 2014 by jeff
Very nice camera.
I am still in the learning process but so far I am very impressed. I bought it mainly for durability and have yet to put that to the test. Not especially wanting to go under water with it but to be able to use it in the rain safely. I like all the variations to use while taking pictures. Don't really need all of them but they are still fun. I am mostly going to use it on backpacking and camping trips as well as family vacations. Can't wait to put it to more tests.
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January 1, 2014 by Russ
Takes a beating, and keeps on clicking
This camera was purchased to take on the motorcycle. I want something I can toss in the tourpack, and can handle heat, cold, water, dust, and has good battery life. For the short time I have had it, it meets my expectations for mid price point and shoot. Has some nice effects, does a good job on macro shots meaning less equipment I need to take for my D5200. No unpleasant surprises. Better price, and meets what I wanted better than the Coolpix I had been considering.
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December 29, 2013 by Ronald
Big camera features in a small, tough, take anywhere camera
Amazed at the 'big camera' features and control of the TG-830IS. Looking forward to taking it on kayaking and camping/hiking trips. Will get back to you after I"ve had a chance to use it 'in the field.'
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