December 10, 2014 by Graham
Didn't last
I bought the TG-630 just over a year ago. Most of its life it sat in the drawer. 6 to 8 month into owner it the battery had failed (could last for a couple dozen shots with flash off). I replaced the battery with a new one. Its now just over a year old. I took it out of the drawer, wouldn't stay on. Swapped the battery. Checked charge. Nope. Camera is dead. Phoned tech support, to costly to fix (my judgement) and the warranty is 'limited' 12 month. Funny, died just after 12 months of light use.
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October 6, 2014 by Margaret
Disposable Camera
I'm very disappointed. I received the Tough TG-630 iHs Summer Kit as a Christmas Gift in December of 2013 and immediately registered it online. In early January, I started a 4 week Costa Rican vacation. Two weeks into the vacation, the camera slipped off my lap while I was sitting on an outdoor patio. It has not worked since. When I try to turn it on, it makes a bit of noise and then just shuts off again. Unfortunately, my relationship with the gift giver died around the same time as the camera. I don't have a copy of the original bill of sale and can't get one. I called Olympus several time but nothing can be done without proof of purchase. Sadly, the camera is not Tough, as suggested by the name. It didn't take a bad picture during the few weeks it worked, so I've given it one star.
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March 15, 2014 by Lisa
This WAS the best camera we bought..... until we were away last week. After taking many amazing photos and videos, above and below water, we were the envy of our friends. afternoon it no longer worked. No warning, but also no more pictures to be taken to capture the remainder of our trip. If it's water and shock proof, it should be able to handle my 3 feet deep underwater pictures, and a bit of rough handling on a pedal boat. I don't know if it's a battery thing, or another malfunction/problem. The light doesn't even come on when trying to recharge. Awaiting a reply from Olympus on what to do with it now.
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February 20, 2014 by Daniel
Product poorly represented
First time ordering a reconditioned camera. Camera came poorly wrapped barely any padding. A USB cable was missing. But worst of all the camera had no memory card. A call to Olympus produced the response, "If you want a memory card you need to order one." Poor, poor , poor customer service and product sales. The web site made no mention that a memory card would be extra. Very poor service.
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January 1, 2014 by Howard
it's a keeper
Only bought this for use in freezing temps, however the battery charge doesn't last long, in general. There's no lens cover and I don't like needing to wipe the lens before every use. Those are the only issues - I love everything else. Some things I like are the photo quality, ease of use, small size/weight, high speed sequential shooting, LED illuminator (flashlight), excellent macro and optical zoom. I already dropped it once on concrete - no problem. Would be helpful if Olympus went into detail, somewhere, about what speed memory card is best for this camera. I splurged on a class 10 card, but would a cheaper class 6 card worked just as well with the TG-630's high speed features? Previously, I temporarily owned a fuji xp-60 and the TG-630 takes exponentially better photos. It's a keeper.
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