November 16, 2014


Not so great

Purchased camera while on cruise. Was happy with camera for about a year. Shortly after warranty expired, camera totally quit working. Paid $250 for the camera and took less than 1,000 pictures. Sent information to Olympus and stated would cost at least $99 to repair. With the freight, would cost almost as much to repair as a new camera. Overall, very disappointed with the camera.

July 17, 2014


NatGeo published

In the past 10 or so months that I have had the SP-720-UZ, I have taken over 10,000 pictures of all kinds. Here's one that National Geographic used to lead off on an article:

I am an absolute beginner at photography, and use it as a hobby because of a disability. If you would like to see what else the SP-720 is capable of, here's my gallery at NG Your Shot:

To note, this year, I am using the presets less often. Just this month, I used the Fireworks setting for a sequence. A few of those are in the gallery.

I don't use a tripod as I walk with the camera. What I may do is use a railing or telephone pole to steady the camera. But other than that, I hold it in the air, frame the photo, and shoot.

May 10, 2014



My wife and I do a lot of traveling. I bought an Olympus Tough camera to use when snorkeling and was impressed with the ease of use and picture quality. Based on my experience with that camera I looked to the Olympus brand again and purchased the SP-720UZ to replace my Kodak Z981 because of the telephoto capabilities. It fits my hand really nice (not bulky) and takes wonderful pictures. I am very happy with it so far.

April 26, 2014


Amazing !

This camera is the perfect weight for anyone who wants quality in a compact camera , and the zoom is out of this world ! Would recommend to anyone for anything .

April 24, 2014


WOW! Powerful zoom.

I was shopping in BJ's wholesale club when I saw this camera. BJ's had this camera on sale. I'm a big fan of Canon cameras and own two. I quickly pulled out my phone and googled for reviews on this phone. All of the reviews were great so I bought this camera. WOW! WOW! much better then my HD Canon camera with zoom. Pictures look so real. Powerful zoom.

November 03, 2013


Nice Camera

I haven't had the camera long nor had a chance to use it very much.
I am very pleased with the pictures I have taken ,will experiment with it more in the weeks to come. I like the weight and feel of the camera it is a nice choice between a pocket camera and full sized SLR. Much easier to use than hand carrying or in a bulky heavy camera bag. I hope it doesn't disappoint in the future.

October 03, 2013


Easy to use & lightweight too!

I was very impressed with the camera which my husband gave me as a birthday gift. It is very easy to use for novice photographers and lightweight enough to use for extended periods of time. From the first picture I shot, I knew I was going to be impressed. The color is sharp and clear no matter what the setting......blues are really blue and the greens are truly green. I would recommend this camera to any amateur photographer that is still trying to master the art of photography.

September 18, 2013


Wow.. Love it already!

This camera is more than just nice. To begin with while a light weight pocket type camera can be extremely handy, but they don't appear very durable. This camera has some body to it. Body feel and weight alone although is's not heavy make it feel extremely durable should it ever be dropped. Multiple settings appear relatively easy to use, while one or two may be a little advanced for me. The nicest feature is the adjustable mp. After inserting a camera card scrolling through the adjustable megapixels and you can actually see the number of stored photos you can hold displayed on the screen change. Basic and straight forward yet a ton of features! Especially like the night mode feature. No more twinkling back light at night. This camera shoots exactly what your eye see's on a dark street. Included CD very easy to use, just select the features you want to download to your computer. *Note* Operating manual is on the CD! Don't look for it in the box. Included items: The lens cap, carrying strap, video cable, USB cable and AC adapter. Take note of the USB cable. It is not standard. It appears to be specific to this camera. Camera does not accept a standard USB cable, camera to computer. So don't let anything happen to this cable. Also, this cable is extremely short. My computer's front USB port is right in front of me, yet the camera won't reach the top of my desk. You must hold it. So far I've only just tinkered around with this camera, but the picture quality is amazing. As is the zoom! Nearly ready to use out of the box with virtually no set up other then required language and date upon first on. Surprisingly no camera card. The 8 mg cards are so inexpensive I feel like one should have been in the box. If you don't have one handy you're looking at another trip to the store. For the price the picture quality, features and overall camera feel nailed it. Simple enough for the average user yet detailed enough to almost be professional. Thus far, my only negative was the extremely short USB cable which is camera specific and the lack of a card. I definitely rate this camera at a 4.8 out of 5.

September 16, 2013

W William

Not That Pleased

My wife has an Olympus camera that is great.
That is why I purchased this model
I have an Inexpensive Pentax 12 mp that is getting old and was being upgraded by this model.
I find the color is not natural and over bearing and the movie ability is poor to say the least. It loves focusing in the middle of a sequence. And video in low light....Forget about it.
Compared to the Pentax ... This one is really not that good.
Now I notice they are sending me stuff saying for a few bucks more I can get a better model SP-820UZ iHS

July 21, 2013


Nice Camera

I have owned an Olympus C-750 for the last 10 years, and I love it. However since add-ons require an SD Card vs an XD Card, I had to buy a new camera. I wanted to Stay with Olympus, so I chose the SP-720UZ. A very nice camera, although not as good in low light as my C-750. Also, the 720 has no on/off sound, as the 750 does. But, the overall picture quality and the features included on the 720 make it a great, inexpensive choice for picture taking.

July 10, 2013


The Best

I own this Camera for about a week
it's the Best!!

May 19, 2013



I have owned this camera for about a month. Overall, it is amazing and worth the price! This camera fills the gap between a DSLR and a smaller form of Point and Shot camera that fits in your pocket because it is still better then lugging a DSLR around everywhere and missing shots because I didn't want to go through that bother.

Features are great, but there is not much explanation of the capabilities of this camera, and the PDF manual that comes with it is barely legible and assumes that the reader is familiar with the technology this camera has to offer. Complained about the online manual, and they sent me a paper copy, which costs an additional $10. I resented paying for something that should have came with it.

When shooting in AUTO, the camera makes the choice of applying a shooting mode. Very annoying, and one should be able to disable this feature. On two separate shoots, I got home and saw that the camera had chosen a mode that screwed up the pictures. Auto mode is for dummies like me, and should truly be AUTO. Let those shooting modes be under the SCN mode on the dial for people who want to select that manually!

They should have an electronic lens cover that opens when you turn the camera on. If you also wanted the dorky lens cover that falls of in addition to an electronic cover, they could leave that as additional protection. There is no spot to screw filters into the lens opening

Would love to shoot RAW in addition to JPEG with the same shot. Perhaps I am expecting too much for a $200 camera.

That all being said, I would recommend this camera very highly and am enjoying it's many features!

April 11, 2013


Great Choice

Received this for Christmas. Was shopping for another brand (Canon) and found this model. What a great camera. Excellent macro, sweeping panoramic and great for everyday use. highly recommended. Has more features than I have been able to use.