February 26, 2016 by Gwen
needs design tweak
I choose this bag for my christmas gift because i wanted a bag that would look and work like a handbag. The main issue i have is the lack of secure closure, this bag needs a zipper. Otherwise it is a nicely made bag and kept out the heavy drizzle if i kept it folded over. i have an OMD E-1 which fits in well, but need to rationalise which lens to take to fit in coin purse, phone and other essentials.
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February 17, 2016 by John
Fantastic Bag
My wife loves this bag I got for her. It is the right size to fit her E-PL6 camera plus two lenses and carry some of the other "stuff" (am I right guys?) that she usually carries in the purse. She things the color and material are just fantastic and that it can convert into a couple different ways of carrying it is a huge bonus for her. Plus, the liner in the bottom keeps everything safe and secure during transport.
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