November 30, 2015


A fantastic lens for hiking and outdoor use

I don't consider myself a macro photographer. But I got a good deal on this lens, and I had heard universally positive reviews, so I dived in.

What surprised me is it's versatility. I thought that 60mm would be too long for a hike-around lens, the sort that you carry on a hike when you can only take one. I had always assumed my zooms would be a better choice.

But I was wrong; this lens is just right for some occasional wildlife shots (and is so shart and quick focusing that you can get a bit more reach with cropping). It's also a great landscape lens: sure, you don't get up close stuff, but it's just the right length for framing shots of mountains and other features that are a bit further away, and for panorama stitching.

And yes, there's that macro. A lot of wiildlife is kinda small, duh. With the variable range settings you can capture stuff bugs before they get mad and come after you.

All in all, this is the lens that stays on my camera unless I have a good reason to take it off.

November 25, 2015


An astounding macro lens

This lens is astounding. Especially when you consider the price. A lens of this caliber for another camera typically costs much more. I've found that it's even suitable for portraits. I photograph my art with this lens and get compliments on the quality of the photos. If you need a versatile and inexpensive macro, this is the way to go! You won't be disappointed.

November 20, 2015


Sharp and versatile

I used this lens for some product shots of jewellery and didn't have to change lenses at all. I was able to get close up detail of the products with the macro feature and then step back for a portrait style photo of the model wearing the pieces. My macro shots were sharp even without the use of a tripod. It saved time during the shoot and delivered in quality and ease of use. I love this lens and it is always in my camera bag.

July 25, 2015

Patrick H

Not a bad lens.

Since I own many older 4/3 lenses, I never can help but make comparisons. This is a good lens that adequately fulfills it's purpose as a macro, but when I compare it to the older 50mm f2, I do find myself liking the older lens better.

The 60mm is quieter than the 50 and has a slightly closer focusing distance. Other than that, in my experience, the older 50mm f2 shows crisper details, locks the focus better, and is generally easier to use.

I'm not saying the 60 is a bad lens, I'm just saying that you may prefer the older model better.

June 26, 2015

Tim H.

Tack Sharp and quick focus!

I recently purchased this lens to use on my E-M10. My first outing with this lens was to capture images of pollenating insects like butterflies and bees at a local wildlife reserve. Most of the shots had to be hand held. This was a breeze with the M.Zuiko ED 60mm f2.8 Macro because of it's compact size. The focus limiter switch is in a perfect location to be manipulated while shooting hand held as well. Due to the fast moving nature of my subject matter, i had to rely on auto focus to capture these images. I found it to be very accurate and fast. The images that this lens renders are amazing! Tack sharp and incredible color. A truly incredible lens and highly recommended.

June 02, 2015


Love it!

This is my first dedicated macro lens, but I've used other zoom lenses with "macro" features on them and that got me hooked on close-up photography. The lens is very small, and very easy to use. The focus takes some getting used to, but it is easy once you get familiar with it. This lens opens up a whole new world of photography for me. I find myself looking for opportunities to use it! Highly recommended!

May 17, 2015


if you like macro, its a must have

What a great little macro lens. The fine detail, clarity and color this lens can pickup is spectacular. Took me e moment to get used to the focus but only a moment. Pairs up nicely with the MAL-1 macro arm light. Works double duty as a decent portrait lens as well. it's small and light, yet feels well built. I actually found myself headed out with one lens on the camera and the macro in my back pocket so I didn't need a bag.

April 21, 2015


Way smaller form factor than expected

I was astonished at how small and compact this lens is! The diameter of the barrel is along the lines of the size of a U.S. Half Dollar (if you can remember those). Way smaller than I expected. This isn't a negative, but just something I wasn't expecting. Especially since it was a F2.8 lens and a 1:1 macro.

You pretty much have to use the focus limiter when going between macro mode and regular shooting. The time to focus is too long if you don't.

Great lens, and the dual purpose of macro and medium telephoto is quite handy! I have this and the 75mm F1.8 and like them both, but the macro does have some additional benefit with the close focus ability.

Getting one refurbished was a no brainer. Looked brand new and operated perfect. Either way, it is a great lens to add for the shear AF Macro that works pretty much spot on even in low light with out the AF illuminator.

April 07, 2015


Top Notch

Great Lens.
Fast and tough with a useful length.
Focus limit switch is a little fiddly but you get used to it.

April 04, 2015


As sharp a macro as I've seen

Small, light fast and shaaaarp! As good as the revered Nikon 105 and 200 and much smaller/lighter. Take incredible close-ups with it and take up little room/weight in your bag.

April 03, 2015


Must have lens

This lens is great for getting those artistic-fuzzy background shots, or the close-up of a ladybug. I use it a lot and I'm pretty lazy about changing my lenses. I prefer to have an all around lens on my camera so I'm ready for anything, but I put this lens on so often, I've never regretted buying it.

March 25, 2015


Excellent Macro

I started using the 12-50mm with extension tubes for Macro photography about 6 months ago. Results were good but my minimal focal distance was very short. I recently switched to the 60mm f2.8 Macro. The lenses supplies excellent working distance from subject as expected. What I wasn't counting on was the significant increase in image IQ. This lens pull out extremely fine detail and color rendering was more pleasing to my eye.

March 17, 2015


Wonderful macro lens.

I was shooting at the Chicago Botanic Gardens Orchid show and the shots were sharp with good color. There were several people with Nikon and Canon cameras with huge lens. Good job I don't suffer from lens envy as my OM-D E-M1 with the macro looked like a toy in comparison. Having used both systems this lens was just as good if not better. Great lens but why so chintzy Olympus with not providing hoods?

January 07, 2015


A Must for Close-up Work

I use this lens all the time for product photos and portraits alike. It is extremely sharp, if you can nail the focus and keep the camera shake under control (harder that it seems!).

I highly recommend that you get a good lighting setup, or at the very least, the Macro Arm Light (MAL-1) so you can keep the shutter speed up with a low ISO with a smaller aperture. f2.8 is hillariously narrow for really close macro work.

December 23, 2014


Excellent Macro/portrait Lens

I've got to echo much of Kevin's comments. Very good macro, lens is solid and does take a little getting use to. No lens hood and impossible to find if you don't by directly from Olympus at a $55.00 price. Why do I feel like I'm getting fleeced?

June 24, 2014


Lovely Macro Lens

This lens is the reason I bought my E-PL6. This is a lovely macro lens, and really shows the strengths of the micro 4/3 format. It's relatively cheap, small, and is a very capable macro. Looking forward to the new Olympus lenses when they come out.

April 04, 2014


New World of Macro

Never had a macro lense but this one great! Combined with the auto touch focus on the M5, it easy to use, well built and a real pleasure.
Its opened a whole new world of composition and color. Highly recommended.

October 31, 2013


Touch focus makes this superb

Macro focusing is always tricky. Shallow depth of field means the focus/compose/shoot cycle often leaves the critical area out of focus.
With the OM D and the touch focus feature on the LCD this is a thing of the past. Simply compose and then touch the part you want in focus.
I added a 600R flash and a mini softbox. I use the flash in RC mode. Dial the ambient exposure down 2 stops and the flash up 2 stops (from the LCD) and take amazing mushroom photos that the Strobist would be proud of!

August 22, 2013


Gets better with use

I have been shooting with this lens for a few months now and I wanted to update my earlier review. This is a great lens. Yes it does an excellent job as a macro but, what I think gets over looked is this lens as a medium telephoto. In many ways I prefer it over the 75mm. I find I am reaching for this lens more and more. It has great color rendition especially in low light.

I will be selling the 75mm once the 150mm comes out because I find this lens meets most of my needs in this focal length.

June 23, 2013


Hottest micro 4:3 for uw macro

I purchased the E-PL1 with kit 14-42mm lens when the pen first came out. I have been very satisfied with the lens as a go anywhere shoot anything lens. Finally broke down and purchased the 60mm macro. This was the second best purchase I have made for shooting UW. The first would be buying the PEN. The difference is I now shoot full frame for the camera more often. Detail is greater on everything from Blenny's to Seahorses. If you have the opportunity to test grab a quarter set it on a table and see how close you can get. It will fill the frame and show the scratches. Pro's can talk tech all they want but in the end this lens is a good macro for the price (wait for the sales and its even better)!!!.

January 21, 2013


Excellent lense

I use the macro lense to shoot while we're teaching at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. I love the fact that I can switch from taking a portrait to the detail of a joint or tool without changing lenses. Crisp, quick focus. Excellent!

November 04, 2012



I got this lens with my new OM-D about 5 days ago, and have been out shooting with it twice.
First let me say that sharpness is first rate. Simply outstanding, and is even very good right from 2.8. Stopping down of course grants a small bonus in this area, but there is never a point where the lens isn't sharp (unless it's due to diffraction).
Build quality is very good, and the fact of it being weather sealed is just icing on the cake.
The focus limiter switch is very useful, and part of the reason for this is that the af can be a bit finicky. I pondered giving the lens 4 stars due to sometimes indecisive af, but it hasn't affected me in enough circumstances to really warrant a whole star knock.
One of the best things about this lens is its rather modest price point. $500 really isn't all that much for a lens of this caliber, and I certainly appreciate Olympus keeping the cost reasonable.
Simply put, a great buy, and recommended without reservation.

October 29, 2012


Perfekt Macro

Still on preorder, but I got my lens in September (09.19)

As good as the FT 50mm Macro, but it is much faster on the E-M5. It is lightweight and sealed. So you can take pictures under all weather condition together with the sealed E-M5.

Excellent pics quality. Thumb up!!!!!

Perfect buy for my OMD E-M5

October 20, 2012


A fantastic little lens

Users of micro 4/3 cameras have been waiting for a macro lens to rival the Oly 50mm f/2 lens for the 4/3 system. With *this* lens, their wait is finally over -- it's light, compact, and produces beautiful macro images. It's an excellent portrait and telephoto lens, too -- so it's very versatile.

October 20, 2012


excellent macro lens

Image quality is fantastic, probably as good as can ever be wished for in a lens this small. Weather sealed & good price make it an even better deal.

The focus limit dial on the side seems a bit odd to me, hope it doesn't break or jam up.

No lens hood included? LH-49 isn't even for sale yet? That's why I didn't give five stars.