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August 03, 2013



After a TON of research I chose the E-PL5. My criteria limited the options – I wanted a single use compact camera for dive vacations. It had to be small, take exceptional pictures and have interchangeable lenses. No other camera on the market does a very good job covering all of those bases. While I have yet to dive with the camera the land pictures I’ve taken have come out great – there are plenty of lenses to choose from too. I considered the OM-D but the size was a concern. I plan to dump my Nikon DSLR and purchase the OM-D due to my experience with the PL5. I wish the camera came with a view finder – shooting in bright sun is a problem – if you’re not concerned with the size I would recommend going for the OM-D since the price is the same after you purchase the add on view finder for $250. Many reviews point out the documentation for this camera sucks – I found this to be true – there are many references to pages that don’t exist. I would have never expected to purchase an Olympus prior to my research but my criteria dictated the decision without regard to brand preferences. Bottom line – this is an exceptional camera with tons of options in a sexy form factor that takes great pictures.

July 28, 2013


Very good camera

I own both the Epl1 and the Epl5. The 1 is better to hold and feels better in the hand due to the bigger grip and metal body. I wish the 5 had the 1 body and pop-up flash. That said, the 5 is a blast to use. I love the touchscreen focus and shoot via finger tap. The focus speed has to be seen to be believed. Picture quality is superb with the Pany 20mm or Oly 45mm. Color rendition is great. I use the electronic viewfinder so I tend to use the 1 inside at family events where I may need the pop up flash with a Gerry Fong puffer diffuser as I get better results. Outside I use the 5 due to the faster speeds available and way quicker focus and shoot times. I bought this on sale from Olympus for $499 with a case, very small tripod and 4 gb card. Overall I think this is one great camera to own!

July 19, 2013


Excellent Performer

I have used Olympus cameras starting with the E-510, E-3 and E-PL1 and own several lenses. The E-PL5 is a game changer. It has the best image quality of all the Olympus cameras I own. The dynamic range, focusing speed, resolution are all excellent; the size and weight are just perfect, I took me a while before I could fully transition from the "full size" E-3 to the pen series, but today this is the camera I use for all my photography.

July 10, 2013


First olympus

Decided to break away from Nikon and Canon and try the Olympus PenE-PL5 with the kit lens and the 75 to 300 zoom lens.
Was on a boat trip in Northern British Columbia where we were swarmed by bald eagles. Main trouble was panning quickly enough to catch the birds at particular moments of flight with the zoom lens. Very quick to focus and shoot multiple frames.Light weight.Rather small buttons for large male fingers.Sharp and always good exposure in automatic.Will just have to keep practising on those swooping birds and using the touch screen to click.Very satisfied.

June 23, 2013



I am a novice when it comes to cameras, digital or otherwise. All of the other reviews, seemed to be speaking French, at least for a novice, like me. So I decided it would be a good idea for me to write a review from the "novice" perspective.

First of all, there is a website,, that helped me to understand, more clearly, the camera terms that I was running into. With that "under my belt" I was able to move on. Let's face it, if you know what is being said, but don't clearly understand, it is guesswork.

With that said, to the camera. I have had it for a month, and, so far, I love it! I am learning so much. It will do exactly what I want it to do, all by itself, in the iAUTO mode. I enjoy immensely, taking pictures of landscapes, so I am especially fond of it's panoramic feature, in the SCN mode. I am just beginning, but this camera seems to have all of the features that I will ever need. One more thing, I love the ability to change lenses. Obviously, it makes the ,camera more versatile. If I should "run into something" I wish to do in the future, I have no concerns, at least not yet!

Happy Shooting!

June 05, 2013


Wow, something special.

Picked up this little beauty over the weekend and have had a chance to work with it. (FYI, I typically shoot Nikon D600, D3200. Formerly shot OM-1 and OM-2 with film.)
This is mostly a replacement for a Canon point and shoot (SX260) that has developed dust motes on the sensor and isn't user cleanable. This should not be a problem with the E-PL5 using a dedicated sensor brush.

So far it has exceeded my expectations. The image quality is very good (14-42 lens) in RAW, and the touchscreen makes it easy to operate. There really is nothing I am missing in comparison with the Nikon, except for the viewfinder, but the articulating screen makes up for it.

The size is small enough to easily carry (although I wish it would fit in a pocket). I'm looking forward to attaching some of my old Olympus equipment (Zuiko lenses and bellows). I have an adapter for my older Nikon equipment that will let me reach out an effective focal length of 600 mm (f 5.6). I'll need to worry about the connection but it manual focuses and auto exposes nicely using the aperture setting.

And of course it feels much like my old OM-1 and OM-2 which were something special. I have been very pleased with the E-PL5 to date. Small, great image quality and a bargain.

June 04, 2013


Excellent Stills. Ok Movies.

As a stills camera, this camera is fantastic. As for video, I don't know why Olympus refuses to include 24p or a greater-than 20Mbps bit-rate on the E-PL5, OM-D, or even the upcoming E-P5.

May 11, 2013


Compact OM-D on a budget

Superb camera in a compact package. Does most of what the OM-D does, just in a much more compact and less expensive package.

Here is what's missing compared to the OM-D: built-in viewfinder, weather sealing, and IBIS. Still does IS. However, the camera has the same excellent sensor as the OM-D.

I use it with the larger grip and the VF-2. Wonderful for low angle photography.

Fantastic bargain!

April 10, 2013


just how cool this camera is

The E-PL5 is truly a contender with a know out ability to capture a moment as you travel. No one notices the camera. BUt with the right Lens from Olympus like the 35mm f 1.8. You can go into the low light an bright light realm and shoot quicker and bag more frames than someone with a big full frame. I just got back from Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala .

March 17, 2013


Great value Camera.

I sold my Nikon D50, lens & flash, I was looking at replacening with the Sony Nex 5 or the Fuji EX 100. I wasn't even considering any Olympus product. After reading the review I began to think that the ELP 5 was a great deal. The improvement over the Nikon D50 is amazing. For $599 a great deal.

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