January 31, 2014 by Andras
Small size with good quality
I recently replaced my Cannon Rebel T3i to E-PL5 because a DSLR was too big for me to take everywhere. I got what I expected with the size. I fell in love again with the photography. It's really small. I can bring it without a big bag to anywhere. I bought it with 17mm f1.8 len. I like the quality of the photos. The weakest points of the cam: - the JPEG photos are too red. Especially in low light. I turned off all the settings which makes the image too red but it didn't help. If you want to get back the same color you need to shot in raw and post-process the images. -Display doesn't have too big resolution and one part of the display are not used. I really like the touch screen. However at a very sunny day you cannot make manual focus because it's not possible to see whether you are in focus.It would be desired to have at least same resolution as a newer smart phone.For example Samsung S3. You can buy an addition view finder. However If you want to use the screen display it doesn't help. - Bracketing is not possible to use with self-timer. I hope this will be fixed soon in one of a wireframe update. I needed to by a remote shooter because of this. I love to make HDR photos and the bracketing feature would quick up the work. However I never shot HDR from my hand.. Despite of these weakness I would choose this cam again instead of any DSLR because of the compact size. This is my main priority small size with the possibility to make good quality photos. So, thanks Olympus to have this cam and hope all the weakness which can be fixed by a wireframe update (red colored images, bracketing vs self-timer) will happen soon.
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January 29, 2014 by John
One tought little camera
I have own this camera for a year as an alternative to my Nikon SLR’s. Although not as quick as the SLR’s it is so very light and compact I seem to carry it around a lot. It takes great photos. Last week I had an accident and the camera fell from the kitchen counter to the porcelain tile floor. I thought I lost it but I picked it up and after playing around with it for a minute it worked fine. No dents – not ever a scratch. Amazing – this is one tough camera. I had the older 14-40mm lens (from my E-PL1 camera) and the Olympus VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder (you have to buy this) attached to the camera – yes they both survived the crash. I also recommend the Metz mecablitz 24AF-1 Digital Flash – It is just the correct size for this small camera.
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January 10, 2014 by Victor Lee
Excellent image, fast focus, takes great picture with the 45mm f1.8 zuiko lens
I have the EM-5 camera that I like very much. However, I need a second camera body that is lighter and smaller that I can take it with me on casual occasions. The EPL-5 is the perfect solution. It takes beautiful portrait pictures with the 45mm f1.8 lens. The lens and camera combination is perfect in size. The 14-42 lens is pretty small and takes very good quality pictures. Highly recommended.
December 31, 2013 by Alisha
Amazing camera It does above and beyond what I expected. I can't find one flaw. The pictures come out amazing. Great job Olympus, this is my first olympus camera and I will be sticking with them. This camera one up's the colour of my Canon Rebel
December 30, 2013 by Coyote Joe
Christmas Present To Myself
Rather than getting into the whole history of why I purchased this particular model I am going to stick to the particulars. First: The camera is solidly built. It has heft without being too heavy, the buttons react with just the right resistance when pushed and when a lens is mounted there is no doubt that a connection has been made. I am of average height and the camera, with the grip added, feels very comfortable in my hands. Secondly: Although I eventually changed some of the default settings to suit my desire for higher end results, the camera takes very good pictures right out of the box at the default settings (the good...). Thirdly: To get the most out of this camera, the included full manual is required (the bad...) and, because the camera is almost infinitely adjustable, becoming familiar with the menu system is definitely a requirement (the ugly...). Believe me when I state that, Olympus has provided a menu system that allows the user to do almost everything but, that flexibility comes at the cost of complexity. I am no novice to digital cameras and, it took me a few frustrating days to get the hang of it. Finally, as of yet, I have no regrets. The flexibility that the menu system allows was well worth the learning curve. Oh, one final thing. I did have the opportunity to contact tech support via email (about navigating the menu system) and got a response the same day. Go Olympus!
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