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August 01, 2015


Excellent camera

Excellent camera, easy to use and very helpful if your purpose is to capture daily moments with a good quality image. Been using it for a month and I love it.

Even if the flash comes separate,you'll get use to carry it with the small bag that comes with it.

Also with the positioning of the screen you get adapted to various circumstances and of course, becomes really handy for selfies.

Definitely I would recommend it for people with little knowledge about cameras.

December 26, 2014


great small camera

I use to haul my D800 Nikon everywhere. Now this fills in on 70 % of my walks or bike rides. Great image quality even with the KIT lenses.
Better than my old C-8080 oly in most ways. Takes a while to sort through the menu and change settings if you know other systems clickpaths. The little strobe is trash .

It shines in street photography, flipping the display to any direction. On the end of the stick on self timer. Light lenses you can carry a whole system in the coat . The after market fisheye lens is nice, no auto focus, just infinity and A setting to let the shutter vary for exposure (maybe not for beginners with little manual exposure skills )

Needs a stock eye piece view finder and quick change setting. Still a great value.

December 04, 2014


A Lot Like the E5 and E10

I own PM-1, PM-2, PL-5, and Oly 25 1.8, 35 3.5, 40-150, and, 14-42. I use FL50 and kit flash, VF-3 EV, and PO-1 macro. I'm hooked on Oly li'l ones. My brand-new PL-5 has some unexpected, some familiar cons: LCD seems slow. Fast AF hunts, just faster! New sensor reds require RAW post-processing. Battery seems weaker than older ones. ISO above 800-1200 mottles shadows...still. Shutter button seems fragile.
PL-5 has great pluses: robust and light if crowded body, almost 180 degree LCD flexibility, Super Control Panel, top mode dial, improved menus, and MySet customizing. PL-5 (like PM-2) is a mini E-5/E-10 without EVF. P.S., I rarely take video so its weakness is no problem for me. And AP2 add-ons get misplaced but when found, they work.
Not so on E-10. The E-35 and new M-25 make the PL-5 a delight.

October 11, 2014


Excellent camera, poor body design and warranty process.

For the first year I had this camera, it was spectacular. Great pictures, full-featured, and easy to stow for light-pack trips.

Unfortunately, the shutter button *fell off* about a month ago, and is now MIA. The camera can now only take pictures via the touch screen, which is awkward at best for most situations.

Of course, the camera is just outside the warranty period, and Olympus' response was "Sorry, but you will have to send your camera to us and pay a sizeable repair price if you want a new shutter button."

It appears that several other people have had this problem as well, a quick Google search turns up several occurrences. I want to love this camera, I really do. However, I can't recommend it if Olympus won't stand by its product and spend $5 to pull a new shutter button off the production line and mail it to me. Heck, I would gladly pay the $5. Gladly. But policy is policy with Olympus, and I have to send my camera in for the full (and expensive) repair process.

June 19, 2014


Excellent camera

Pros: Very nice raw files as good as those from my Canon 5D, reasonable price, basic lenses are good. The camera is light and portable. Many available accessories. I bought the viewfinder (VF3) which is excellent. The body cap 9mm lens is just 100% fun to use. I also purchased 2 extension tubes for close focus work and an FD adapter for my Canon FD 50mm f1.4. It is a wonderful travel camera. Camera is very configurable.

Cons: Must change basic warm tone in menu to neutral. Menu system requires study and you have to find websites to configure settings properly. You have to activate the super control panel. Not suited to fast action sports.

May 12, 2014


One of the best camera's in the market

The Olympus E-PL5 is like the culmination of the EPL line. There is not a lot left to desire. The photo quality is amazing and words just can't do the image sensor justice. With 8FPS high speed shooting and inbuilt image stabilization, and 25k iso, it's just crazy. Beyond that, the adapted lens market for the 4/3rds body make shooting a joy on a budget. (I personally own some prime lens's from Olympus produced in the 1970's )

I've talked to professional photographers who've opted to the EPL5 for their day to day shooting. The smaller body makes it easy to take with you, and feels less like a burden or something you have to lug around. The camera almost becomes an extension of your body to help you get the right shot.

More importantly, with a Toshiba Flashair card I have been really happy with the battery life I have been receiving.

I cannot recommend this camera enough.

May 07, 2014


Fast &easy

Touch screen, touch a face or whatever and shazaam it racks focus and fires, regular light it's like 1/2 second, I mean quick, wow! Low light is a little slower. I-Auto can even tell a sunset, it goes to the same settings as scene/sunset uses, vivid -.7 exposure. A pancake lens like a Panasonic 20 mm or the 17mm 2.8 makes it a pocket camera. Catch a sale & and it gets even better.

May 04, 2014

J David

A Beautiful Machine

The pictures are fabulous. The burst mode does a very good job of keeping a moving object in focus. Video seems to me to be very, very good despite the mention by some that Olympus could add fps. The bracketing function with the art filters is wonderful for landscape photography. HDR bracketing with the E-PL5 is of greater range than anything I've seen elsewhere.

So why not five stars? Mostly because the function wheel appears to be loose and sometimes I get a "flutter" as the camera jumps from modes and settings while attempting adjustments. Might be that I bought Olympus' refurb although every other refurb bought from Oly in the past has been perfect.

I've owned Oly's since the OM-2 forty years ago. Love 'em. BTW, the 40-150 telephoto, which I added when Oly put it on sale, is an excellent bit of optics.

My strongest dislike is that the firmware cannot be updated via a connection to my wirelessly connected laptop, but must wire to my wife's desktop. Also, the explanations offered even with the large manual on the CD (or downloadable) does a lousy job of explaining some items like bulb settings.

I really wanted the E-P5 but my wallet said "No", so I had to "settle" for this, but one loses nothing in the way of image clarity. Spend some time with the manual -- a must! -- and you will find that there is very, very little that this mft gem can't do. Endlessly programmable for my money this is the best camera available under $700.

May 03, 2014


Great camera, great price, beautiful photos

This camera takes great pictures, especially outdoors. The weakest point of the camera is taking indoor shots. The JPEG photos are way too red. I tried adjusting the settings which makes the image too red but it didn't help. I hope Olympus will address this matter quickly. A view finder at a reasonable price would be nice, $249.00 is ridiculous based on the price of the camera. With that being said, I waited a long time and did a lot of research before making this purchase and I have not been disappointed.

February 20, 2014


Excellent DSLR Alternative

I have been shooting with a Canon Full Frame as well as an ASP-C body for a few years. However, I was noticing that if I went out with a DSLR I was taking my 5D3 over the 60D. So, I had been contemplating selling the ASP-C camera and EF-S mount lenses for a while. Then, I bought tickets for a concert that the venue prohibits DSLR camera's but you can take interchangeable lens camera's.

I have been following Olympus 4/3 since they came out 4 years ago and have always been impressed with the comments of professional photographers of the PEN system. Therefore, in deciding I wanted something more portable and lighter, I turned to Olympus.

I learned that of the Micro 4/3 selections, Olympus and Panasonic camera's have the best lenses available with a wide range (currently) and best yet...they are interchangeable with each others brand.

I bought the E-PL5 used for a steal ($300 Canadian with 200 shutter count). I figured if I didn't like it, I could resell it and not lose money. Well, I've since fallen in love and bought the VF4 view finder, 45mm 1.8, Panasonic 25mm 1.4 and the Olympus 60mm 2.8 macro/telephoto lenses - all of which still left me with 100.00 extra from trading in my Canon 60D + lenses. I do plan on getting the 17 1.8 from Olympus shortly and then my system is complete.

Will the E-PL5 replace my Canon 5D3 + lenses. No, but it is what I am using more often for my personal use. The Olympus body has IBIS (in body stabilization) which I like. The E-PL5 has the same sensor as the OMD E-M5 and has a very quick AF system. The colour in JPEG's is too red, which has been mentioned but I prefer to shoot in RAW anyway so that is adjustable but something I think Olympus needs to review and improve.

Over all, the system and camera were a pleasant surprise despite my hours of research before I invested into the system. I would HIGHLY recommend this system to someone who is looking into buying a camera. An interchangeable lens micro 4/3 system is definitely the way to go over a P&S.

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