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January 07, 2014


great camera

After getting through the short learning curve, I'm sorry I waited so long to buy the PEN. It is a lot easier to use than my old E620. Even more happy to find an adapter to let me use all my old PEN-F lenses. I just set options to manual, shutter priority, auto exposure, and max exposure to 20000 and start shooting. The 2x extender is an unexpected extra.

December 02, 2013


Excellent image quality

Excellent image quality . Touch focus is very handy . It is easy to focus a bird beside a feeder . It is very difficult to almost impossible to focus flying bird . Low noise Under 3200 iso . Overall very good picture taking camera

September 25, 2013


Perfect for what it is

This tiny camera now replaces an E3, E620 and Panasonic Lx-7.

I use it as a second camera, and it is just perfect for that. Small enough to take it everywhere, but the image quality is as good as that of much bigger and more expensive cameras.

I got the wide angle converter for it, so the collapsible lens can go from 21 mm to 84 mm without cropping. That's a great range.

The lack of (built-in) viewfinder or extra control buttons is immaterial; if someone wants those things, the EP-5 or OMD-EM5 is the way to go, but for a second, go-everywhere camera compactness is far more important; I would rather sacrifice the extra buttons than image quality! And there is no compromise in that respect.

August 11, 2013



First of all, the hardware specs make for an excellent instrument. Sensor, AF, meter, and AWB. All perform very well.

The lack of buttons can be overcome with the SCP. Google it. Very simple to enable and very powerful.

Like any other body, you have to get accustomed to it. Don't let a users lack of flexibility deter you away, this little Oly is fully customizable and easy to use - even for the photographer with an extensive background. (:

July 16, 2013


Tiny Body Hides Major Advances

Almost identical to OM-5 performance in a small, pretty unit. No viewfinder, but the VF1,2, and 3 work. No built-in flash, but the kit, FL14, FL300, and, yep, FL50R work.. No dial, but... well, set up the button and wheel in MySet and any combo works. The 35 mm F3.5 w/adapter is sweet; the 40-150 M is terrific for the price, and the kit is darned good from 20-38 or so. The 16mp sensor and ver. 6 software blow away all previous PENs. I do 7,000 shots a year for a foundation. Sensor and speed, ISO and AF speeds slash postprocessing. ISO to 2000 is printable to 8x10. The mini- handgrip is mini-grippable, and mini-handy maybe, Manual is improved, menus are getting there. A great buy for me.

June 19, 2013


Performs well as advertised.

This camera performs well in all aspects. I was particularly interested in its' low light light performance and it did not disappoint. The megapixl count is decent and it is much lighter than my E-30. Even my wife can use it effectively. I definitely would invest in the electronic viewfinder. Although the LCD is usually more than adequate, there are times when the sunlight overwhelms the LCD display. This addresses the problem nicely.

June 18, 2013


Great Camera, Screen Vulnerable, Documentation Sparse, Accessories Exorbitant

I have had this E-PM2 for a month, and I’ve taken a few hundred pictures with it.
I think that Olympus started out with some great ideas when they designed and built the E-PM2. There are improvements over the E-PM1, and the camera takes great pictures.
There are numerous problems, though, which significantly sour the experience of using it.
The camera takes great pictures by itself, with just a press of the shutter.
The 7 X 5 grid on the touch-screen is very useful for choosing where in a picture you want the focus to be. I have often told the camera to change what it’s focusing on, and it complies immediately, with perfect results. Perhaps the best part of this touch-screen on-the-fly focusing is during movie recording. You can actually change the focus while the movie is being shot, making intimate conversations or near-far adjustments quick and easy. During movie recording, the focus change is done over a second or so, making a professional-looking change that looks great when played back.
That said, there are design flaws and oversights that make the camera frustrating to use.
The screen on the E-PM2 is even more vulnerable than the E-PM1’s screen. If the camera is laid down on its back, it is laying on the screen. This allows for scratching and other damage. There is no surrounding frame to lift the screen off a surface. Even a protective film would come loose quickly, because there is no way to protect the edge from being peeled up through everyday use. This is poor design. At this price, this isn’t a throw-away camera, even if it is aimed at an entry-level novice market.
Documentation is sparse – there are few or no directions on how to navigate through the menu system to get to many desired settings. For instance, I had to call customer service to find out how to use the “bulb” function, because it was mentioned briefly on one page in the owner’s manual. (It involves getting into the “gear” settings and turning the feature on.)
The camera’s screen has brighter “gamma” than the included computer software; once a picture is loaded onto the computer, some areas appear very dark which were full of color and detail on the camera’s screen. To correct this, “gamma” has to be increased by 2.5 or more, and then the image is still washed out compared to the way it looked on the camera’s screen.
If the optional electronic viewfinder is used on the camera, then a flash cannot be used in any way, because the viewfinder covers over the hot shoe. Since the viewfinder gets its signal and power from the accessory port, it would be nice if Olympus would put a pass-through hot shoe on top of the electronic viewfinder. That would solve this significant design flaw.
The optional remote control cable is less than 3 feet long. For a long exposure, you’ll have to stand beside the camera – there’s no length to sit down with. That is just disappointing.
Olympus wants outrageous amounts of money for these accessories. Talk about short-changing the customer. It would be nice if Olympus would release the technical specs of its “accessory port” so that third parties could sell accessories for a fourth what Olympus charges.
The camera is pretty good for its price, but the documentation is sparse at best, and the necessary accessories are priced to gouge the customer. Make a list of all the parts you’ll need, and take the time to compare prices with other brands. The other guys’ total package may cost less.

April 07, 2013


very highly recommended !!

i just bought e-pm2 3 days ago...from just browsing to .....within 3 days, i can operate the camera with ease....shooting here and there, from ordinary objects to moving high objects, the results.."its superb"....i'm very proud the show it with my friends who has the big ones cameras, DLSR....although my is smaller than them, the verdict their impress that my e-pm2 can level up with them.....specially the color of the pictures and touch screen amazing....I'm very very happy, and frankly speaking I know, I bought the right camera for me!, and planning to buy more accessories ....

March 10, 2013


Very pleased

We bought this camera to replace an awful point and shoot and it is wonderful. I have no photography experience but I wanted to get professional looking results in an easy to use camera. That's what I got. The images look amazing and I am just using the auto setting. Love the art filters! Love the sequential shooting! I am very happy to have paid $500 for a camera that allows me to take beautiful shots of my young kids. Worth every penny.

March 09, 2013


Outstanding camera once you get over its steep learning curve

The camera should ONLY be shot from the screen to avoid camera shake. You don't even have to tap the screen, it will fire with the slightest touch. My main gripe is that you have to re-do the changes to sharpness or brightness if you turn the camera on and off. But it is a minor annoyance compared to the fine pix it takes with any of its kit lenses, including the 14-42. But I have not had the pancake 15mm off the camera in a week. I shoot it on pinhole and put it out there in the rain and then duck it back into my coat.

The multiple shot feature on hi is blazingly fast. The artistic modes work like a charm. I really love the thing and never leave home without it draped around my neck. I just finished a portrait of my uncle who is 92 and my aunt that will be a family treasure. Hand held, natural light. The camera will outshoot anything under double its price.

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