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June 05, 2015


Almost an EM10 at half the price

You can't beat the value of this package. The key differences are the two control knobs, built in flash, and EVH but the latter two can be bypassed with add ons. The first is a matter of gaining confidence with the Olympus menus but using SCP that is not a high hurdle. Even though this is a 2012 camera it has most of the new features and has the same 16MP sensor so there is no difference in picture IQ. If you are a value shopper and want the most for least give this camera a try..............

May 30, 2015


Exceptional Little DSLR

Purchased this two months ago to start as a get acquainted with DSLRs, and couldn't be happier with the camera. It has all the manuals features the big DSLRs do as well as iAuto for letting the camera select the best settings. It is very compact and fits neatly in a small bag with two lenses. I am truly enjoying learning the ins & outs of photography with this little camera. It takes exceptional photos and videos.

October 10, 2014


awesome compact camera

Coming from a Canon basic dslr I have been very impressed with this camera. The kit lense isn't bad and I have a prime pancake 14mm 2.5 that turns it into an amazing pocket camera.

October 05, 2014



I started with the E-PL1 for a year then upgraded to the E-PM1 and a year ago I went to the E-PM2. Obviously this is the best of the 3. Image quality is on par with all but the very best DSLR cameras. i also own a Canon T2i and I prefer the Oly because I don't compromise IQ for a smaller handier outfit. The touch screen is also extremely handy and easy to use. You have give it to Oly, they sure have an affordable easy to use winner!!! Did i mention IQ?

June 30, 2014


Mix emotion

I started out with a box camera years ago. I quickly went to 35mm SLR and had to buy tons of lens and all the goodies. I than bought point and shoot camera but it had its limitation. The I went to the Ultra zooms point and shoots and was really really happy with the results but the photo ratings were never great even though the pictures were outstanding. I wanted something that was rated with outstanding image quality and I picked the PEN E-PM2. Yes it has outstanding image quality but then, to do what I want to do I had to buy more lens, an EVF and other high price stuff and it still cannot compare to what my point and shoot Ultra- zoom camera can do. So now I now have to use two cameras and have to carry a lot of stuff. Yes I love my new PEN E-PM2 and yes I love my old Ultra zoom camera .

April 01, 2014


Very Impressed!

I've used digital cameras for 10 years now, but only point-and-shoots. I wanted to move up to a DSLR, but was held back by the price and by the bulkiness (I do a fair bit of hiking). The PEN E-PM2 appealed to me because of its low price and its compact size. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but I am more than impressed! Outdoor shots are clear and sharp; the camera focuses with blinding speed, and shots taken without a tripod have almost no blur at all. Indoor shots are likewise amazing. Shots that would have been underexposed on my other cameras have turned out to be well-exposed, even without a flash.

Speaking of flash, that's the one drawback of this camera. Having to insert the flash unit when you need it is an annoying extra step. I don't want to keep it on the camera by default, due to the additional bulk it adds, but when it's needed it takes two or three minutes to dig it out of the bag and put it in place. Would a built-in flash really have been all that much extra?

Overall, I think I'm going to be very pleased with this little guy!

March 28, 2014


Excellent introduction into the micro four thirds format

The two lens kit provides one with a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy advantages of the micro four thirds format without major expense. Lens focal length range 14-150 (28-300 equivalent) will meet most people's needs. Camera is quite small, although with either lens not pocketable. A beginner can use it in an all-auto mode. A more advanced amateur would need to activate the SuperControl Panel. The manual is not very clear on this, but there are on line help videos for users. Do not buy red colored one - red is likely to reflect onto your subject, if shooting at as a close range (macro). The 14-42 mm lens seems fine, the 40-150 lens has a very high amount of chromatic aberrations at the edges of the frame, at all focal length. Surprisingly, this does not seem to be corrected in software. For an advanced amateur the best use is as a second body, or for social pictures, taking advantage of good performance up to 1600 ASA equivalent sensitivity. Plenty of accessories, especially lenses, including very compact ones are available.

March 11, 2014



This is an "upgrade" from my old Nikon D5000 DSLR. Everytime I posted pictures in Facebook with my Nikon I used to do a lot of editing - brightness, contrast, color, etc. Not with E-PM2. Great to post direct from the SD card with a minimum of editing, mostly just cropping or straightening. I was surprised with the quality of the pictures. Highly recommended for amateurs and penny pinchers like me.

March 07, 2014


Great Little Camera

I was looking for a camera to travel with that was not as bulky as a full DSLR, but better than a point and shoot camera. The Olympus E-PM2 was the ideal choice. At $399 for a two lens kit was a great value. The photo quality is excellent, with nice 8x10 enlargements. My camera from and came with a case, 8mb SD card and a tripod, at the $399 price. Operating the camera is very intuitive, but I have the tools at hand for more advanced shooting.

The camera feels sturdy, with good body material. Battery life is excellent, and the LCD screen is huge and bright. I do wish the flash was built-in, but that would have increased the camera size. Besides I can use aftermarket flash heads.

February 24, 2014


Can't beat it for the money

I bought this camera for my wife to try to get her interested in photography. She loves the size and weight. The image quality is outstanding. The menu system would confuse Einstein, but I am able to simply things for her so she can take photos she is extremely happy with and that's all that really matters. Getting two very usable lenses with this camera at this price is an absolute bargain. I would recommend getting one of the optional viewfinders as the rear screen will wash out in bright sunlight. I found the VF-1 to be more than adequate. I don't think you can find a better combination of image quality and value. GO FOR IT.

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