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March 20, 2013


You'll grow to love it but maybe not immediately.

I opened my XZ2 amid a Christmas hubbub. Gifts, including this, were passed around for a chorus of mutual ooh aahs. The menus got messed up, and being new to Olympus digital stuff couldn't make much sense of the camera for a while. My pics were worse than those of average casual smart phone. However, I came upon a blog by a guy called Robin Wong out of Malaysia who reviewed the camera and posted pictures from it. They were beautiful so I knew I had some learning to do. All along I suspected I was doing something badly wrong because although the stills were bad the movies were good right from the start. I downloaded the manual, studied it, found how to restore the default settings and now there's no holding me back.

I captured the first spring wild flowers in some woodland near where I work this morning and they're sensational.

I especially like the tilting screen for flowers and bugs and things close to the ground. A few years back I was at a rock concert where one of my kids was playing. I couldn't get a clear view of the stage so I held my camera above my head and guessed the location of the band. How useful would this screen have been then! That said, for some shots I miss an optical view finder for two reasons. The first is that on a bright day you just can't see the screen (or any other to my knowledge) well enough. The second is that being far-sighted I need to scramble for my glasses before I can be sure of what I'm taking whereas good optical finders have diopter adjustments so I wouldn't need to do that. I'm thinking of adding a finder accessory to my gear list.

All the stuff about a fast clear lens that's good in low light is true. The camera feels solid and well built and looks pretty.

March 16, 2013


Good camera, Joy to use. A few flaws though.

Overall the camera is worth the cash. The photos are lovely the operation and feel are great, customizing the camera is easy and configurations are infinite. The best part of the camera in my opinion is the MF/Aperture switch in the front of the camera it falls right at my finger and allows for manual focus at any time. This, for me negates any focus problems since i use the camera in this mode 99% of the time. It's actually the number 1 reason I bought the damn thing.The 24fps movie mode is reason 2. The movie mode is good to great because the ring controls focus and the auto exposure does a good job. In movie mode you have no control over exposure as far as I can tell and usually I would mind, but, with the olympus the auto exposure is quite good. And as mentioned earlier i can pull my own focus and quite frankly until you experience how this camera does that you won't quite understand how special that is, especially in low light with a subject 6 feet away. Try it. in black and white. Lastly, and primarily is feel. This camera is not small but for my rather large hands its perfect. And the tilting screen is fantastic, especially on the street with the touch screen enabled you can shoot from the hip with control, you can see your composition and be a ninja at the same time. Nuff said.

March 09, 2013



I own XZ-1, p3 and pl3; the XZ-2 is a wonderful camera like the XZ-1, but I really like the touchscreen. Pictures are excellent and still learning how to use the different settings.

February 26, 2013


Battery compartment keep opening.

I previously owned the XZ-1 and was satisified, but was very disappointed with the XZ-2, first I found that it did not focus very well in low light situations, and second the battery compartment keep opening every time I went to use the camera. I returned the camera.

December 31, 2012


Good camera, has one major flaw though

Nice camera, but it has one major flaw!! It wont focus lock at 3x zoom or farther when in inside home, light conditions!! I hope this can be fixed with a firmware update.

Solid build quality
Excellent lcd screen with accurate color representation
Sharp, fast lens.
Nice JPEG's (I shoot raw though)
Works awesome with the vf-2 evf

Con (only one I can think of):
Won't lock focus at tele end of lens when light starts to dissipate (ie. Inside a house with lights on). This is why I give this camera 3 stars.

I wish you could set a minimum shutter speed in Aperture Priority, or add auto ISO to Manual mode.
Wish the xz-2 screen had the option to stay on when the vf-2 is on.

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