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March 09, 2013



I own XZ-1, p3 and pl3; the XZ-2 is a wonderful camera like the XZ-1, but I really like the touchscreen. Pictures are excellent and still learning how to use the different settings.

February 26, 2013


Battery compartment keep opening.

I previously owned the XZ-1 and was satisified, but was very disappointed with the XZ-2, first I found that it did not focus very well in low light situations, and second the battery compartment keep opening every time I went to use the camera. I returned the camera.

December 31, 2012


Good camera, has one major flaw though

Nice camera, but it has one major flaw!! It wont focus lock at 3x zoom or farther when in inside home, light conditions!! I hope this can be fixed with a firmware update.

Solid build quality
Excellent lcd screen with accurate color representation
Sharp, fast lens.
Nice JPEG's (I shoot raw though)
Works awesome with the vf-2 evf

Con (only one I can think of):
Won't lock focus at tele end of lens when light starts to dissipate (ie. Inside a house with lights on). This is why I give this camera 3 stars.

I wish you could set a minimum shutter speed in Aperture Priority, or add auto ISO to Manual mode.
Wish the xz-2 screen had the option to stay on when the vf-2 is on.

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