May 08, 2015


general useage - well done

We just bought a SP-820UZ a few days ago and I am surprised at the functions that have been folded into such a small space. The camera itself is a wonder, I am in love with photography all over again!

Pictures were easy to compose, and easy to evaluate because of the large view screen. When in auto even a novice can take good pictures. And I like being able to very the styles {color to b&w, etc.}

April 07, 2015


Well pleased.

Great camera. The zoom is really good. This is my third Olympus. Like them all. All are point & shoot.

December 02, 2014



It is easy to use and the imaging quality at higher zooming level is very good

June 22, 2014

Happy Photographer

Great Camera!!!

I have done the 35 mm with many lenses, etc. and I am so glad Olympus came out with this camera. I have had this model since they first came out so I have lost track of how many I have actually had as upgrades. The 820 is my favorite because; it uses the AA batteries, it is still compact/light (even lighter if you use the light weight batteries), it has excellent zoom. This purchase is an 'extra' one because I see Olympus has changed a lot on the newer model, making it a little more 'high' tech of which I don't want. The SP-820 has plenty of options for the causal, amateur photographer and even those more into photography. I have had my photos compared to those taken with 'bigger' / fancier cameras and people can't tell the difference. If one is having problems with blurry photos be sure you are only depressing the shutter button part way and let the camera focus before depressing it the entire way. The only time I have trouble with blurry photos is when the subject moves or I am in a hurry and I move too much. This camera also takes great photos through my windows of which I do quite often to get great bird photos.

April 14, 2014


Excellant Camera

I purchased this camera for my daughter and liked it so much that I kept it for myself. I have 3 or 4 different types of digital cameras but this one is so easy to use. Many of my others need an interpreter to learn how to use but not this one and it can do so much more than expected. Light weight and easy to use. My dream camera, makes me feel like I can take professional quality photos.

February 09, 2014


Outperformed my friends expensive Nikon and Canon cameras

I had to learn two things. Get high performance batteries and learn to program the spot focus on P. Then this camera was outstanding for photographing African flora and fauna.

My friend has expensive camera equipment and my relatively small, light, inexpensive camera outperformed his cameras at critical moments. I was surprised at the clarity even when shooting the maximum magnification. Olympus served my needs very well.

On the topic of cameras, I generally carry two cameras, one pocket sized and a longer range camera. My Sony DSC-W120 was great until the battery died in the middle of a movie and would not close down. Then a spec of dust entered the camera CMOS. I am replacing the Sony with what seems to be a comparable Olympus advanced pocket camera. I look forward to seeing how well it performs. I loved my Sony until it got the dust spot, but it is 7 years old.

August 20, 2013


Slightly disappointed

No manual focus and the zoom lens does not work smoothly. The panorama function is very poor compared to the Stylus 570UZ. This is my 5th Olympus camera and over all I'm satisfied with the quality and performance

August 05, 2013


Good choice

I like the machine gun mode, especially for candid shots of children, groups, etc.

The video control buttons are in a spot where it is easy to push them unintentionally, and thus to get videos of no value.

I sometimes wish I had a bit more control of speed/shutter/f-stop settings.


July 07, 2013



Camera is very easy to use. Compact and light to carry. Pictures seem blurry on auto mode. Manual and program modes are slightly better but still appear blurry. Sent camera for service due to blurry pictures, Olympus states camera is fine they cannot find problems with it. Pictures are still blurry. Overall ok but would spend more money next time for another brand.

June 14, 2013


A lovely camera

A lovely camera with all the features you will ever need: an excellent zoom, high definition movie shooting, 14 megapixel still shots. I got the silver model and I think it has to be one of the nicest-looking cameras extant. I have had many cameras during my life. This one has to be the most versatile. It has a solid build and feel about it.