June 10, 2013 by Rick
Great little camera
This is a fantastic little camera and I highly suggest you shoot some photos in the punk mode in the Majic heading. All the photos are sharp and great contrast. This is my 3rd Olympus camera. I began with their first digital SLR the E-300. Still works great then I bought the compact 1010 camera and still works and I gave it to my friend. This new camera is a true gem.
June 10, 2013 by Thomas
Great small caamera
Used it a couple times now and for the price is excellent quality. Easy to operate.
May 9, 2013 by Chris
Awesome Camera
My girlfriend purchased this camera for me as a gift. I needed something compact to take to concerts that I attend. At the last show that I saw, I was very close to the stage and because of the lighting and movement of the artist I thought that I would have an issue. I was able to find the proper settings and take some great photos. I was really excited when I saw them. I plan to purchase a larger Olympus camera shortly. This camera rocks!
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March 2, 2013 by Lancelot
Great Buy
Third Olympus camera good feel, great pictures and video record button lets you go from taken pictures to video with out going in to menu to setup. Times 10 lens gets you closer than my old samsung times 5. I'm hard on cameras working in constrution and roller skating. We'll let you know how this camera holds up under pressure. My last samsung St 66 didn't make it a year. It would be the best if you could have control of the zoom in video mode.
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February 25, 2013 by Jennifer
All but one of my shots were blurry
I was so excited to receive this camera in the mail. I put the battery inside the camera and immediately began testing it. I went outside to take pictures of my peach blossoms and noticed that when I zoomed in on a flower, the flower would stay blurry while the background was crystal clear! I tried several different types solutions (macro, micro, scene change, etc), and nothing worked! I started taking pictures of my dogs in broad daylight and they were coming out blurry! I also tried taking pictures with flash and they were blurry also. After reading all the reviews on this site, I was really looking forward to my camera. But I did a little research on sites such as Amazon and CNET and found that there were other users who had the same problem as me. I am so disappointed. And I’m sending it back for a full refund.
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