December 13, 2013


Plan on Returning for Refund!

I wasn't happy with the camera. Too many photos came out blurry. At first I thought it was just me, but then I had two other people shoot some pictures and most of those were blurry. I plan on returning it for a full refund! Just not what I expected and a big disappointment.

November 01, 2013


It is defective & their customer service is lousy!!

Camera is defective. They want me to pay to send it back to be repaired. If it can't BE REPAIRED THE WANT TO SEND ME A RECONDITIONED CAMERA. I WOULD RATHER EAT THE LOSS, THAN DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER Olympus PRODUCT!!

September 26, 2013


~ Camera of value ~

I bought this camera for my wife. It takes pictures that are comparable to an SLR camera. It's good value for the price. I recommend this product.

August 25, 2013



Great Little Camera!Good picture quality,have not found how to upload pictures to my computer as yet?

June 26, 2013


Olympus VR-340

This is my first digital camera though I'm no stranger to photography. I wanted something I could carry with me on my nature walks and review and delete what I didn't want without having to develop them then toss.
I'm still learning the in's and out's of the 340 but so far I really like it to my surprise the other night when we had the "super moon" decided to see if I could get a shot, I did, without setting up a , tripod, changing lenses, etc. I was so surprised.
Anyway, size is good, fits in my hand well, price was great and its not that hard to figure out oh and I love the color, I choose purple, change from all my other boring black cameras.

June 10, 2013


Great little camera

This is a fantastic little camera and I highly suggest you shoot some photos in the punk mode in the Majic heading. All the photos are sharp and great contrast. This is my 3rd Olympus camera. I began with their first digital SLR the E-300. Still works great then I bought the compact 1010 camera and still works and I gave it to my friend. This new camera is a true gem.

June 10, 2013


Great small caamera

Used it a couple times now and for the price is excellent quality. Easy to operate.

May 09, 2013


Awesome Camera

My girlfriend purchased this camera for me as a gift. I needed something compact to take to concerts that I attend. At the last show that I saw, I was very close to the stage and because of the lighting and movement of the artist I thought that I would have an issue. I was able to find the proper settings and take some great photos. I was really excited when I saw them. I plan to purchase a larger Olympus camera shortly. This camera rocks!

March 01, 2013


Great Buy

Third Olympus camera good feel, great pictures and video record button lets you go from taken pictures to video with out going in to menu to setup. Times 10 lens gets you closer than my old samsung times 5. I'm hard on cameras working in constrution and roller skating. We'll let you know how this camera holds up under pressure. My last samsung St 66 didn't make it a year. It would be the best if you could have control of the zoom in video mode.

February 25, 2013


All but one of my shots were blurry

I was so excited to receive this camera in the mail. I put the battery inside the camera and immediately began testing it. I went outside to take pictures of my peach blossoms and noticed that when I zoomed in on a flower, the flower would stay blurry while the background was crystal clear! I tried several different types solutions (macro, micro, scene change, etc), and nothing worked! I started taking pictures of my dogs in broad daylight and they were coming out blurry! I also tried taking pictures with flash and they were blurry also. After reading all the reviews on this site, I was really looking forward to my camera. But I did a little research on sites such as Amazon and CNET and found that there were other users who had the same problem as me. I am so disappointed. And I’m sending it back for a full refund.

November 28, 2012


Great camera and awesome pics

PROS: Great build and awsome pics, great low light pics with zoom on. Battery last long time and awsome features.

CONS: Only one i have so far i not happy with the night shoot on camera it is set too low. Need to be able to set faster iso speeds.

Have this camera for about a week and love it. Awsome pics and features for a small light weight camera. Build quality is great being metal, easy to handle and use.
First time i have used an Olympus camera used to us Canon or Nikon would this camera is equal to both these brands,

Would defently recommed to a friend or someone looking for a great point and shoot with great zoom lenth camera.

November 25, 2012



Absolutely a great camera, easy to use and feature found on more expensive camera,
i definetly recommend to novice as well as pros....

July 25, 2012


I'm Very Happy

I bought this kind of last minute before going to Alaska. I knew the last time I wished I had a better zoom but did not want to pay a lot for a camera. The 10X zoom works very well and I was very pleased. It is easy to operate. The only negative is no VIEW FINDER. I had one on my last two cameras and I love them when in the sun. Could not find a camera with one without spending way to much money.

July 25, 2012


Love My Camera

Love the V-340, it takes great pictures, has a 10 X zoom for photo's in a small, portable package.

July 11, 2012


this product is great for a beginner

I really liked the results I got with this camera. It took me a little while to get used to the menu ,but after that it was a piece of cake. My pictures turned out great. Video was crisp and clear.

July 11, 2012


Beautiful Photos Taken With the Greatest of Ease

I bought this camera because of the zoom. Not only is the zoom great, but the ease in using this camera is phenomenal. I would recommend this camera to anyone. For the price, it would be hard to beat.

July 04, 2012


Lens problem

I bought this camera because my cousin had one & I loved her pictures. I took pictures of NYC skyline. the pictures were amazing. I lent the camera to my niece & the lens stopped going in & out. I'm hoping to purchase another Olympus . Overall the pictures are AMAZING.

July 03, 2012

Was unlucky

Camera arrived with broken usb port.

I couldn't charge the battery because the usb port did not operate. I tried the camera with what was left with the battery charge when it arrived. I was very pleased with the camera and wished I could have kept it, but it wasn't good without a battery charge. I rated the camera a five star because I wanted all the features it offered and there were many. For me, just an average person, you couldn't design a better fit. I wish I could have kept my Olympus, it was just what I wanted.

July 01, 2012


I had a very hard time getting the power cord to charge the camera also could not get it to work with my computer. I was unable to upload any pictures.
I returned the camera.

June 29, 2012




June 27, 2012


Good camera for the price

I'm an artist, and it's a great little resource camera. It worked very well during a recent family outing, capturing fast-moving grandchildren, beautiful landscape, etc. The menu takes a little getting used to, but it's fairly intuitive, and the photos are sharp. The monitor is clear and easy to see, a real bonus. I did like my old camera that took common, AA batteries, (easy to carry spares), but I can buy an extra rechargeable and keep it handy.

June 26, 2012


This camera takes great pictures.

group shots and close ups were easy to do. Uploading the pics was really nice.

June 26, 2012


Really nice little camera

Bought it for my wife with thoughts of simplicity use and nice zoom range. Was surprised by quality of pictures. Two tums up.

June 21, 2012


Beautiful pics. Almost perfect

The camera is easy to use and the directions are clear and understandable. I use it for real estate and the pictures are amazing. The wide angle is my favorite. Best "amateur's" camera I've ever used. My only issue is with the software. If I try to import from the camera, the software shuts down. I have to download to an internal program in my computer, then import to the Olympus software. Hoping it's operator error. I'll keep trying.

June 15, 2012


Great camera easy to use! good camera for the novice.

May 30, 2012


Great little camera.

I am very pleased with this camera, the clarity and the zoom lens is great! Highly recommend it to anyone. A great value for the money!

May 24, 2012


A very good deal

This camera is just what i wanted for the money.This is my second olympus camera.It is perfect for point ande shoot photos.Large screen for showing others you photos.The company was very good answering questons before i purchase ther camera. I will do business with them again and recomend them to others.

May 20, 2012


Great Point & Click

I just got this camera, and I love it! The camera options all have descriptions so you don't have to pull out the manual to figure out what a setting does. The auto presets don't always get a good picture, but does more often than not. This camera has fun picture options like drawing, fish eye, soft focus and pinhole. Being a mom, with children not able to stand still for a picture, I love the tracking and sport mode. It makes all my pictures come out crisp. The date stamp is great too because I don't have to try and remember when I took the pictures when I go to upload them to my computer!

April 29, 2012


Olympus VR-340 performs as advertised

I bought this camera because I wanted to be able to "beautify" photos, especially portraits, in the camera, not after I'd downloaded to my computer. The process is easy to use and does a good job smoothing wrinkles, whitening teeth and even enhancing eyes and smiles.
Wrinkles are a fact of life as we get older. When we look at ourselves or others we overlook the flaws and imperfections. But the camera lens sees and shows all. I don't feel like I'm "cheating" by "improving" the original photo. Instead, I'm changing the image to the way I perceive the subject.
The 10X optical zoom is amazing on a camera this size, and the preset functions are easy to use.

April 29, 2012


Every thing except? View finder

When sun right over you or in front of you theres know way can you see what your taking. Found this out on a cruise. When you come up with a small camera with a VIEW FINDER I will be very interested.
The shots we I took did not get every thing I was hoping I had focus on.

April 18, 2012


I really like the way that the camara takes pictures. They are so clear and crisp. I would recommend this camera to all of my friends and family.