August 28, 2014

Ash - Toronto

Superb Lens for Traveling

Indoor and outdoor its performance is superb. I just carry 2 lens whenever I travel. One is this all purpose lens 12-50mm and the other is 40-300mm for Telephoto use.
12-40mm is very useful for outdoor photography because of its weather-proof qualities. I use it with OM-D E-M5 so both the units are weatherproof. I have a protection filter in front of the lens which protects this beautiful lens from finger-prints, dust, water splash.
I wish Olympus had provided with a Lens Hood to protect from light flares but then one can buy one from Olympus. The part number is Lens Hood LH-55B.
In fact this lens is best lens for OM-D cameras.

July 11, 2014


Very versatile

Are you going to shoot a movie clip, take pictures of the kids playing, shoot a close up of a flower or maybe a panorama of the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains? This lens is a must have if you need versatility and reliable performance. There are perhaps better lens, but not many as versatile as this M.Zuiko 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ lens.

March 12, 2013



I have had this (12-50) lens for over a month now, and use it on an EM-5. This is by far the most useful lens in the Pen-OMD system.
The zoom range covers everything from a super wide 12 mm to a short telephoto 50 mm (24 mm wide angle to 100 mm telephoto on a 35 mm system) and includes macro. Images come out very sharp and crisp, with fine contrast. Macro is sharp as a tack, with backgrounds having a great bokeh! There is so much you can do with this lens.

The zoom ring has three settings; 1, pulling it back toward the camera puts you in manual zoom mode; 2, pushing it outward toward the front of the lens puts it in E-zoom (motorized) mode; 3, and pushing in the macro button allows you to push the zoom ring outward again, going into macro mode. Once in macro mode, you are set at one focal length, so you compose your image, push the shutter button half-way, and focus is achieved very quickly! WOW, you have to try it to appreciate it!

I have shot some great Macro images, which have come out very sharp and clear, with great “out of focus” backgrounds Portraits and Landscapes come out sharp and contrasty, with great colors and detail.

Anyone using the Pen or OM-D E-M5 Cameras should seriously have this lens.

February 24, 2013


A good traveling lens

The M.12-50mm was part of my OM-D E-M5 combo and I was a bit skeptical regarding the optical performance of the model.

The first good news was the weather resistance ability of the M.12-50mm which is a strong point for traveler and outside photographer. The second one is the focal widest setting of 12mm (24mm equivalent in 35mm format).

The third one: the M.12-50mm is in fact a good performer especially for outside daylight picturing.

Some less desirable points: A much too easy zoom option setting between manual or power (electrical) zoom. The lens size is a bit long if you combine it with the small PEN camera series or even the OM-Ds. The low maximum aperture of the M.12-50mm can prevent you to use it with low light action subject.

But as an all-around traveler lens it stays as a good choice.

January 15, 2013


Geat Lens, needs hood

Very sharp, fast focus, I like the power zoom, a bit slow at 50mm but still usable. Could use a hood, apparently none available should be included.

October 20, 2012



VERY SHARP!!!!! VERY SMALL!!!!! AND ALL WEATHER!!!!! what else can you ask for? In my opinion the best walk around zoom on the product line....only drawback hood is optional....Olympus should have included the hood!!!!

A MUST HAVE lens for all OMD users....