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July 24, 2012


Camera works fine if all the settings are right. The settings can be easily changed by just a slight bump and then you loose that perfect shot.

July 16, 2012

FM Yammi


Overall for what I wanted it is a great camera, i wanted something that would not brake if my children wear to drop it or wet it.. I have had times where It is slow to switch settings, but I have captured over 5000 great pictures with just the newer one I have i have 2 olympus cameras, the first one got wet internally and still works just not at 100% but it functions to take pictures... I wish they had a few more features such as borders or funny stickers but great camera...

July 09, 2012


great pics!

Fortunately I have not dropped, submerged, or frozen this product. It is good to know I have that kind of protection if needed. The real surprise is that each time I take and download pics, they are wonderful. Clear, crisp, and great color. I do quite enjoy this tough little camera!

July 04, 2012

Perfect Family Camera

Great Family Camera it takes all the bumps

I have had several cameras break because my kids have dropped them. This camera takes it all and doesn't even have a chip on it. I can take it to the swimming pool and since it has a double lock for the battery I let my kids take pictures at the pool and it's safe.

This has been the best camera I have ever bought. The pictures are beautiful and all the functions are amazing and easy to use.

I don't ever write reviews but this camera is so good and well built that I want people to know that this is a great camera and well worth it.

I love that this is the only camera I need for anything I do. Going to the beach, swimming pool, snowy days, at night, catching fireworks, even the kids with sparklers. This camera takes everyday life and still works perfectly.

This is also the easiest camera I have ever used or seen for panorama pictures. Once you have it lined up it takes the second and third picture for you so you don't lose the line up. Just amazing

June 12, 2012


Amazing Camera!!

This camera is the definition of AMAZING!!! I love it! It takes amazing quality pictures and the videos are really nice! It is also extremely affordable! The downside is that the sound quality for the videos are n't amazing, but still impresses me. I would defiantly recommend this camera to anyone!

June 03, 2012


Great features, however some quality defects

I do think this is an amazing product. I bought this product about 4 years ago. After the first year, the camera would not turn on and just stopped working. So I got it repaired for costly price and it continues to work well.

I love the camera and all of its functions and durability. I bought a case for it as well. I am an extremely rugged person and love doing trips outdoors and I am currently in college and need a durable camera like this! It has gotten wet and dropped and beaten up, however it still works!

It does take a long time to take pictures however which does get annoying sometimes. Also, some of the pictures are blurry and in video mode, you cannot zoom in or zoom out while the video is being taken. I just recently lost my camera at a concert last night, which I am very upset about, however this just gives me a reason to buy the new camera with GPS which I cannot wait to own!

Thank you Olympus!

May 21, 2012


very good day light pict. easy to use, Better than I thought, very good for the price and I will buy the one comming out.

April 29, 2012


is not as good as i expected

The camera has amazing features and its easy to use but the quality of the photos is a lot lower than i expected (compared to other cameras i used before)
The price wasnt bad but I wont buy something like this again.

April 26, 2012

culebra eco tours

very poor performance

this tough TG-310 is very poor, complicated settings, it resets itself, has been replaced once and still the replacement has the same symptoms
dont get this camera you will be dissatisfied!!

March 29, 2012


Good and sturdy camera

Good, sturdy little camera. It takes excellent photos and I rarely end up with blurred photos. Extremely easy to take panorama photos and very good macro mode. It lives up to its "toughness", after dropping it several times, exposing it to snow and heavy rains it still works as good as ever. Only downfall is the front of the camera is a plastic like material. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a camera that can take a beating and good photos too.

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