July 24, 2012 by BillJo
Camera works fine if all the settings are right. The settings can be easily changed by just a slight bump and then you loose that perfect shot.
July 16, 2012 by FM Yammi
Overall for what I wanted it is a great camera, i wanted something that would not brake if my children wear to drop it or wet it.. I have had times where It is slow to switch settings, but I have captured over 5000 great pictures with just the newer one I have i have 2 olympus cameras, the first one got wet internally and still works just not at 100% but it functions to take pictures... I wish they had a few more features such as borders or funny stickers but great camera...
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July 9, 2012 by rowan
great pics!
Fortunately I have not dropped, submerged, or frozen this product. It is good to know I have that kind of protection if needed. The real surprise is that each time I take and download pics, they are wonderful. Clear, crisp, and great color. I do quite enjoy this tough little camera!
July 4, 2012 by Perfect Family Camera
Great Family Camera it takes all the bumps
I have had several cameras break because my kids have dropped them. This camera takes it all and doesn't even have a chip on it. I can take it to the swimming pool and since it has a double lock for the battery I let my kids take pictures at the pool and it's safe. This has been the best camera I have ever bought. The pictures are beautiful and all the functions are amazing and easy to use. I don't ever write reviews but this camera is so good and well built that I want people to know that this is a great camera and well worth it. I love that this is the only camera I need for anything I do. Going to the beach, swimming pool, snowy days, at night, catching fireworks, even the kids with sparklers. This camera takes everyday life and still works perfectly. This is also the easiest camera I have ever used or seen for panorama pictures. Once you have it lined up it takes the second and third picture for you so you don't lose the line up. Just amazing
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June 12, 2012 by Anonymous
Amazing Camera!!
This camera is the definition of AMAZING!!! I love it! It takes amazing quality pictures and the videos are really nice! It is also extremely affordable! The downside is that the sound quality for the videos are n't amazing, but still impresses me. I would defiantly recommend this camera to anyone!
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