July 24, 2012


Camera works fine if all the settings are right. The settings can be easily changed by just a slight bump and then you loose that perfect shot.

July 16, 2012

FM Yammi


Overall for what I wanted it is a great camera, i wanted something that would not brake if my children wear to drop it or wet it.. I have had times where It is slow to switch settings, but I have captured over 5000 great pictures with just the newer one I have i have 2 olympus cameras, the first one got wet internally and still works just not at 100% but it functions to take pictures... I wish they had a few more features such as borders or funny stickers but great camera...

July 09, 2012


great pics!

Fortunately I have not dropped, submerged, or frozen this product. It is good to know I have that kind of protection if needed. The real surprise is that each time I take and download pics, they are wonderful. Clear, crisp, and great color. I do quite enjoy this tough little camera!

July 04, 2012

Perfect Family Camera

Great Family Camera it takes all the bumps

I have had several cameras break because my kids have dropped them. This camera takes it all and doesn't even have a chip on it. I can take it to the swimming pool and since it has a double lock for the battery I let my kids take pictures at the pool and it's safe.

This has been the best camera I have ever bought. The pictures are beautiful and all the functions are amazing and easy to use.

I don't ever write reviews but this camera is so good and well built that I want people to know that this is a great camera and well worth it.

I love that this is the only camera I need for anything I do. Going to the beach, swimming pool, snowy days, at night, catching fireworks, even the kids with sparklers. This camera takes everyday life and still works perfectly.

This is also the easiest camera I have ever used or seen for panorama pictures. Once you have it lined up it takes the second and third picture for you so you don't lose the line up. Just amazing

June 12, 2012


Amazing Camera!!

This camera is the definition of AMAZING!!! I love it! It takes amazing quality pictures and the videos are really nice! It is also extremely affordable! The downside is that the sound quality for the videos are n't amazing, but still impresses me. I would defiantly recommend this camera to anyone!

June 03, 2012


Great features, however some quality defects

I do think this is an amazing product. I bought this product about 4 years ago. After the first year, the camera would not turn on and just stopped working. So I got it repaired for costly price and it continues to work well.

I love the camera and all of its functions and durability. I bought a case for it as well. I am an extremely rugged person and love doing trips outdoors and I am currently in college and need a durable camera like this! It has gotten wet and dropped and beaten up, however it still works!

It does take a long time to take pictures however which does get annoying sometimes. Also, some of the pictures are blurry and in video mode, you cannot zoom in or zoom out while the video is being taken. I just recently lost my camera at a concert last night, which I am very upset about, however this just gives me a reason to buy the new camera with GPS which I cannot wait to own!

Thank you Olympus!

May 21, 2012


very good day light pict. easy to use, Better than I thought, very good for the price and I will buy the one comming out.

April 29, 2012


is not as good as i expected

The camera has amazing features and its easy to use but the quality of the photos is a lot lower than i expected (compared to other cameras i used before)
The price wasnt bad but I wont buy something like this again.

April 26, 2012

culebra eco tours

very poor performance

this tough TG-310 is very poor, complicated settings, it resets itself, has been replaced once and still the replacement has the same symptoms
dont get this camera you will be dissatisfied!!

March 29, 2012


Good and sturdy camera

Good, sturdy little camera. It takes excellent photos and I rarely end up with blurred photos. Extremely easy to take panorama photos and very good macro mode. It lives up to its "toughness", after dropping it several times, exposing it to snow and heavy rains it still works as good as ever. Only downfall is the front of the camera is a plastic like material. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a camera that can take a beating and good photos too.

March 16, 2012


Awesome camera

I recently received this camera as a b-day gift. I have had time to test all of the features, and it workes great!

March 05, 2012

John D

Good value, great pictures, point and hope

I bought this camera for snorkelling photos. The ease of use and quality of pictures is very good. My problem with this camera is the invisibility of the image on the screen both underwater and in bright sunlight. That is why i used the expression point and hope the camera is seeing what I am aiming at.

I don't know what improvements could make it more functional and still maintain the low cost and durability

February 16, 2012


This camera is definately waterproof!

I bought this camera July 2011 and used it a lot more then planned. Thought I would just use it for swimming and beach. But it takes great pictures all around. January 2012 used camera while at Disney World and as I was getting on Splash Mountain, I dropped it and it fell into the water and under the track of the ride. Disney retrieved it that night after park closed and after it being submerged in the water for over 12hours, all of the pictures I took were fine. And the camera worked perfect! I am so greatful to Disney and Olympus!!!

February 06, 2012

Joe K

Great Pocket Camera

I received my camera as a Christmas gift and find it handy to carry around and use should a photo op present itself. I received the camera to take kayaking and not worry about accidental emergion. With the winter weather I have not had a chance to test its aquatic performance, but it proves to have sufficient clarity and magnification for winter scences as well as indoor portraits.

February 05, 2012

TG Rocks


I took pictures of where I'm living and the auto panorama style is awesome. It has that built in target so the picture looks like one. So sweet. Also, shock proof it is cause my kitten knocked it off the counter and still works great. Love this camera!

December 12, 2011


Good Performance for a litle while

I bought this camera in Miami in September and the first two months worked fine. The pictures i took had a good quality and was fun taking it into the water. But, after tow month, i used at my pool and inmediatly the visor was full of water and stop working.
I?ll recomend to buy a better quality camera and a water case for it.

December 10, 2011


Great for everything except photos

I bought this after losing my u310 that I took to France. That was a cracking camera which took great pictures, and was all but indestructible.

I bought this one as a replacement, and sadly, have been extremely disappointed. It might be tough, it might have great battery life, it might have lots of functions, and it's got lots of megapixels.

The only thing that I really want though is great pictures. In tests against other cameras, the colours look washed out, the focus is often slightly off, and I'm generally disappointed with the quality - when others in a similar price bracket nail it.

December 05, 2011


Wonderful Camera

I Love my orange tough TG-310! I have had it for awhile now and everything is still working great. This is my second Olympus camera, and I very pleased with the Olympus camera products. :) I can't wait to use it this winter outside....that will be a good test for me. I have three dogs and a very silly husband who likes to have snowball fights. I hope then that this camera still holds up to all the hype then as well.

November 24, 2011


This Camera Sucks!

I bought this camera and took it with me on a trip to Hawaii. I used it the first day in the pool and it worked well. After being in the pool I let it soak in the sink to get the chemicals off just like the directions said. The next day in the pool i used it for an hour before the camera stopped working all together. I let it charge, tried taking out the batteriers, memory card, and still the camera would not work. Its a cheap camera and wont last long. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY BUYING THIS!!!

November 22, 2011


TG-310 (Red)

I purchased the Olympus TG-310 on a cruise when I dropped a broke my camera. It was my first waterproof camera and I was really impressed with the price and what it could do. WARNING: Make sure to LOCK the camera when you are using it in and under water. I did not and the second day of owning it I got it filled with salt water and couldn't use it for the rest of the trip. Thankfully, Olympus stayed true to their warranty and when I arrived home from the cruise sent it in to get fixed, free of charge. Good company and good camera! Very happy with my purchase.

November 10, 2011


Product Failed on Honeymoon

I was really excited picking up this camera prior to our honeymoon. 14 MP quality and presumed toughness great features. Camera had many options for shots which we were able to begin to use - very fun!

On our fifth day, after a snorkeling trip, the camera simply stopped working! We were at the top of a mountain for sunrise, and the camera would not turn on. We followed the instructions re: removing debris if affected after use (ie used at beach, we would remove sand with rinsing) and ensuring the battery area was shut properly and locked. Our snorkeling trip did not put the camera under more than three feet of water. We opened the latch where the battery is and the entire thing was WET. HOW DISAPPOINTING! We immediately went out and had to purchase a new camera - and checked that our SD card was intact - as we had taken 400+ pictures. Thank goodness we did not lose those. Got back to our lodging and attempted to charge camera once dried out - but it was and remains completely dead.

All in all disappointed with battery life and durability. Had such excitement for this purchase, and only able to use the product for 5 days of our trip. Hoping we can be refunded.

November 09, 2011


Many great features

This is a good product except not all 100% of the pictures are clear, when you hold the shutter button half way down and auto focus does it’s best, to no avail not all are crisp and clear for a 14 mp.

October 20, 2011


Great Camera

I love this camera. Great Quality pics. the only issue was that the icons on the back of the camera rubbed off so you better remember where all the settings are. I would love another Olympus.

September 04, 2011


Only problem (annoyance really) is that lens is too close to top of camera housing and left hand fingers used to steady camera sometimes show up in picture

August 20, 2011





August 14, 2011


Very Good Camera

This is a great camera. It is just a little hard to understand all the settings and getting the good results. Over all great product

August 11, 2011

Sarah M

Love it!! Great water pictures

I love the under water pictures, I have a pool and a 3year old that loves cameras, so I need a tough one, she already dropped it and it is still great! I can't belive how clear the pictures are!! I took back three camera's before I found this one, I'm picky! I just can't say anything bad about this. Another reason why I was looking for a new camera was the speed of the next picture.. I hate the lag time between photo's and this one is so nice and fast! Having a young child you need to take fast pictures over and over again to try to get the best one!! But the only thing I don't understand how to use the 3D, but I haven't had time to read and figure that out.. I'm sure it will be great when I know how to use it. I think soon in the future though, I seen the next best one above this one with the more zoom, that is the only thing I would change.. but you pay more for that!

August 10, 2011


Average camera except for water/temp proof

average easy to use camera with water/ temperature proof featuress.
prefer picture quality of my other compact camera.
can't use provided olympus id software on my pc due to capacity requirements. had to contact olympus support to find this out.

August 10, 2011


Great Camera from Olympus

The camera I love it it works super great, I turn it on and its ready to go, the battery last longer, I take 3D pictures with it too. Plus movies in 720HD quality.

July 25, 2011


MudRun Tough!

I bought this camera for 2 reasons. #1 I wanted to record and take photos of my mudruns this year. and #2 I'm saving up to hopefully go to Hawaii (planning waaay ahead on this one). I just went to my first mudrun and it involved my camera getting hit with snowmachines blasting water at me. Jumping over 4 foot walls (which I fell over and my camera went flying into the dirt/rocks), getting tossed around, getting blasted with more water and of course getting covered in mud. As I jumped into the mud pit which was past my knees and I had to crawl under barbwire I thought, no way can this camera possibly survive this treatment. I was honestly expecting a broken camera of some sort after the race....worked awesome! Survived the race better than I did! Love love love love love this camera, its so much fun.
I hope to post a video to youtube within the next week right now I have a short clip of the treatment, the quality isn't that great but its not the camera's fault its the way I uploaded it to youtube. If you follow the link I'm hoping my future video will be easily found, and I will upload that one better.

Summary, if you are looking for a seriously tough camera...this is it. I am impressed with everything. Good quality video and pictures. Fun features, easy to use.

July 18, 2011

Camera and exc.. Tester

Tough series 310.

First, the camera was good at being rough but not good with battery life. It could only take 190 pictures if that. with the uses of being an out door person and not having a socket near by to charge from it was hard and was not good. the quality of the picture was good and the sound was not very good at all but it was understandable.

June 25, 2011


This camera is amazing

When I took a picture of my friends family with this camera that is when I knew i had to get it. It takes pictures very quickly, the picture quality is great and it detects faces in the picture! This a great camera overall.

June 24, 2011


cool features

this camera is so cool. i wanted a waterproof camera because i am not fragile with my cameras. its such a awesome camera....i didn't even know that cameras could have 3-D effect. the only flaw is the zoom could be better. i love how it can detect dogs and cats. it says its WiFi compatible but i don't understand that. i don't know how to set up the WiFi. but overall its a cute, durable, long-lasting camera....and i do recommend to anyone who wants a durable camera..with the quality of a normal camera...with its 14 megapixels the pictures are so clear! i put my 2gb SD card into the camera and it can only hold 25 min. of video!! why is that? but the zoom and the video time are the only flaws.

June 01, 2011


3-D Capable

I took pictures at my granddaughters spring gymnastics show. The pictures were very clear and crisp. I have bought several Olympus cameras in the past and will only buy Olympus cameras for their quality. The only drawback is the zoom should be better.