March 18, 2012 by bigmark743
Great features in a small package
love the versatility of this camera to take close ups, portrait or panoramic pictures . easy to use; has video as well as capable of taking multiple shots in rapid succession.
February 14, 2012 by Olympusfan
It's great!
In 1965 I bought an Olympus Pen EE. I loved it. Gave it to my son last year. My last camera was an Olympus D-545. It was also great, but the viewer was small and the camera was a little too big. This Olympus VG-140 has a large viewing screen, is very thin, has many great features. I love it. I take it with me everywhere.
February 4, 2012 by chocolate1
Has some cool features. Harder to download and edi
I had an Olympus D-580 for the last 10 years that took beautiful pictures. Even though it only had 4mb, the photos were professional quality. This new camera takes nice photos, but not as good as my old one. Also, after downloading, it is much harder to use the editing program. I still haven't figured out how to save a photo after editing. Will have to keep trying I guess. In the meantime, I use my microsoft program to edit and save.
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November 8, 2011 by LB54
Easy to Use
This Camera has all the features i need, It is very easy to use and th Olympus viewer addition on my computer to receive pics is wonderful
November 6, 2011 by James
Easy to use
I spent hours online, and visiting many stores over a week to find a small camera. after a few hours in a store playing with the controls of a few models, I decided on the VG-140 Olympus. I like to movie shooting button that makes quick movie shooting. The menus are easy to manuver. Manual is downloaded, but comes with a quick setup guide to get you going. Image quality is fair "as expected" in this price range. but that may be my inexperience with cameras. The battery is charged through the pc, or can be pluged in through the adapter.
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