February 28, 2012 by snowbird
great camera for the price
bought this camera for the 12.5 zoom,the 14 megapixels,image stabilization, and the compact size. It is intuitive and very easy to use.It takes very nice pictures. Hard to believe that all of these features are packed into such an affordable camera.
February 1, 2012 by maan
this cam pictuer pixels so poor
hi this camera picture pixels is so poor 14MG picture frame size is 10*13 is so low but Olympus u1040 camera 10MG picture frame size is 28*38 is so good picture after shoot zoom result is so poor so low i am not happy to this camera full zooming shoot pixels is not good low light expos is so bad
January 11, 2012 by nightprowler
fantastic camera
This camera was a great buy. It has great functions and performs fantastic. Olympus camera's are the way to go.
November 30, 2011 by Meghan
Wow ... AMAZING!
Gosh ... I totally LOVE thisthan camera! Downloading and adding pictures and videos to the computer takes a lot longer, than I'm used to, but ..... OMG ... the quality is totally worth it! The quality of this camera is even better than I thought it would be! I e-mail pictures, put them on Facebook, and do photo montages all the time, so I am totally into pictures. I knew this camera was going to be a lot better than my other one, which was an Olympus also but it only had 8mp, but it's a lot better than I ever imagined it to be!
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November 24, 2011 by Jim
Can not use the camera outside because of glare on the monitor. Pictures are not sharp. Not enough flash for taking pictures in a small dimly light room
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