February 02, 2013


the best compact

I've got the camera this Christmas and I think one word describes it: AMAZING!!! I've captured some great pics with this baby and the 12.5 super wide zoom is great!!! The pics are very clear even the display can be viewed in sunlight because it is bright!! One thing I am disappointed with :the MICROPHONE. It is not clear but overall it's very good!!!

July 19, 2012


camera is easy to use ,especially like the zoom power.photos to date have been great.

July 18, 2012



I have only used the camera a few times and I love it. I just recieved it. I can't believe the difference with 14pixel.

July 14, 2012


Excellent for the money

Compact digital with wide angle to zoom capability.

July 07, 2012


A Great Point and Shoot

I needed to replace a camera I dropped and was looking for something similar but found that Olympus offered a much better and less expensive camera for what I paid. I was impressed by the high-zoom levels and took some incredible night shots on full zoom with a tripod. It is a very flexible camera with all the settings and what I really like is the compact size and sure feel of the Olympus VR-320. The pictures are sharp and clear and they upload to my laptop no problem. The microphone when you are recording video is quite sensitive and clear. A great camera.

July 06, 2012

Realtor 1

I like it ! My 3rd Olympus camera !

Highly recommend it - easy to use ! Great photos of my new grandchild & of new listings! Zoom is great ! Olympus support on the 800 number is also great !
Thanks for making my life easier!

July 05, 2012




July 04, 2012


This camera has great value and features. Would reccommend it to friends and family.

June 29, 2012


Another Winner from Olympus

I chose the VR-320 as I wanted a small very pocketable point and shoot and as I was extremely pleased with an SP800UZ I already owned, and having had many Olympus cameras in the past going back to the OM1 (35mm SLR), the product quality has always been excellent.

The VR-320 is no exception it has a good solid feel to it, the transition from my SP800UZ was easy, the controls being in much the same place, I was more than surprised to the features in the VR-320 in fact almost as many as the larger cameras, the zoom range for such a small camera is amazing, (I must confess to being a zoom junkie), picture quality as always with an Olympus camera, excellent.

I also liked the bundled software with the camera, I already use Olympus ib for downloading pictures but the cd contained an editing program called Olympus Viewer 2, must say I have been having a lot of fun with this program.

Overall very pleased with my purchase, another winner from Olympus.

June 26, 2012


Average pictures

After the lens was replaced my camera takes better pictures but still not as crisp as my old C-4000.

June 10, 2012


Does many things, but not any very well.

The spec sheet on this camera looks fantastic. Loads of features, options, and a huge zoom, in a pocket camera. Unfortunately as with so many other "all in one" type devices, it does many things, but not any one thing particularly well.

Build quality is fine given the price, and it's a fast camera to operate, as well as being pocketable. The biggest issue is the tiny tiny sensor with so-so lens produces images that upon inspection look more like a watercolor painting in some instances than an actual photo. The "image stabilization" feature is gimmick as it's not a true optical motor that stabilizes things, so once you get past the halfway mark on the zoom, things get blurry unless you use a tripod (senseless for such a small camera). The "HD" video likewise has an odd appearance to it that almost appears as though it's a VGA video that's been resampled up in-camera to appear to be 720p (?).

Summary: If you know your way around programs like Photoshop Elements and know how to edit/adjust images to get the best out of them, you can get acceptable 4x6 prints and web images from this camera. But I expected better images quality from Olympus even at this price point in 2012. There are better cameras in their line for not much more.

March 24, 2012


Fun Little camera

Really fun little camera good sharp pictures nice to have in the purse. A lot of options for the reasonable price.

March 18, 2012


Nice Little Camera

This is a great little camera for those unexpected moments when you need a camera, or need something light and easy to carry with you when travelling or out hiking. I like all the options for taking photos in different modes, and was able to learn how to use the camera fairly quickly.

March 11, 2012

Dean B

Time Resetting to __:__:__

Camera is working well so far. However, Date Time is resetting to __:__:__ after I let the camera sit for more than 24 hours and then turn the camera back on. Very strange.

Wasn't able to find others with this camera and similiar problems. Recharged all batteries and have reset the time 6 times.

Have owned the camera for 6 days.

Otherwise, camera is working very well.

March 10, 2012


Great camera

This is truly the best point and shot camera I have ever owned! I love how it can do special effect by just changing settings.

February 28, 2012


great camera for the price

bought this camera for the 12.5 zoom,the 14 megapixels,image stabilization, and the compact size. It is intuitive and very easy to use.It takes very nice pictures. Hard to believe that all of these features are packed into such an affordable camera.

February 01, 2012


this cam pictuer pixels so poor

this camera picture pixels is so poor 14MG picture frame size is 10*13 is so low
Olympus u1040 camera 10MG picture frame size is 28*38 is so good
picture after shoot zoom result is so poor so low i am not happy to this camera
full zooming shoot pixels is not good
low light expos is so bad

January 11, 2012


fantastic camera

This camera was a great buy. It has great functions and performs fantastic. Olympus camera's are the way to go.

November 30, 2011


Wow ... AMAZING!

Gosh ... I totally LOVE thisthan camera! Downloading and adding pictures and videos to the computer takes a lot longer, than I'm used to, but ..... OMG ... the quality is totally worth it! The quality of this camera is even better than I thought it would be! I e-mail pictures, put them on Facebook, and do photo montages all the time, so I am totally into pictures. I knew this camera was going to be a lot better than my other one, which was an Olympus also but it only had 8mp, but it's a lot better than I ever imagined it to be!

November 24, 2011



Can not use the camera outside because of glare on the monitor. Pictures are not sharp. Not enough flash for taking pictures in a small dimly light room

November 19, 2011

Trebor Neerg

Excellent features for the money & learning curve

Does what I need while providing options for growth and at reasonable price. It is compact, yet incorporates necessary optical telescoping. Uses a rechargable Lithium-Ion battery versus eating up esxpensive alkaline batteries. Accompanying CD includes manual and sophisticated photo-handling software. Excellent for the newbie and non-professional user or backup for the pro. Intuitive menu navigation.

November 06, 2011


Value for money!


my first review of a product

very nice product liked it a lot , awesome movie quality
but the thing i did not like is the panorama mode- confusing , red eye reduction dose not work mostly, face detection also ok
but value for money and captures great images if you tweak its settings ,zoom is great overall i am happy with this product :))

November 05, 2011

Ron S

The biggest bang for the buck

The 12.5x zoom is the best, the feel the ease of use is great. Right out of the box ease. Packed with features.

October 23, 2011


An excellent value product, easy to use

Easy to use; menu is self explanatory and photos come out sharp and clear

Stichiing will be more accurate and seemless, without misalignment if the panaromic function allows stiching within camera, rather than in the PC. Hopefully upgrade to firmware will allow this

October 16, 2011


I love the camera features and looks

Right now it's not fair to give a review on this product. I've been having a problem with this camera since I got it. Right now its in for service. I have two other Olympus cameras and they are great. Hope when I get it back I can give it a true review.

October 04, 2011


I'm new with digital cameras and after many months of researching, the VR-320 was the easiest camera I've found. I am still learning.

October 04, 2011


Bad performer - not recomended at all.

I had three film's Olympus cameras in my family so I really know what's Olympus means. Even, when the digital's format appears, I saw some digital Olympus model's performance so I decided to bought this camera looking for a versatile wide-bigzoom point and shoot. I like the idea of no confusing menus (excelent idea) and without advanced configuration modes (I do not need them).
first: what's so great.
Picture previewing "flying" photo mode i's so cool and fresh idea. good (but some slow)
Pocket size, wide angle and zoom
Powerfull flash (but unfortunatley you can't set diferent levels)
Charging from any usb outlet.. even on a LCD usb out... this is the best thing of the cammera! I can charge the camera connected to your LCD USB outlet (Fantastic!).....But....
The performance at indoor with a low light is REALLY poor! I must to repeat many times the same picture to try to get one focused and no noise.. so I missed a lot of unrepeatable moments trying to take a good photo. Flash is powerfull, but light angle is quite closer so i got shadow very near to the objetive so I miss background actors in every shoot. And of couse, bad located. when holding the camera, e hopelessly accidentally cover the flash with your finger so you have to hold it in a very uncomfortable way to not block the flash light (totally or partially)
Taking photos with full zoom also it's a problem because stabilization function don't do his job so you need to have a surgeon pulse to take a steady photo... everything on the display is continuously moving until you reduce the level of the zoom.. Its so really difficult to take a full zoom picture that I was wondering if Vr320 really has a image stabilizer.
Macro mode with flash are sometimes overexposed and the worst is that all taken photos looks great into the camera display but, has an inaceptable quality when you view it or zoom it in a computer or even on a LCD tv (by the way, the slide show menu is so sloooow between photo)
I took some few photos at outdoor are overexposed and has a lot of artifacts problems.
SCN modes are almost the same and I really do not understand magic mode... I only saw a few efects of them that work
in-camera fixing function takes a lot and i do not see any diference with the original photo.
zooming preview pictures took a while until you get zoom.
Finally I do not understand the idea of the firmware upgrade ... the menus appearance got worse after i do it.
I'm so disapointed! I'm really sad. Definitely I must buy another one. I will try to get my money back to buy another better moder or.. may be to choosen another brand. So sorry.

September 29, 2011


Overall not bad but not exceptional.

The price for this camera wasn't too bad, but it is lacking accessories that most other companies include for the same price and would it cost so much more to include a longer cable & a carrying case that might cost the company an additional $0.10, I have only had this camera for about a week & really have not used it much, but I am not new to point & click cameras, it performs the basics, this is all I need it for.

September 14, 2011


Awesome csmera.Oustandung zoom for sports!Well

Well worth the money. It does everything. The quality of the pictures is so good it was equal pretty much to the photos taken by the sports website for my son.:0)

August 29, 2011


I liked my previous Olympus Camera that broke

I do not like that I can't easily select what type of photo I want to take. I miss the round wheel that was easily accessible on my old camera that accidentally broke.
I used to take a lot of photos where I could turn off the flash now I can't.

The new camera has the wide angle lens which is great if I knew how to do that and it is 12.5 x which is good too.

August 29, 2011


Easy to use, easy to set up

Had this camera three weeks. The only downside thus far is that in bright sunlight, the subject is not visible on the LCD screen to take the photo.

August 28, 2011

camera bug

great camera

i like zoom fewture. good color tones ease of use its size

August 10, 2011


Excellant pictures

Tried different effects. Easy to use to get good pictures. Wife was able to use even with a shaky condition.

August 10, 2011


Good product, excellent camera ; love this product

August 09, 2011


Love, Love, Love this little camera

For a little amount of money spend, for a little camera that fits in my pocket I now have one of the best and easiest camera that's on the market. I love the 12.5 zoom option propably the most. It took me a mere 5 minutes to figure out the basics.

August 08, 2011


I love this camera

This is a great camera with excellent software at an amazing price.

June 12, 2011


Excellent buy

I bought this camera with some hesitation as it was new and there were not enough reviews for me to be sure.
I have used it for 2 days with multiple pics taken in many settings.
The camera is excellent in almost every setting. The pictures come out clean and crisp. The colors are true to life, perhaps slightly oversaturated indoors and undersaturated outdoors but very close to the real thing in either case. The Magic filters are truly awesome. The drawing mode and pop art are truly useable whereas the rest are more for fun.
The panorama mode is good too but I have not had enough time to work it perfectly. The sunset mode works better for outdoor low light conditions than night mode.
Overall in this zoom category I would recommend it.

May 30, 2011


Love this camera!

I have taken some amazing nature pictures with this camera so far. I LOVE the magic settings for fun effects when playing around with friends, but am also impressed with the "serious" settings. This camera is a really great buy for the price and size. My only complaint is that the indoor pictures do not turn out as clear and vivid as they do with my old camera (an old olympus stylus). Otherwise, the camera is top notch in every other way!

May 20, 2011

love to take pictures

Love it!

I love this camera! I was thinking of buying a more expenisive camera, but when I seen this one and for the price, I knew I made the right choice. Easy to use, the " magic " photos are great, the zoom, and video record. I take this camera everywhere.

May 17, 2011



I love this camera and all Olympus for sure. Owned Olympus cameras for over six years now. this one is the best yet. I am borderline with Parkinson and I shake a lot. This camera gives me awesome pictures everytime. Easy to use. Its a no brainer. So light weight too. Definitely not disappointed. Keep up the good work Olympus. thanks for making it in my favorite color too. RED!
Wouldn't trade this camera for nothing.

May 15, 2011


Fantastic Camera

This is a really great camera. I love what it offers for such a low starting retail price. The 12.5x zoom works extremely well. It is amazing to have a camera that is more sensitive and powerful than what you can see with the unaided eye. I can take pictures of objects and have way more detail appear in the photo than I could ever hope to see in real life. The camera fits in a small camera case. It isn't too bulky considering the monster lens it has. Even at full zoom the image stabilization works surprisingly well. It is very speedy. Turning it on the camera is almost instantly ready to take a picture. The fun options like drawing mode, and fisheye are really fun. The only con is that the video mode only allows 2gig of data. This amounts to approximately 8 min of high-def video at 30fps or 16 min at 15fps, longer still if you reduce the quality. The dedicated video button is a plus. One simple button always starts and stops the videos. No need to find the video mode buried in the settings. The description says metal body, but it seems really light for being an all metal body. Must be a really thin metal. Low light focusing is probably average. I don't think any small camera is great when the lights are dim. Overall, you can't go wrong buying this. It packs a lot of features for a very low price in a compact body.

May 09, 2011


Difficult to see in screen in back light

Good resolving a view eye woud help in diffulct light

May 02, 2011


Great Camera for the Price

This camera is not difficult to use at all. I did not even need to read the manual. It's compact, has a large screen and the optical zoom is 12.5 Nice! I love the Multi burst option.

May 01, 2011


Camera is not for a "newbie" to photography!

I'd suggest to the "hobbyist" she get a "point and shoot" camera; Olympus has wonderful products and definitely offers cameras for the "technically challenged"!

April 21, 2011


Difficult to use

While the camera is compact, it is difficult to use. The zoom feature is akward, making it difficult to use. The menus are hard to understand. Directions overall for the camera set-up are not easily understood. (i.e., 1st time use. Formating of memory card) Instructions for use and understanding are complicated features in manual jump around too much.