July 18, 2012


Easy to use

This is one of the best and easy to use crameras .
I i was very happy with it and shipment was fast to.

June 17, 2012


Easy to Use and Great Value

My VR-330 is easy to use and comes with an awesome array of features. It is a tremendous value for the price. Best of all, it comes with the Olympus name. I was using a lower end digital 8 mega pixel camera with no zoom feature and upgraded to the VR-330. I can't believe the difference. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this unit to anyone looking for an easy to use, simply digital camera.

May 16, 2012


A compact camera having all which I desired

The camera is excellent in terms of usability, image/video quality, zooming.... Not only me, my friends are also amazed at its quality of photos....
Looking for more such amazing products from Olympus in the near future....

April 19, 2012


Best camera ever

I took this camera on vacation to South America in March 2012. it is easy to use, delivers sharp crisp pictures and focuses automatically. I have a camera with a small button you push to take the picture. This camera has a larger one and is much easier to use.

April 19, 2012


Great clarity and features for a reasonable price.

April 19, 2012


Olympus VR-330 Review

I own and use several pro-DSLR's with an armada of lenses, and several point-and-shoots. Every camera or lens has a specific purpose, and the Olympus VR-330 sits in it's own, for it's body durability and water-resistence. However, after a few trial runs, I find the construction superb, but software and lens performance poor:
Software responds slowly, and the menu navigation is cumbersome. Light averaging for exposure is narrow. Image quality is poor. GPS is 1990's slow. When comparing this camera to other point-and-shoots, it scores low. Too bad, because it's cost is not justified toward performance, which is what any photography is about. Good tools and skills equal good results. I will have to choose from another competitor in my safe.

April 18, 2012


ease of operation & excellence of photos

I have had many cameras but this is by far the best investment I made. I bought this camera for personal use. The pictures were so good that I purchased one for my business. The clarity of the pictures have saved me in court when my tenants make false statements. I love this camera

January 19, 2012


Do Not Buy!

Daytime photos: You can't really zoom at all - it turns grainy fast. In fact, as long as you don't zoom in either still pics or video you'll be fine.
I would avoid this camera.

December 22, 2011


Snap Snap Click

this camera is awesome. i took a picture of my son running and it captured every single detial ......

November 13, 2011


Great physical quality, user friendly and awesome!

After my other digital compact camera went on the brink with much disappointment. It turned out just as we were going on vacation an error popped up on the screen disabling my ability to ever use it again. It's a shame that repairing and shipping the dead camera costs more than buying brand new. We ended up borrowing a relatives Olympus VR-310, with much enjoyment. The cons that turned me off were the dots/pixels on the LCD screen. The flash should have been on the 'left' hand side for the cameraman's ease of use without getting your hand or fingers in the way when using one hand. With enough time and practice of getting used to the physical feel it's not a big deal. After the vacation I was highly impressed with the quality of the prints.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner we NEEDED to find a new camera soon to capture our memories! So, I did research on the VR-330 and watched some reviews online. I had no clue what satisfaction was in store! Both models functionality was quite simple, user friendly and easy to learn for any beginner camera users.

The VR-330's LCD clearity is superb. No dots or screen-like view. The 'feel' with one hand is quite comfortable and light-weight. It feels clean, sturdy(due to a metal body which is another reason I love this camera = quality for the money - plastic is 'cheap'!) The zoom specs, software and quality are excellent. Any grandparent, new mom/dad and teens can use this camera with ease! The iAuto feature is great for quick use without having to worry to go through all the menu options before losing the opportunity to snap a photo.

Colorblind? Digital cameras in a nutshell have helped me see the color red and enjoy viewing nature without any disturbances.

Olympus could have improved the sound quality for video recording. Why? The microphone in the camera picks up too loudly when pushing the zoom button. The video quality for the size, compactness is great. Olympus needs to make improvements for a softer sound when pressing the buttons or using the zoom functions. The microphone should not pick up the usage of zoom! It's annoying to have a good visual with annoying click sounds in the background. Overall the video is crisp and clear for this type of camera - no complaints.