June 6, 2012 by mgman
Brings back photography
I have never liked digital cameras with pushing a button to focus but with this camera I can put legacy lenses and shoot old school! It is an affordable alternative to the expensive autofocus lenses on other cameras.
June 5, 2012 by madhusudhan
Excellent Image Quality and Fantastic Art Modes
Hi , After reading lots of review I finally decided to buy Olympus EPL1 as it suited my needs and budget. I am not a professional photographer and not interested in becoming one. What I wanted is a Camera which produces good image quality in all situations even in low light scenario. I have had experiences in digital cameras , which produced excellent images but had very little to offer when it becomes dark. So after careful consideration , finally bought Olympus and tried out all the automatic options provided by EPL1 in all kind of situatiions , And I am pretty happy with it. Even my photographs now look like professional :) Regards, Madhu
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May 28, 2012 by jazzcatjt
I love this camera.
I love Olympus cameras and own three digital and two film. That being said my favorite has to be my E-PL1. What a great little camera. Fantastic photos, amazing videos and with an andaptor i'm able to use all my Olympus film lenses. A wonderful array of features and it looks so good. People are always asking me about my PEN when I'm shooting and I'm sure I convinced many to get one. Olympus is a trend setter in the world of photography and the PEN is one of the best cameras they make. I've included a photo of our cat Abby I shot with the E-PL1 in manual mode.
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May 23, 2012 by Science Guy
This is a great camera for advanced beginners.
I was looking for a digital camera that I could use my lenses from a film camera. This camera offered so many choices when taking pictures that it is a great learning machine. The fact that there was a Dummies Book for this camera helped to simplify the learning curve. You should think about the V-2 view finder, it really helps when taking a picture in strong light. The Olympus company has a lot of help for you on their web site. My only negative is the Bulb setting. You must hand hold the shutter for long time exposures.
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May 22, 2012 by Chuckygetlucky
Great Value
This camera has great value. I recently purchased an EPL1 kit with lens for under 250 dollars. This camera is great takes beautiful pictures. Features are easy to access with live guides, unless you are coming from a DSLR, which i am not, you may find this more time consuming than the dials on most DSLR; however, if coming from point and shoot like me. this is a great camera. I love that i can manually adjust settings. And it was easy to learn on my own. Just put in auto mode look at settings and it gives you a good starting point for adjusting manually. Pros - picture quality, easy of use for a point and shoot background. Compact size and interchangeable lenses. Also i love the art modes. I use these quite often. And the manual setting makes it perfect for my beginning photography. Cons - Lenses are expensive compared to what i paid for the camera and kit lens, No viewfinder (this is good for shooting outside in bright light), auto focus is a little slow; although i did update my firmware and there is a noticeable increase in AF speed. Good job Olympus.
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