October 15, 2011 by smokey
Excellent camera
I am a novice and this camera gives me confidence to take pitcures that my family will enjoy. We are retired and take pictures of our journeys to share with our family.
October 9, 2011 by clinjim
This is the best in-between camera I have seen. It is better than a point-and-shoot but easier than a higher end camera. The picture quality is comparable with the higher end cameras.
October 9, 2011 by MINIGUY
Best Form Factor
This is a great camera to take with you on vacation. Its small form factor makes it easy to carry and because it is light weight you are not fatigued at the end of a picture shooting day. Also the JPEGS produced by the camera are some of the best I have seen right out the camera requiring little or no post production work. My only issue is with the autofocus, even though there was a firmware update, the autofocus hunts in low light and has trouble locking in, Overall this has been a fun camera and at current prices a great buy.
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October 7, 2011 by Nurse901
Novice to professional in one click!!!
My husband bought this camera for me and I LOVE it. I have never really enjoyed taking pictures before until I got this camera. The quality of the pics are amazing. They truly look like a professional took them. Now I have a new habit and I can't put the camera down. Definitely recommend it!!!
October 6, 2011 by TEC
Amazing Camera -
I purchased this camera as I wasn't ready for a DLSR, but have found that this thing is just as flexible. It takes amazing low light pictures. The quality is amazing
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