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January 24, 2011


Big sensor + small camera = Outstanding Value!

I'm an amateur photographer, so the PEN has been a great tool for me to learn my way around a camera. I can use the preset modes when I need to take a picture in a hurry, but I still have all the manual features at my fingertips when I want to play around. Videos are easy. The package gives me the ability to change lenses, a big sensor, the ability to capture both great photos and HD videos, all in one affordable kit. I'd recommend it to anyone.

January 24, 2011


Excellent unit with a minor down side

The unit itself is very good, but it has problems focusing in low light and live view has a lot of artifacts in low light which is more likely just because the image sensor is throttled to extend the battery.

January 24, 2011


Best bang for the buck

I love my new Olympus Pen E-PL1. This is the first high-quality camera I have owned since the days of my SLR film cameras. I have been pretty pleased with the pictures from my point-n-shoot pocket cameras but wanted something that could make up for their few shortcomings, such as good physical telephoto beyond 3X and noisy low-light level pictures. I had thought about one of those 35mm-looking super-zoom cameras with lenses that would go from 14-300mm, but the size of the sensor was no better than my pocket cameras. I knew that I had to have a full-size sensor if I was going to get pictures that equaled my old 35mm film cameras. However, the size, weight and price of the camera was important and full-size DSLR cameras weighed too much, their lenses weighed too much and they were very pricey. In comes the Micro 4/3 cameras. Light in weight, lenses are super light, and the price is about half that of a DSLR. The only thing they lack is a good handgrip on the right side (because of their smaller size) and a shutter button that's as easy to get at as the DSLR.

I have been taking moonshots with my camera with a variety of lenses, including some old SLR lenses, and my pictures are as good, or better, than the guys taking pics with telescopes.

So far I'm very happy with it and I plan on using it a lot this summer while traveling. I have the kit lens it came with (14-42mm), the 40-150mm lens and the 70-300mm 4/3 lens with adapter, plus a 500mm mirror lens and an old 35mm 70-210mm zoom with macro. For normal photography I have a couple old 35mm lenses; a 28mm and a 50mm. Still waiting for my adapter to turn my 500mm mirror lens into a 1000mm with my 2X/macro adapter.

January 24, 2011


Great Images

Images and low noise is amazing. It actually outperforms my other cameras and lens that were used with the same settings for comparison.
I like the light compactness and big image quality it produces.

January 22, 2011


This is an awesome camera for all!

I LOVE THIS CAMERA! I got it for Christmas this year and i absolutely LOVE IT! I myself am not the best photographer but with this camera I feel like I AM the best! :P
I know this is pretty generic for a lot of cameras, but I absolutely love the shutter noise! It makes me feel like I'm taking a good picture! :P
It's affordable and it looks really REALLY great!

January 16, 2011


Amazing clarity

01 The image stabilization built into the camera body helps with my old OM Zuiko lenses and others which I am using with the OM to Micro four thirds adapter, especially the 500mm Cat telephoto.
02 The image quality allows me to get more information in a shot (such as a license plate 100 yards away which I was able to read when I zoomed in using my photo editing software) and crop to extremes because of the huge sensor.
03 Camera will keep me busy learning for a long time, because of the many capabilities of the camera. Not a negative, just a comment.
04 Ordinary or amazing - have not yet used or am learning many features and did not comment on them yet or have not yet made up my mind.
05 To Olympus - great camera and lenses, as have been all my other Olympus cameras, starting with my OM-1n. Olympus has never let me down, though the complexity - and the capabilities of the products - have required some effort to learn, but so did both of my ex wives, all definitely worth the effort. I still have all the cameras and neither of the wives.

Thank you.

January 15, 2011


a nice lightweight street camera

capable of dslr high quality images, easy to carry everyday, non-intimidating, in body stabilization allows usage of old lenses

January 14, 2011


An average one.

It's a great camera to start. The still images are of high quality, nice deep of field, good autofocus, well scene modes and good looking video.
The body quality is not the best one, but I still like its retro design. It's also comfortable to hold.

Don't like the fact of the mono audio recording.
The menu controls are slow and very childish; makes it look like a normal point-and-shoot camera. Not the best image stabilization.

January 11, 2011


Awesome Camera / Ease of use Wow !

I might say that I did look for that camera since few months, Surprise at Christmas under the tree, here it was. Thanks to my wife...Still discovering it, but I had taken some nice pictures and the video function is amazingly clear and crisp......The menu navigation is easy and intuitive.

Thanks Olympus for such a great product,

January 05, 2011


Great except

Only one person so far has commented on the DOOR THAT COVERS THE USB CONNECTION PORTS. This door will be used often and is very flimsy looks like it will soon break, it,s small and so poor it lets the camera down. If people saw this on purchase they might not buy the camera. A Great accessory is the electronic view finder.

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