November 6, 2011 by vpankk
I love this camera!!
I absolutely love this camera. It is so easy to use, yet allows you to input exactly what you want. The quality of both the camera and the pictures it takes are outstanding. The art filters and scene modes are out of this world, and the battery life is great, trust me, BUY THIS CAMERA!
November 5, 2011 by GT
Outstanding entry level DSLR
I am delighted with my Olympus E-PL-1 camera. This camera is compact, though well built, and takes outstanding photographs with vibrant, true to life color. I would recommend this camera to any photo enthusiast looking to move away from the point and shoot model and enter the DSLR arena.
November 4, 2011 by Hambone777777
Sleek and Efficient
This camera seems to take most photo challenges I throw at it. It has opened up a whole new enjoyable hobby for me. The only negative, is the flash to me. Using an external flash make a big difference, but that could be due to my novice experience. I own a Olympus SL-10, so it's my second camera.They are an outstanding company.
October 31, 2011 by rongorongo
Very good value
I bought this camera as part of the Olympus repair program. My aging Olympus point n shoot bit the dust and couldn't be repaired. I had a select list of replacement cameras to choose from- so I selected the E PL1. This is a rather old model and the lens that came with it was the older 14-72mm. This is a good basic camera, but if I could have afforded more I would have bought the E PL-3 because of the auto focus zoom improvement and bought the longer zoom. I bought the macro adapter and it didn't fit this older lens- it only fits on the newer 14-72mm. I can't really afford the lenses with the adapter which would make this camera better. This camera is real nice and easy to use and the pictures are really pretty good- a step up from the usual point n shoot- just wish I could buy a macro and zoom! I've had one problem so far- all of a sudden the auto focus ceased focusing. I called Olympus. They had me update the firmware and that fixed the problem. In a year or so I'll trade this camera in for the latest Pen model.
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October 31, 2011 by sab
This product creates quality pictures,
I waited a long time to buy this camera and I am loving it. I love the quality pictures.
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