December 30, 2011 by mudpaws voom
what can i say :)
i have looked at a lot of Digital SLR Cameras and they just was to expensive and some are just blaaa , but when i saw this one on tv i knew it was just for me and i plan on getting more Accessories for it ,, i have been showing it off to all my friends and family it's just how impurest with the E-PL1 , it's my hope that the fine people of Olympus will make more things for this cam :) so keep up the good work Olympus , you now have a true fan thank you so much :)
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December 30, 2011 by escot
lens flexibility, great film-like light response
I bought this camera because I wanted to explore the micro 4/3 standard and experiment with old lenses that the short flange distance enables. I am happy with all of that; what I wasn't expecting was that the sensor's response to light and tone reminds me so much of working with film - especially when converting from RAW color to black and white in a "popular opensource photo manipulation package". Also mounting old cmount lenses make the videos look very old-school. I only wish there were more, better, short prime lens options
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December 30, 2011 by mark
very stylist compare to other brand!!!
I bought this camera on Boxing day with my sister and after letting her play with it for a minute she went back to the shop to get one for herself... yes, the camera is this good. the only issue of this camera is the autofocus and the kit lens makes annoying sounds when focusing and this is annoying ion video mode however,,, I highly recomend this camera...
December 30, 2011 by tabi_24
Great camera for anyone!
I'm a photography student that likes to shoot many things from macro shots to portraits and just about everything else. The cameras that I've had prior to my Olympus was okay with a few of the things I like to dabble in but none of them ever really did it all. My Olympus PEN E-PL1 gives me versatility with all of the available options on the camera itself. Just in the last week I've taken many amazing shots that didn't need any postprocessing. I'd recommend this camera to anyone.
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December 28, 2011 by OLYY
Excellent Image Quality
I have DSLR and i have been taking pictures on wide subjects, but the image quality and color in EPL 1 is WOW! Focusing is a issue, well that has been addressed in new PEN. NExt important thing is weight and compact... I recommend PEN for those who understand 'EXCELLENCE'!
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