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August 27, 2011

old grey mar

seems like a neat little camera going to try all the programs today. Like the weight just enough not to shake.only problem the store would not except the promo code when I went to buy a flash I am having trouble understanding the programs

August 20, 2011


Great little camera with excellent jpegs

I have been shooting with this Olympus E-PL1 in the cold winter climate and lately in the heat of tropical zone.

Thanks to its small size and live view I have been able to make many great shots in the streets without disturbing or annoying others. In good light you can get fantastic photos right out of camera. Just be careful with too bright sunny scenes not to blow the highlights by adjusting the exposure down little. Also, get an Olympus electronic viewfinder—it is quite necessary in very bright conditions.

Overall, it has such a great value thanks to excellent jpeg quality along with very good lenses!

August 17, 2011


Best camera I ever bought.

I have just been practicing w/ it for a week in preparation for my 1st cruise. It is so much easier to handle, store and operate. Picture quality is wonderful. Beats the heck out of my full size DSLR for ease of use changing modes and settings. Can't wait to get some movie footage.

August 16, 2011

jak in the ILM

Big quality in a small package

On 8/9/11 I received my Pen charged the battery and began shooting photos & videos uploaded software for the Pen and I have'nt had to charge the battery yet quality of the movies and photos are impressive features are second to none autofocus during movies is outstanding I previously owned the E-620 but the Pen suits my needs much better because of my arthritis I must say this small package packs quite a big punch for features performance quality stability and ease of use The only drawbacks are no lens hood and the accessories are too costly. This Pen has no viewfinder but that is easily workable This Pen is worth all the fuss and then some and in spite of the set back in accessories cost no one buying this Pen will be disappointed the 14-42 lens that comes with this Pen is a great starter so buy charge and shoot til your hearts content

August 16, 2011


Compact & Dependable

My wife chose the EPL-1 because it was compact and offerred the VF-2 viewfinder, a great improvement over our old point and shoots.
We are becoming more confortable using the
LCD for close ups and even zoom compositon.
Excellent print quality at 8x10 even with crops.

It has performed well with my E-520 40-150 and 70-300 lenses utilizing the converter.

We looking forward to the reviews and hands -on trial of the new EP-3 models. Gman

August 06, 2011


Simply the best value in the digital Pen lineup!

The E-PL1 remains the single best value in the Olympus Pen range despite the fact that several newer Olympus cameras are now available. I simply cannot say enough good things about this camera. If you have any doubts about purchasing the E-PL1 set those doubt aside and buy it. You won't regret the purchase. I bought two just in case something happens to the first one. The camera is that good and the price is that reasonable.

July 20, 2011


This is a great camera, I really enjoy it alot. Thanks

July 16, 2011


Wow. Better image quality than my current DSLR

I have been looking for great image quality in a smaller package. After much trial and error with some higher end bridge cameras, I gave the E-PL1 a try... I am glad I did.

Great image quality
Packed full of features
Small - Easy to put in a small carrying case
DSLR quality in a smaller package
Great for a novice or a pro(IAuto and Live Guide will help the novice achieve great results)

Auto focus slow in low light
Electronic View Finder not included(but the LCD display in bright an nice to use when composing a shot)

June 30, 2011


Overall this is a fine camera and pretty much what I expected, but I find the autofocus so slow and inaccurate as to make the camera worthless in certain situations. I would like to shoot my kids sporting events using the 150mm zoom lens and not have the majority of pictures out of focus. I've tried all the focus modes including manual. Manual mode is difficult to use with the screen only and I'm unwilling to purchase the veiwfinder and risk sinking more money into the system. I'd been hoping for a firmware update but I now see that Olympus is releasing a new PEN camera which specifically addresses the autofocus issue. This leads me to believe that Olympus will not be putting a lot of effort into the E-PL1.

June 29, 2011


SLR features at a point and shoot price

I have had my EPL1 for 2 months, and I am very happy with my choice. For the price I paid the picture quality is amazing, and the range of settings available in-camera makes it easy to produce quality, interesting pictures with very little effort.
I love having a camera in my pocket at all times, so for years I have had to carry a point-and-shoot as SLR's were just too big. But the EPL1 with the pancake lens fits in my pocket no problem, so now I am able to take quality pictures anywhere, without the need to carry excess equipment.

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