January 25, 2012 by coololy
A bit complicated to use
I have used Olympus cameras for many years. I decided to purchase this one to give it a try. It was too dificult to use having tochange the lenses and graduate them. Eventhough it was light to carry and the features were ok, having to deal with the lenses made it a bit difficult to operate. By the time I had changed the lenses, the event had passed. Very frustrating. I guess I am not ready for a DLR Camera yet.
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January 16, 2012 by avpmuzic
great camera
All the power and quality of my bigger slr camera.
January 15, 2012 by keggs1292
Simply amazing
I recently purchased this camera because I am going to be taking a photography class in the spring. I bought it early to be able to learn how to use it and try it out before the class and I have loved it! I take it everywhere with me taking random pictures of anything. Its definitely been a pleasure to have. My only complaint is that the standard lens is slightly sluggish and slow to focus. Being an expensive purchase as a student, I was hoping not to have to spend more money to upgrade the lens already, but to be able to get good action shots I feel as though I am going to need it. Not that the lens is bad its great, but for action shots I want something a little quicker. Aside from that this is a must have camera for a beginner in photography upgrading from a point and shoot.
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January 14, 2012 by Lynzeangel
Love my Olympus EPL1
Let's see, My EPL1 is a great little camera, it lives up to my expectations and beyond. It take great quality pictures, is easy to use. Has great battery life. I highly recommend this camera. It could be a little better in low light, and wish the lens were not so expensive. Really want the 45mm, but is so expensive. Other than that love it.
January 13, 2012 by ClickerDoc
A Camera for All Seasons
A wonderful camera that will do pretty much everything you can think of. Shop around and you'll see it packaged with 2 lenses for a great value. Small, compact and all kinds of great features are built in. Two negatives are: No viewfinder, and the manual is impossible to understand, but luckily, any bookstore has great EZ to read quides.
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