August 20, 2014 by John
The Best Camera I have Ever Seen!
I am a pro photographer, but NEVER IN MY LIFE have I seen a camera SO GOOD! I use it all the time! Even for Weddings! It is great! 10000000000000000000000000/10!
September 3, 2013 by James
Durable/Great quality
I've owned the Epl1 a few years and the quality of the photos and videos is as good now as when I first bought it the ease of use was the right camera for my first DSLR TO GET USED TO ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY for a beginner great camera Olympus
June 18, 2013 by John
Best camera I ever had, I love It!
May 29, 2013 by Wels
I have always liked the look of the Pen, going back to the half-frame models. This camera had an additional feature fitting my needs perfectly. With an adapter, I can use all of my Minolta lenses. Shooting at aperture priority, manually focusing, is not a problem. In fact, it gives me more control over the exposure, rather than rely on automatic. The built in the body stabiliser lets me use telephoto lenses, even the 500mm mirror lens, without needing a tripod. In a;ll, this camera fits me needs perfectly and quality of construction is excellent.
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February 19, 2013 by Jason
Still a good camera
I picked up a manufacturer refurbished E-PL1 for next to nothing, and this has been a fun camera to use. I shoot mainly DSLRs, and I find the Olympus E-PL1 a great carry anywhere camera which satisfies my artistic nature. The RAW files are very good, and I have no reservations shooting up to iso 3200. I actually like the E-PL1 more than the E-P1 I had once owned, and it also gets used more than my other non-Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera. Fun, easy to use in manual mode and very affordable.
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