August 20, 2014


The Best Camera I have Ever Seen!

I am a pro photographer, but NEVER IN MY LIFE have I seen a camera SO GOOD!
I use it all the time! Even for Weddings!
It is great!

September 02, 2013


Durable/Great quality

I've owned the Epl1 a few years and the quality of the photos and videos is as good now as when I first bought it the ease of use was the right camera for my first DSLR TO GET USED TO ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY for a beginner great camera Olympus

June 18, 2013



Best camera I ever had, I love It!

May 29, 2013



I have always liked the look of the Pen, going back to the half-frame models. This camera had an additional feature fitting my needs perfectly. With an adapter, I can use all of my Minolta lenses. Shooting at aperture priority, manually focusing, is not a problem. In fact, it gives me more control over the exposure, rather than rely on automatic. The built in the body stabiliser lets me use telephoto lenses, even the 500mm mirror lens, without needing a tripod. In a;ll, this camera fits me needs perfectly and quality of construction is excellent.

February 18, 2013


Still a good camera

I picked up a manufacturer refurbished E-PL1 for next to nothing, and this has been a fun camera to use.

I shoot mainly DSLRs, and I find the Olympus E-PL1 a great carry anywhere camera which satisfies my artistic nature.

The RAW files are very good, and I have no reservations shooting up to iso 3200.

I actually like the E-PL1 more than the E-P1 I had once owned, and it also gets used more than my other non-Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera.

Fun, easy to use in manual mode and very affordable.

February 15, 2013


Great Camera!

Overall it's a great camera. However, one thing I do not like is that when I zoom into portraits I don't have a clear image. It looks grainy. Other than that the camera is great!

July 26, 2012


This camera is just excellent.

The E-PL1 is a great combination of ease of use, tremendous picture quality, simple yet powerful features and value. The camera has a long battery life, takes pictuers rapidly and has a solid construction without being bulky. I wanted a camera upgraded from my simple point n shoot ones yet not priced into the high hundreds of dollars.

July 26, 2012


The product has excellent features

I love all the possibilities this camera has for my use. I can not tell you how interesting tghis camera is.

July 21, 2012


video capture is somewhat below par for the course...don not use it very much...stills are my forte at the current moment in time...

July 13, 2012


Fantastic Digital Back

I have been using this camera for almost two years now, primarily as a digital back for my lenses from a high end film rangefinder camera I have owned for many years. I have shot everthing from weddings, to mountain tops to under the sea with this camera and the approproate accesories.

It was a very good camera at its introductory price, and is a downright steal at its current price. Out of camera JPEG image quality with a good lens attached is as good or better than a mid range crop sensor dSLR. The kit lens is better than the kit lens of most entry level dSLR cameras and focuses closer too. If you have the 17mm f/2.8 lens and the 40-150mm zoom (a suprisingly good lens for the price) you could probably travel the world with just those two lenses and a polarizing filter. However, if you have any old lenses, or access to them this camera will stabilize them (IBIS really works!)and then it really shines. If you are looking for blisteringly fast tracking auto-focus (think Johny's soccer game) you would be better off with a mid level dSLR. For everything else, this camera is just as good image wise and is much more compact. If you have an eye for composition (or the desire to learn) and put some good lenses on this camera you absolutely can achieve professional results.

ISO is good from 200-1600 for color, up to 3200 for B&W. Noise looks like film grain and is not splotchy.

Utimaltely, compared to a dSLR it is a lot more fun becuase it is never a chore to take with you, it doesn't intimidate people and it has all the functionaltiy and customizability of a professional camera if you want it. It can also be a point and shoot if you want it to as well.

For those of you who are moving up from a small sensor point and shoot where everything is almost always in the depth of field of the lens, be aware that this large sensored camera will have a much narrower DOF unless you stop the lens down. While this is a desirable feature because it is controlable, it is something you need to be aware of.

July 12, 2012

Garden Geezer

This camera was bought specifically for a trip to the Outer Hebrides. I wanted a camera that did more than a typical point and shoot.

There is a bit of a learning curve and the manual is not terribly clear on some points. With the help of Olympus Pen cameras for Dummies this problem was rectified.

I learned enough to handle auto shooting, Art and Scene modes with some dexterity. I found the camera easy to switch back and forth between these modes.

What I liked ... the small size; interchangable lens; Art and scene shooting. The battery life was excelleent and recharged quickly.

The pictures I took were very good and I have received compliments on them. Some of these photos having been shot with the pop-art setting have stunned those I have showed them to.

I look forward to learning the rest of the camera features.

July 04, 2012


This 4/3 camera is great.

I took the camera with two Lenses and took pictures at Presque Isle and Erie Zoo. Using the manual mode ..... Mostly aperture preferred, I got excellent photos of sail boats, and speed boats with their occupants. At the zoo, I got almost perfect photos, I ran mostly 400 iOS. I love the ergonomics of the camera and the Olympic photo program.

June 29, 2012


You Need Viewfinder

I wanted to have the control over settings, interchangable lenses, some advanced features, and portable. I have used point and shoots(P&S) and single lens reflex (SLR) in the past. I really made a decision of which camera to use based on where I was going. Out with friends, taking indoor shots, take my P&S, it was handy. Going to take pictures important, SLR. These general rules were very constricting.. Then these hybrids came out. Perfect. Now I always carry my Olympus pen E-pl1. It was good but I missed having a viewfinder. The LCD is OK but outside or at many typical angles you shoot it just did not work well. After some study I found the viewfinders available were Olympus VF-2 and VF-3. The advantage to VF-2 was better optics, but it did not have a locking mechanism in the shoe. The VF-3 optics were not as good but it had locking, oh and it was less money. Which one did I get, the VF-2 of course. Optics trumps always. Well, the critics were right about the locking feature being needed. I figured out to use a lanyard you put on your lens.

June 17, 2012


Disappointed in faulty lens

I like the camera but disappointed that the lens front element is loose and turns when I attach a filter. I don't know if that is going to be the ruination of it or not.

There is also a spot on the front element of the lens where the multi-coating is missing. This is a new camera and lens and I have to go to the bother of packaging and shipping the lens back to Olympus not knowing if I will get someone's old refurbished lens back.

June 12, 2012

No Pockets

Overall a very good camera

I am not a camera person but I needed to take some photos for a contest that I enter often. This camera takes a very good picture but I still don't know how to really use it.

Picture quality is sharp with good color, something I could not get with my point and shoot.

The one thing that really bugs me is the placement of the record button. My hands are not that big but the button is directly under my thumb and it gets pushed all to often.

The camera is also slow. It might be me but sometimes I want to take more than one photo and it takes forever to come online again.

And a major drawback that you will not get with a SLR is not being able to see the screen in bright light.

Some day I will try to learn some of the features.

June 11, 2012


Really nice camera, beautiful pictures

This is my fourth digital camera. The images are better than my point and shoot cameras and just as good as my older DSLR. The small size is a big plus. I have already purchased an extra lense (17mm, f2.8) and the optional view finder (vf-3).
The pictures are sharp and color saturation is excellent. I am just beginning to explore the power of this camera and it is still surprising me after a week of shooting. I have found the camera to be easy to use, and menus easier than what some camera "expert" reviewers have stated.

June 11, 2012


Takes great pictures

The E-PL1 was my first digital camera. I wanted something where I could still maintain creativity. My old wonderful film camera was an Olympus OM-G. I loved it and it was hard to make the switch. Once I started taking pics w/the E-PL1, I loved it. Love the art filters and different effects you can do while shooting. They make it fun. Have had good luck with the video as well. I just got a viewfinder which I like for those sunny days when you cant see what you're shooting on the screen. Like it--glad I finally got the firmware downloaded to make it work (that was a bit challenging for me). I dont change settings in my camera much--seems like there are just way too many options and settings and I dont have time to figure them all out. I pretty much stick w/auto focus or art/scene and have had good luck. I recommend it, but for it's potential take a class. I also have e-PL1 for dummies and that has helped alot.

June 10, 2012


Very nice images and very easy to carry

I was looking for one of the new smaller, mirror less cameras. Looked at models costing much more. Another user mention E-PL1's great value and great images. I was convinced after taking a few images.

E-PL1 deserves it great popularity.

June 10, 2012

Mr. Rio Grande

My first Olympus digital camera compared to the PL

My first digital camera was also an Olympus with 1.3 Megapixels and did not do nearly half of what the PL1 does. It is a great camera for the price. I am paying less for the PL1 and extra lens than what the first Olympus cost me. The PL1 produces vivid images including a sunset picture from the time of the Venus transit. Buy one.

June 09, 2012


So much to try out.

I just recently purchased my Pen E-PL1 and love it. Though I have not had it long, I particularly like the e-portrait feature and the art filters. I took a photo of my wife in natural light at home and used e-portrait and you would think it was taken in my studio when I had my pro photography business. Learning something new everyday and enjoying the experience.

June 06, 2012


Brings back photography

I have never liked digital cameras with pushing a button to focus but with this camera I can put legacy lenses and shoot old school! It is an affordable alternative to the expensive autofocus lenses on other cameras.

June 04, 2012


Excellent Image Quality and Fantastic Art Modes

Hi ,

After reading lots of review I finally decided to buy Olympus EPL1 as it suited my needs and budget.

I am not a professional photographer and not interested in becoming one. What I wanted is a Camera which produces good image quality in all situations even in low light scenario.

I have had experiences in digital cameras , which produced excellent images but had very little to offer when it becomes dark.

So after careful consideration , finally bought Olympus and tried out all the automatic options provided by EPL1 in all kind of situatiions , And I am pretty happy with it.

Even my photographs now look like professional :)


May 28, 2012


I love this camera.

I love Olympus cameras and own three digital and two film. That being said my favorite has to be my E-PL1. What a great little camera. Fantastic photos, amazing videos and with an andaptor i'm able to use all my Olympus film lenses. A wonderful array of features and it looks so good. People are always asking me about my PEN when I'm shooting and I'm sure I convinced many to get one. Olympus is a trend setter in the world of photography and the PEN is one of the best cameras they make. I've included a photo of our cat Abby I shot with the E-PL1 in manual mode.

May 23, 2012

Science Guy

This is a great camera for advanced beginners.

I was looking for a digital camera that I could use my lenses from a film camera. This camera offered so many choices when taking pictures that it is a great learning machine. The fact that there was a Dummies Book for this camera helped to simplify the learning curve. You should think about the V-2 view finder, it really helps when taking a picture in strong light. The Olympus company has a lot of help for you on their web site. My only negative is the Bulb setting. You must hand hold the shutter for long time exposures.

May 22, 2012


Great Value

This camera has great value. I recently purchased an EPL1 kit with lens for under 250 dollars. This camera is great takes beautiful pictures. Features are easy to access with live guides, unless you are coming from a DSLR, which i am not, you may find this more time consuming than the dials on most DSLR; however, if coming from point and shoot like me. this is a great camera. I love that i can manually adjust settings. And it was easy to learn on my own. Just put in auto mode look at settings and it gives you a good starting point for adjusting manually.
Pros - picture quality, easy of use for a point and shoot background. Compact size and interchangeable lenses. Also i love the art modes. I use these quite often. And the manual setting makes it perfect for my beginning photography.
Cons - Lenses are expensive compared to what i paid for the camera and kit lens, No viewfinder (this is good for shooting outside in bright light), auto focus is a little slow; although i did update my firmware and there is a noticeable increase in AF speed. Good job Olympus.

May 21, 2012


Neat Camera

This is a great little camera ! I was looking for something that would allow me to shoot good quality images without having to drag around my Big Kit, the E-PL1 did this completely. Small in size, great image quality ( best JPG engine on the planet), nice handling, and some good glass.
I've finally see what all the M4/3 people have been raving about.

May 17, 2012


great camera at a great value
contains features that make photography fun, easy and productive

May 17, 2012


Couldn't be More Pleased

I am a musician and writer who has been in a bit of an artistic rut as of late, so I decided to rekindle my interest in photography and bought the Olympus PEN E-PL1. I have been creating images on and off for several years, but this camera is inspiring me to do more with photography than I ever have. The image quality is excellent. It feels good in the hand. I like the sounds it makes, mechanical and real. I feel it is a good tool, one that will help me learn about the mechanics of photography, and let me not think about them when I don't want to and still be able to create quality images. I liked it so much after 2 weeks that I bought a second one for my son.

May 17, 2012

CK 2012

Great closup image detail, but it broke down

I purchased this camera to shoot highly detailed closups of antique porcelain. Fantastic, crisp images. Always having people ask what kind of camera I used to take spectacular photos. However, just two months past the one year warranty, it suddenly will not focus with the lens zoomed in. It just gives a black screen "check status of lens" message and makes a whirring sound. I have never dropped or taken this camera in the rain, and am extremely careful with my electronic devices. I expected Olympus to have higher quality standards. All of my previous cameras of other brands have lasted for many years and are still running fine. Wish I could recommend Olympus because the image quality was better than the other brands, but due to the early breakdown I cannot.

May 14, 2012


E-PL1 is an amazing light second camera, with DSLR image quality, for all situations.

May 11, 2012


I think we will enjoy this camera, ALOT!

We are happy with the quality, but wanted more zoom than the 14-42, so we have already added the Zuiko 40-150 lens which needs an expensive adapter the OLYMPUS MMF-2 four thirds to micro 4/3. If we would have researched more and the cameras advertising would have shown all the options better we could have purchased all as a bundle.

May 06, 2012

Mr. Sir

Super lil camera

This camera is super, lite and handy, however, I have found one little flaw. When using the camera for outside photos, if the sun is behind you, you may have trouble viewing the LCD Screen, I use a large hat, but am currently coming up with something to shield the sun for the LCD Screen, other then that, which is not an Olympus issue, it's just an issue with the digital camera world as a whole, camera is highly recommendable.

April 27, 2012

Larry Z

Good but lacking a decent viewfinder

The E-PL1 with its 14-42 mm kit lens is a quality compact camera but not quite suited for outdoor use. The lack of a decent viewfinder, either optical or electronic, is its biggest defect. In normal sunlight the LCD display is hard to use, virtually impossible to use if the sun is at your back. The pictures are excellent if you can frame them properly. The simple fix would be an optical viewfinder. Even a simple frame finder would do. The cheapest one use cameras have them. The electronic viewfinder costs as much as the camera. I like mine but it won't replace a DSLR. Fairly short battery life too. The movie button is too easy to depress when holding the camera normally.

April 26, 2012


overall good camera, easy to carry

Is easy to use, very good quality image even in low light conditions, portable although is not a compact! ergonomics are practical enough to be used quickly in any emergency situation... however the weak point is slow!

April 24, 2012


Great fun

I bought the e-pl1 to use with older manual focus lenses and it has worked great so far. I had to get the optional viewfinder (vf-2) in order to focus accurately with the old lenses and it has more than met my expectations. The image quality and colors are both amazing.

April 21, 2012


Too Cool!

All I can say is "Holy Camera Batman"! This thing rocks, add an extra lens and you can't go wrong. Just buy and enjoy!!!

April 21, 2012

old buck

fun to use

Imaging which rivals my dslr's -and it fits in my pocket!

April 19, 2012


Excellent Quality Product

I have used and reviewed more than 32 digital cameras over the past 16 years. I have to admit that the EPL-1 is one of my all-time favorites. I love the feel of it, the quality of construction, and most of all the great shots it takes. You really need a full APS-C size chip to take better shots and even most of those do not equal the Olympus 4/3 chip. The camera is a bit on the slow side, but that does not bother me since I am not shooting sports. For portrait, architecture, and landscape shooting... or just everyday shooting, this camera with the kit lens cannot be beat; and getting it as a demo model for less than most point and shoots is icing on the cake. Even at full price, this camera is worth every cent.

April 18, 2012


Outstanding smaller camera

Wanted lighter camera with interchangeable lenses. This camera fits the bill! Excellent picture quality and easy to use. Also like the built-in flash.

April 15, 2012


I love the size for travel and underwater shooting

I bought this camera due to it's size, cost, lense options and underwater housing. I have been very happy with all of these.

April 14, 2012


Excellent JPEG output

I love to have pictures with OOC best quality. I do not like to spend time PS. It considers fake to me. A little retouch or sharpening is OK. E-PL1 does what I love most. Its straight out pictures satisfy my needs and style. Although ergonomic, handling not the best. Menu is inconvenient when look for an adjustment. The kit lens is fine to me, but I'm looking for to invest in a pana 20mm f/1.7. Did mention low noise up to ISO1600? I love my E-PL1.

April 09, 2012

Ars Nova

Pretty satisfied

This is my first experience with an interchangable lens cam so I cannot compare it to others. However, before buying Olympus, I did my research and figured this is the way I'd go. So far, I love my camera. I have been using it for more than a year and even when I was iffy about it, it has never let me down. I recently purchased the 17mm lens and that's now the lens I always use. I'm very happy with this cam though I really want to get the new OM-D :3 Needles to say, I will continue to be a loyal Olympus user.

April 01, 2012


It is a simple camera. Easy to use. It takes very good pictures.

March 15, 2012


This producy is great

I have had the camera for only a few weeks but I am having a great time using it.

March 12, 2012


Great Camera

Just got back from Sedona AZ and the Grand Canyon. The E-PL1 Camera performed extremely well. The camera really captured the mountains in all their splendor. Great reds of the mountains were captured perfectly. At the Grand Canyon it was a very overcast day but the pictures came out very good.

March 11, 2012


Excellent Value

If you are looking for an excellent entry level Micro Four-Thirds the E-PL 1 is perfect. It has point and shoot plus manual modes.

March 06, 2012


Fine camera, excellent handling

At first, all the features are daunting but the camera has been designed with intuitive learning in mind. Build quality, although mostly plastic, is solid. The lens I got (14-42) is of the highest quality, despite its lightness. Film speed quality goes from excellent to suprisingly good at the 3200 setting.

March 04, 2012


Excellent camera. Good value.

Nice pictures in all levels of light. Battery is long -lasting and easy to charge. Battery life was an issue with my former cameras.

March 02, 2012


Excellent quality ease of operation

I found the camera easy to use and it gave me super results.

February 29, 2012


Features are good but not easy to learn

I was looking for a more advanced camera than my click and shoot so after reading the reviews I bought this camera. I really like it but it has been hard to learn how to use the camera and I have a hard time with the settings. The hardest part is a clear picture.

February 26, 2012


Great value, great for learning

The EPL-1 is a great first step out of the point and shoot world and into real photography. If one is at peace with the limitations of the EPL-1 (no viewfinder, 720p video with 7 minute limit per take), it is a wonderful camera. Image quality is unsurpassed. The JPEG's out of the camera and onto your computer are well-balanced, colorful, and rich. I've never taken such good pictures. The camera is very portable and unobtrusive. Functions were easy to learn with a book written for the EPL-1. The micro 4/3 sensor is miles ahead of point and shoot cameras. All this for a fraction of the price of a DSLR, or its sister PEN's. If money is no object, go for a viewfinder, or 1080p video. But I think I learned a lot about photography for a minimum investment, and got some awesome shots.

February 09, 2012


Great camera! small size but feature packed!
Ability to change to different lens is nice.

February 07, 2012


Love my camera

My first dslr and I love it. Great features and because I'm a beginner, I appreciate how easy it is to use.

February 06, 2012


Great Quality for low price

The picture quality and range of options for picture control are terrific. Lens is wonderful. I am used to a film based 35mm high end SLR, but the results from this camera are considerably better.
The 12+MP image allows me to blow up a small portion of the picture and still maintain great image quality.
The flash angle and options for control work very well.
The only thing that I recommend is the optional view finder is essential for outdoor bright light. I purchased the less expensive vf-3 and it works very well. Camera is very easy to use.

February 03, 2012



Very much enjoy the micro 4/3 size. Looking forward to mounting some of my other lenses and shooting video.

February 01, 2012


I like the features

Camera gives excellent consistant results and great video. The Zuiko lens can't be beat.

January 31, 2012


E-PL1 Rave

I was able to pick up this little gem with an extra zoom lens. For a person like me who is only learning better photography this is the perfect camera. The automatic setting return remarkable results but the ability to also adjust settings manually will help me to become a more accomplished photographer. Additional lenses are available just as if it were a full scale SLR. The video is 720p which produces a wonderful high def video. Battery life is superior. I would recommend this camera to any budding photographer looking to advance their skills without breaking the bank. I've always like Olympus and the E-PL1 is another great example of why.

January 30, 2012


this camera is extremely easy to operate

I love this camera. I was shown this camera about a year ago in a camera shop and got one for christmas. I was thrilled. This is the only camera I wanted. The features are amazing and I have only begun to find out all the things it can do. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who loves taking pictures.

January 29, 2012


i love my pen

just learning this camers features. Have had fun with auto.Just begining manual0

January 27, 2012


Easy to carry hiking.

This camera came along with me on my last 10 mile hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. I had always enjoyed bring my e510, but it was pretty heavy, and I was worried about damaging it while climbing. The e-PL1 was great.... easy to carry, and handy to use.

(The only problem is that I had smudge on the lens, and didn't notice it until I returned from our last hike. Darn... I'll have to go back!)

January 25, 2012


A bit complicated to use

I have used Olympus cameras for many years. I decided to purchase this one to give it a try. It was too dificult to use having tochange the lenses and graduate them. Eventhough it was light to carry and the features were ok, having to deal with the lenses made it a bit difficult to operate. By the time I had changed the lenses, the event had passed. Very frustrating. I guess I am not ready for a DLR Camera yet.

January 16, 2012


great camera

All the power and quality of my bigger slr camera.

January 15, 2012


Simply amazing

I recently purchased this camera because I am going to be taking a photography class in the spring. I bought it early to be able to learn how to use it and try it out before the class and I have loved it! I take it everywhere with me taking random pictures of anything. Its definitely been a pleasure to have. My only complaint is that the standard lens is slightly sluggish and slow to focus. Being an expensive purchase as a student, I was hoping not to have to spend more money to upgrade the lens already, but to be able to get good action shots I feel as though I am going to need it. Not that the lens is bad its great, but for action shots I want something a little quicker. Aside from that this is a must have camera for a beginner in photography upgrading from a point and shoot.

January 14, 2012


Love my Olympus EPL1

Let's see, My EPL1 is a great little camera, it lives up to my expectations and beyond. It take great quality pictures, is easy to use. Has great battery life. I highly recommend this camera. It could be a little better in low light, and wish the lens were not so expensive. Really want the 45mm, but is so expensive. Other than that love it.

January 13, 2012


A Camera for All Seasons

A wonderful camera that will do pretty much everything you can think of. Shop around and you'll see it packaged with 2 lenses for a great value. Small, compact and all kinds of great features are built in. Two negatives are: No viewfinder, and the manual is impossible to understand, but luckily, any bookstore has great EZ to read quides.

January 12, 2012

Mary I love my new Olympus E-PL-1 camera

Compare to other cameras that I have own this one is a winner, easy to use and yet great professional results.

January 11, 2012


Great camera, shame about the autofocus

Great camera, shame about the autofocus
The EPL-1 is a great all-round camera, easy and light to carry and can take some great photos. The art filters are neat.
The only problem I have with the camera is the autofocus, particularly at night. Some of what would have been the best photos are out of focus. It can be so slow and never get it right sometimes.
Aside from the autofocus, I have having problems with updating the firmware.
I love the camera and I carry with me everywhere when I travel, which is more than half the year.

Any chance of any firmware update that can fix the focus issue, also a response to my query about the updating issues?

Thank you.

January 09, 2012


Ideal travel companion

The E-PL1 is small and light enough to travel with me everywhere, accomodates to every situation from my favorite nature photography to portraits, kids & makro pictures. I feel not complete withe my Pen!

January 06, 2012

gadget geek

Great with a EVF

This is a great moderately-priced camera. I was looking for something smaller than an SLR but more versatile than a basic point and shoot. I bought the EVF--point and shoot via the LCD is almost impossible in the bright sun of New Mexico.

The PL-1 is great because you can easily experiment with the white balance, speed and aperture to see how it modifies the image via the EVF. My much older digital SLR doesn't do that and this is so much more responsive with auto-focus.

I kept hitting the record button when shooting but used the custom menu to deactivate it.

I love this camera!

January 06, 2012


really bad

I love the way this camera fits in my hand and it's very light. But the shutter speed is so slow that it is unusable. I am returning it.

January 04, 2012


Awesome Camera

I've only had my camera for a week, but am very happy with it. The manual is very easy to use to help make the most out of the camera. The camera itself feels very sturdy, is easy to use, and the pictures that I have taken with it have turned out awesome. The camera has many features that I'm sure I will appreciate once I learn to take advantage of them. So far, I love my new camera and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to upgrade from a point and shoot. This camera is so much more!

January 04, 2012


my first real camera great photos

This camera is great because easy to use. I am now working on a album and maybe sell some of my photos. On some of the art functions you have to wait to see the picture but the art functions are fantastic to use. I suggest for starter photographers to use the auto setting until they learn how to play and use the shutter settings and aperture settings.

January 03, 2012


excellent camera

excallent camera so far,but it will take a long time to use all the features that are packed into this amazing E-PL1. I use the lowepro 110AW camera case with it's all weather rain proof built in cover,perfect size for camera, charger ,cabels, extra battery.

January 02, 2012


Highly recommend this camera!

This is a great step-up camera for photographers who are serious about moving up from the point and shooters. This camera offers all sorts of upgrades so the camera will grow as your knowledge of photography grows. Lots of room for expansion so this camera offers years of use before you have to upgrade to a newer model.

I highly recommend this camera's ease of use. upgradeability, and moderate cost. A MUST-HAVE for the serious enthusiast.

January 02, 2012


Great camera

Bought this camera for my wife, and she is extremely happy with the photos she is getting with the epl-1

January 02, 2012

clickin jimmy

Super everything

Love everything about this little Pen EPL1. Am going to order another one just to have as a spare! Great color, easy adjustments, compact size, good lenses, and reasonable price. I got an adapter for my OM lenses, and they work wonderful! Set the F-stop on the lens, and the camera sets the shutter speed. Works perfect every time.

January 01, 2012


Good Quality! Good Price

Good Quality! Good Price! I already recommended this camera to two of my friend

January 01, 2012


Colors are the sharpest I've ever seen

This camera is the best I've ever used. It's pictures look professional and I have never once received a blurry photo from the E-PL1. The art filters are, in a word, great. I LOVE Pop Art, and pin hole is a close second.
However, I'm getting a new camera soon. Why?
Because this camera just stopped working. I didn't drop it, get it wet or anything. When I turn it on, it has a black screen with 10 or so green lines. I got this camera one and a half years ago, so this shouldn't be happening.
All in all, this camera is the best.

December 31, 2011


Good camera, great pictures.

My first quality camera and it lives up to my expectations. Love it but wish it had a couple of more art filters. A good camera for the price.

December 31, 2011


Great Beginner Camera!

I haven't used the E-PL1 much since purchasing it, only getting to know some of the features. Being new to DSLR cameras, I wanted a camera with great picture quality, ease of use and lightweight.
So Far, this E-PL1 exceeds my expectations 110 percent!!!

December 30, 2011

mudpaws voom

what can i say :)

i have looked at a lot of Digital SLR Cameras and they just was to expensive and some are just blaaa , but when i saw this one on tv i knew it was just for me and i plan on getting more Accessories for it ,, i have been showing it off to all my friends and family it's just how impurest with the E-PL1 , it's my hope that the fine people of Olympus will make more things for this cam :) so keep up the good work Olympus , you now have a true fan thank you so much :)

December 30, 2011


lens flexibility, great film-like light response

I bought this camera because I wanted to explore the micro 4/3 standard and experiment with old lenses that the short flange distance enables. I am happy with all of that; what I wasn't expecting was that the sensor's response to light and tone reminds me so much of working with film - especially when converting from RAW color to black and white in a "popular opensource photo manipulation package". Also mounting old cmount lenses make the videos look very old-school. I only wish there were more, better, short prime lens options

December 30, 2011


very stylist compare to other brand!!!

I bought this camera on Boxing day with my sister and after letting her play with it for a minute she went back to the shop to get one for herself... yes, the camera is this good.

the only issue of this camera is the autofocus and the kit lens makes annoying sounds when focusing and this is annoying ion video mode

I highly recomend this camera...

December 30, 2011


Great camera for anyone!

I'm a photography student that likes to shoot many things from macro shots to portraits and just about everything else. The cameras that I've had prior to my Olympus was okay with a few of the things I like to dabble in but none of them ever really did it all. My Olympus PEN E-PL1 gives me versatility with all of the available options on the camera itself. Just in the last week I've taken many amazing shots that didn't need any postprocessing. I'd recommend this camera to anyone.

December 28, 2011


Excellent Image Quality

I have DSLR and i have been taking pictures on wide subjects, but the image quality and color in EPL 1 is WOW!

Focusing is a issue, well that has been addressed in new PEN.

NExt important thing is weight and compact...

I recommend PEN for those who understand 'EXCELLENCE'!

December 24, 2011


i am very pleased with the clarity and ease of use with this camera. i take alot of wildlife pictures for personal use and it is beyond what i expected. i have also used it at several weddings and it is superb.

December 24, 2011





December 21, 2011

Mike K in CA

Great Price, Good Features, Easy to Use

I purchased the E-PL1 pkg containing the camera, 18-42mm lens and 40-150mm lens. It was a great price, so I bought it to backup my DSLRs and to have a smaller, fully functional mirrorless backup camera. Overall I am happy with the purchase. I recently purchased the VF-3 attachable viewfinder, since I am more accustomed to using a viewfinder than the LCD screen. I had to download updated software to my camera from the Olympus site to get the viewfinder to work. This was easy, I just mention it in case you buy the camera and either the VF-2 or VF-3 viewfinder. I solved my one major gripe with the camera. There is an instant record (movie mode) button located right where I put my thumb when I take a picture. I was constantly hitting the record by accident when taking a picture. I solved that problem by programming the button to do depth of field (DOF) view instead of recording. Now I am happy. My intial impressions of the onboard flash is that it is weak, but at least it has one and I am still experimenting with it.

December 18, 2011


A great camera at a perfect price

I had been shopping around for a camera for about three months before I ran across the reviews for this camera on Consumer and CNet. Both sites gave the E-PL1 good reviews -- I give it an excellent rating.

The body is all metal, sleek and compact (vintage feel and look) and the performance is amazing. Picture quality is superb and the features are great (easy to use, high quality art filters & adjustable settings). HD video is fantastic and easy to use.

Olympus didn't burden the camera with unneeded features and frills, making this camera user friendly with a professional quality. Interchangeable Lenses (Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens) allows the user professional creativity at a novice level. (Lenses are pricy for this camera)

I am very happy with my purchase and plan on recommending the camera to friends and family. Truly a great camera!

December 18, 2011

Bad Focus

About Focus

Its focus is really bad.
Out of focus after some shoots....

December 15, 2011



have only had it for a couple weeks. have not used it much yet, but when i have, it works great. turns on fast, nice sized screen to compose shots. still working with the manual and seeing everything you can do with it. lots of functions i have not gotten into yet. will have opportunity to use it a lot, soon, my in-laws Christmas party will be 12/18. so far i like it a lot, would recommend it to anyone, and it was a great price.

December 09, 2011


Small size with big performance

The E-PL1 is an interesting camera. It is very well built and has a huge amount of adjustments which make it able to be as much or more than my bigger camera system. Image quality is great and the "feel" of the body and lens is just right. At first the size of the camera is different and requires some time to get used to, but after a very short time it feels perfectly natural. Being only slightly larger than a point and shoot camera, it performs at a much higher level. I love the color, contrast, and sharpness of the images as well as the videos. Overall, the E-PL1 has exceeded my expectations and become a valuable addition to my photographic equipment. Great product!

December 09, 2011


Great Camera~

Super great camera and easy to use for business and pleasure!

December 07, 2011


Mostly this is a great camera

The pictures are crisp, and the sensor is fantastic. The PROBLEM I'm having with this camera, is that the picture remains on the LCD screen once it's taken, which forces me to hi a btton go make it go Away.....this messes up alot of situations where I have to respond to the Kids, for example. I can't clear the LCD screen fast enough, to take the next picture. It's a BIG PROBLEM !!

December 07, 2011


Great Pictures

Only took about a dozen pictures so far. Amazed at the crispness and colors of my pictures. I have two Point and Shoot cameras and was disappointed with the lack of sharpness of the pictures. I should have moved up to a DSLR long ago.
I'm still getting use to the different shooting options. iauto works well and full manual mode is intuitive. I wish the panorama mode kept a latent photograph of the last picture for more exact alignment to the following frame.

December 07, 2011



Good but not practical. Bulky and doesnot add a lot to the existing cameras.

December 05, 2011

Stevie Leigh

Good Starter Camera

I am a makeup artist and hairstylist, and though I usually have professionals shooting my work, I like to have a few shots of my own for my portfolio before the photog. gets his shots back to me (which can be months). It was embarassing to bring a low quality point and shoot. Once I learn all the manual settings, I feel that I will have some very professional looking shots. In the mean time, the auto functions help me take high quality photos!

December 03, 2011


Just what I was looking for

I bought this for more ambitious shooting, and mostly use it in manual mode. It has been easy to learn, and Olympus was prompt in answering my ne question. I use it more with my excellent old OM lenses, which adapt easily. The picture quality is excellent when I do my part, and it is very handy to use.

November 27, 2011


Amazing Camera!!

I really wanted something easy to operate but the pictures still look professional. I love art filters! I am always getting compliments on my photos and people say how cute my camera is.

November 27, 2011



I got my camera two days ago, and I absolutely love it! I previously had a nice point and shoot camera, but it got stolen and I decided to get something a bit higher end. This camera is exactly what I was looking for, it has so many features and lets met adjust exposure and aperture and all that good stuff without being too difficult to use. The only thing I don't like much is the macro setting, it doesn't let me get as close as I would like it to. I also got the 40-150mm lens with the camera and it is really amazing it zooms very far, without making the image quality go down much at all. The multiple exposure setting on this is what I really love, it lets you layer photos on top of each other, I took some pretty cool ghosty looking photos by layering a photo with someone sitting in a chair on top on a picture of the chair.Overall a great camera for a beginner like me that is becoming a bit more serious about photography.

November 26, 2011

Crazed Hiker


I have had this camera for a year now, my boyfriend bought if for me for Christmas last year, and I've been using it every chance I can since! Its easy to use and the picture quality is stunning. Its as simple as point and click or as complex as controlling the shutter speed and putting in different effects to add to some life to the photos. As a beginner this is the camera of a life time, I look forward to many more years of use.

November 25, 2011


great gift

i received this as a gift from my father for christmas and it has performed way beyond my expectations. i have found more reasons to bring my camera around to take photos. the only thing i need now is a larger zoom lens.

November 19, 2011


This is the best camera !

I love this camera so mutch I bought two. One for my girl and one for my self.

November 14, 2011


So Far So Good!

I haven't had a lot of time with this camera but it performs very well. The lens quality seems to be very good but no resolution testing has been done by me. The image quality looks good on my 27 inch monitor using LightRoom and observing the image at 100%.

November 07, 2011


Digital back for legacy glass

This camera is an excellent digital back for legacy glass. The light AA filter gives a pretty good ISO 1600-3200 shot, just keep an eye on underexposure exposure to avoid shadow noise. With manual lenses, the lack of control dials is a non-issue. Zoom view helps with the lower resolution screen for critical focusing.

The VF-2 works very well with this camera if you are using longer focal lenghts. M and LSM rangefinder lenses (M39) are good ergonomic matches as the adapter is only about 6mm thick.

If you want AF, lots of u 4/3 lenses to choose from including over one dozen prime lenses! One touch AF is very quick with Oly MSC lenses, tracking AF not so much. The only thing that is missing in a remote release.

If you are traveling, the 17mm is very compact and allows the camera to fit in a large pocket or inconspicuouly under a jacket. That and the 40-150mm zoom are all you would need to take just about anywhere.

Come on Oly, give us a firmware update with the remote release!


November 06, 2011


I love this camera!!

I absolutely love this camera. It is so easy to use, yet allows you to input exactly what you want. The quality of both the camera and the pictures it takes are outstanding. The art filters and scene modes are out of this world, and the battery life is great, trust me, BUY THIS CAMERA!

November 05, 2011


Outstanding entry level DSLR

I am delighted with my Olympus E-PL-1 camera. This camera is compact, though well built, and takes outstanding photographs with vibrant, true to life color. I would recommend this camera to any photo enthusiast looking to move away from the point and shoot model and enter the DSLR arena.

November 04, 2011


Sleek and Efficient

This camera seems to take most photo challenges I throw at it. It has opened up a whole new enjoyable hobby for me. The only negative, is the flash to me. Using an external flash make a big difference, but that could be due to my novice experience. I own a Olympus SL-10, so it's my second camera.They are an outstanding company.

October 31, 2011


Very good value

I bought this camera as part of the Olympus repair program. My aging Olympus point n shoot bit the dust and couldn't be repaired. I had a select list of replacement cameras to choose from- so I selected the E PL1. This is a rather old model and the lens that came with it was the older 14-72mm.
This is a good basic camera, but if I could have afforded more I would have bought the E PL-3 because of the auto focus zoom improvement and bought the longer zoom. I bought the macro adapter and it didn't fit this older lens- it only fits on the newer 14-72mm. I can't really afford the lenses with the adapter which would make this camera better. This camera is real nice and easy to use and the pictures are really pretty good- a step up from the usual point n shoot- just wish I could buy a macro and zoom!
I've had one problem so far- all of a sudden the auto focus ceased focusing. I called Olympus. They had me update the firmware and that fixed the problem. In a year or so I'll trade this camera in for the latest Pen model.

October 31, 2011


This product creates quality pictures,

I waited a long time to buy this camera and I am loving it. I love the quality pictures.

October 29, 2011

FL Gene

Love this Camera!

My PEN E-PL1, purchased with the 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses, is everything I could ask for in a small full feature camera. Light, easy to use and feature filled, I was taking great pictures right away.
I really am into macro and panorama shooting and this doesn’t disappoint.
This camera is as versatile as a full DSLR, (unless you can’t live without a viewfinder) with all the lenses and flash systems available, yet user friendly for the novice that will get great photos using nothing but the Scene and iAuto modes.
For me the 720p HD video function is a free extra since cameras that shoot 1080p HD video are much more in price.
This is a camera, compact enough not to be a bother carried as a snapshot camera with extra lens and accessories in a small camera bag on vacation or family outing/function, but versatile enough to be used by a pro in place of much higher end 35mm film cameras.

October 28, 2011


Perfect Camera for me!

Years ago, I used to travel to Airshows, I lost count of how many rolls of film I developed in my friends darkroom back then. College came, funds were tight and I sold my camera gear.
Last year, I was given a PEN E-PL1 for Christmas and it has really inspired me to return to Photography as a hobby and maybe more.
The PEN system is the perfect setup for me, light, user friendly, packed with features, lots of accessories are available and it's relatively inexpensive.
All in all, just what I wanted, Thanks.

October 27, 2011



The camera not not that good and dont take clear pictures and a lot of trouble...........and this site is useless for replacement parts

October 22, 2011


Nice value & performance

I bought this camera to replace an 11 year old Olympus Camedia C3030 Zoom that took great photos, but I could no longer buy media cards for.

The E-PL1 did not disappoint! It cost a third less than my old camera and does so much more! And the great Olympus lenses take sharp, vivid photos & video, even in low light. You can't go wrong with this camera.

My only criticism is that it didn't come with a lens cap keeper--the string thing that helps you keep track of the lens cover.

October 19, 2011


Surprising Performance

I for one was surprised this little thing was so good. Was skeptical that it couldn't be this good but was I wrong!! I ordered it because they are now so low priced I didn't feel I would loose a lot if it was not great.
It images so well couldn't hardly believe it neither could anyone that has seen the photos,especially when used the filters to make my fall leaf photos POP. The colors are typical good Oly rendering-one of best. Its a really fun little guy to use also,yes it will hang very close to my big DSLR in photo quality,video too.
Try one I am sure you too will be amazed also.

October 15, 2011


Excellent camera

I am a novice and this camera gives me confidence to take pitcures that my family will enjoy. We are retired and take pictures of our journeys to share with our family.

October 09, 2011


This is the best in-between camera I have seen. It is better than a point-and-shoot but easier than a higher end camera. The picture quality is comparable with the higher end cameras.

October 09, 2011


Best Form Factor

This is a great camera to take with you on vacation. Its small form factor makes it easy to carry and because it is light weight you are not fatigued at the end of a picture shooting day. Also the JPEGS produced by the camera are some of the best I have seen right out the camera requiring little or no post production work. My only issue is with the autofocus, even though there was a firmware update, the autofocus hunts in low light and has trouble locking in, Overall this has been a fun camera and at current prices a great buy.

October 07, 2011


Novice to professional in one click!!!

My husband bought this camera for me and I LOVE it. I have never really enjoyed taking pictures before until I got this camera. The quality of the pics are amazing. They truly look like a professional took them. Now I have a new habit and I can't put the camera down. Definitely recommend it!!!

October 06, 2011


Amazing Camera -

I purchased this camera as I wasn't ready for a DLSR, but have found that this thing is just as flexible. It takes amazing low light pictures. The quality is amazing

September 28, 2011

43 To m43

OM to m43 adapter allows me to use my old manual focus 50mm f/1.8 lens. I can confirm my focus by magifying the live view and now I have the perfect portrait lens with a large aperture giving me beautiful images.

I shoot mostly in Shutter/Aperture Priority or Full Manual. I rarely use the zoom and prefer the view of the 14mm. I like street shooting in available light. At night I set the ISO to 3200. Yes, there is noise but, once I convert to black & white and add a little grain the final image looks good.

I prefer the JPG results from the camera versus the RAW to JPG I get in Photoshop. RAW gives me more flexibility to correct the chromatic abberation purple fringing I get on the edges of the frame.

I have no interest in the video functions nor the Art/Scene/Program Modes.

The menu navigation needs improvement because there are too many steps to reach some function but, with S/A/M modes you can bypass the menu system and access the control you need with the OK and Menu buttons.

Would like it if Olympus would have a lens hood for the 14-42 kit lens. There are very few third party hoods available.

Battery life is poor. Need to order another battery. I don't use the flash and expect battery life to be worse if the flash is used.

September 25, 2011


Great product

Great overall lens and system i have been shooting Olympus for about 4yrs from the OM10 to the Olympus EPL-1.

September 24, 2011


Exactly what I wanted!

I got this camera as an upgrade from a point and shoot. I didn't want the bulkiness of a typical dslr, but I wanted to up the quality of my pictures. I loved the retro styling of the camera itself and after researching and reading reviews, I felt vindicated enough to buy it. I've yet to use it to it's full potential, but I've been having a lot of fun with it and get compliments everywhere I go.

September 22, 2011


Feature-rich, but........

Camera came with 14-42 zoom lens but I wish it had a little more range on the telephoto end. Don't like the lens lockdown feature or the placement of the video button (too easy to activate when just handling the camera). Am still learning a lot of the nuances of the camera to get the kind of printable images I'm looking for. I do like the quality and feel and with all the features, it's hard not to be pleased with this camera. Will be looking to add a telephoto lens when they become more affordable.

September 20, 2011


So Easy Even a Troglodyte Can Use It

This was my first foray into the DSLR world. I found that I could take excellent pictures without any trouble. I still have much to learn to move from 'snapshots' to real 'art' photography.

September 20, 2011

Great little camera ... BIG attitude!

Love this camera!

It's compact. It's fast. It has an excellent burst speed. I get amazing resolution and colour in my pictures. It ought to have a viewfinder. At the least, there ought to be a modest priced solution to the lack of one. This model has a pretty sad excuse for an LCD screen, but I deal with it even though I don't like it. It really doesn't detract from the overall excellent performance of this amazing camera. I have never, in 40 years, loved a camera as much as I love this one. Hoping to buy a PM-1 as a "buddy" when money allows. Overall this is a terrific value for the money and great fun to use.

September 18, 2011


I Love this thing!

I just started getting into photography as a new hobby and did a little research for a beginner's camera. I chose this one besause it has many of the features a DSLR camera built into a smaller package. The menus are fairly easy to navigate. It's lightweight as well. I think it was a good investment for a beginner camera. The price is just about right too.

September 08, 2011


I found LOVE again!

OMG! I'm really loving this camera. At first took a while to get use to the menu's, but just like everything there is a slight learning curve. I can't wait to start building on it with other lenses and accessories. Eventually I would like to have two bodies...What a true GEM!

September 06, 2011


Extremly Valuable

This camera is an AMAZING find for the beginner and novice shutterbug. It has so many usable features that one can understand and utilize whether in the field or at a sporting event. I can't say enough about this camera. I just love it!!!

September 05, 2011


Great camera

I have only one minor issue with the E-PL1 and that is with the screen quality on the back of the always looks like it's smudged in appearance. I also guess I don't like the location of the button that starts/stops the video recording - I always seem to accidentally hit it. Other than that, I can't saw enough about the quality and features.

September 04, 2011


I like my pen. I'm still learning about it.

I like my PEN. It is such a nice camera. I recommend to buy the vf2. My PEN is silver, that is so elegant! And it is not so heavy and not so large.

I'm still learning about what I can do with my PEN. The manual could be more detailed. As I never had a DSLR, I'm not an expert and I have to learn everything.

But mostly, I use the I-auto-mode, and mostly, this produces really nice pictures.

August 27, 2011

Herbie Fed

Nice Features

I am thrilled with the pics taken. However, autofocus in low light is slow.

August 27, 2011

old grey mar

seems like a neat little camera going to try all the programs today. Like the weight just enough not to shake.only problem the store would not except the promo code when I went to buy a flash I am having trouble understanding the programs

August 20, 2011


Great little camera with excellent jpegs

I have been shooting with this Olympus E-PL1 in the cold winter climate and lately in the heat of tropical zone.

Thanks to its small size and live view I have been able to make many great shots in the streets without disturbing or annoying others. In good light you can get fantastic photos right out of camera. Just be careful with too bright sunny scenes not to blow the highlights by adjusting the exposure down little. Also, get an Olympus electronic viewfinder—it is quite necessary in very bright conditions.

Overall, it has such a great value thanks to excellent jpeg quality along with very good lenses!

August 17, 2011


Best camera I ever bought.

I have just been practicing w/ it for a week in preparation for my 1st cruise. It is so much easier to handle, store and operate. Picture quality is wonderful. Beats the heck out of my full size DSLR for ease of use changing modes and settings. Can't wait to get some movie footage.

August 16, 2011

jak in the ILM

Big quality in a small package

On 8/9/11 I received my Pen charged the battery and began shooting photos & videos uploaded software for the Pen and I have'nt had to charge the battery yet quality of the movies and photos are impressive features are second to none autofocus during movies is outstanding I previously owned the E-620 but the Pen suits my needs much better because of my arthritis I must say this small package packs quite a big punch for features performance quality stability and ease of use The only drawbacks are no lens hood and the accessories are too costly. This Pen has no viewfinder but that is easily workable This Pen is worth all the fuss and then some and in spite of the set back in accessories cost no one buying this Pen will be disappointed the 14-42 lens that comes with this Pen is a great starter so buy charge and shoot til your hearts content

August 16, 2011


Compact & Dependable

My wife chose the EPL-1 because it was compact and offerred the VF-2 viewfinder, a great improvement over our old point and shoots.
We are becoming more confortable using the
LCD for close ups and even zoom compositon.
Excellent print quality at 8x10 even with crops.

It has performed well with my E-520 40-150 and 70-300 lenses utilizing the converter.

We looking forward to the reviews and hands -on trial of the new EP-3 models. Gman

August 06, 2011


Simply the best value in the digital Pen lineup!

The E-PL1 remains the single best value in the Olympus Pen range despite the fact that several newer Olympus cameras are now available. I simply cannot say enough good things about this camera. If you have any doubts about purchasing the E-PL1 set those doubt aside and buy it. You won't regret the purchase. I bought two just in case something happens to the first one. The camera is that good and the price is that reasonable.

July 20, 2011


This is a great camera, I really enjoy it alot. Thanks

July 16, 2011


Wow. Better image quality than my current DSLR

I have been looking for great image quality in a smaller package. After much trial and error with some higher end bridge cameras, I gave the E-PL1 a try... I am glad I did.

Great image quality
Packed full of features
Small - Easy to put in a small carrying case
DSLR quality in a smaller package
Great for a novice or a pro(IAuto and Live Guide will help the novice achieve great results)

Auto focus slow in low light
Electronic View Finder not included(but the LCD display in bright an nice to use when composing a shot)

June 30, 2011


Overall this is a fine camera and pretty much what I expected, but I find the autofocus so slow and inaccurate as to make the camera worthless in certain situations. I would like to shoot my kids sporting events using the 150mm zoom lens and not have the majority of pictures out of focus. I've tried all the focus modes including manual. Manual mode is difficult to use with the screen only and I'm unwilling to purchase the veiwfinder and risk sinking more money into the system. I'd been hoping for a firmware update but I now see that Olympus is releasing a new PEN camera which specifically addresses the autofocus issue. This leads me to believe that Olympus will not be putting a lot of effort into the E-PL1.

June 29, 2011


SLR features at a point and shoot price

I have had my EPL1 for 2 months, and I am very happy with my choice. For the price I paid the picture quality is amazing, and the range of settings available in-camera makes it easy to produce quality, interesting pictures with very little effort.
I love having a camera in my pocket at all times, so for years I have had to carry a point-and-shoot as SLR's were just too big. But the EPL1 with the pancake lens fits in my pocket no problem, so now I am able to take quality pictures anywhere, without the need to carry excess equipment.

June 24, 2011


Great Camera

Love this camera!! Very easy to use. Only thing I don't like is the "door" for the cable connections. It seems flimsy and you must hold it open with one hand and plug in the cable with the other. The video quality is awesome!!!

June 14, 2011




May 30, 2011


Problems in low light

Ever since the OM-1 first was released in the 70's, I have been a fan of Olympus Cameras. However I am a bit dissapointed in the auto focus and auto exposure in low light. Also, the battery indicator will suddenly say the battery is low and shut off the camera. These old eyes need all the help they can get, and they rely sometimes on the auto focus.
That being said, I think it is a wonderful camera, with a lot of potential for incredible pictures.
Once You understand the menu selections, navigation is very intuative and easy. Fix the auto focus for low light, and make the eyepiece more afordable, and you will have one of the best digital cameras ever made.

May 23, 2011


Does not take good pictures in low light

Even with the built in flash up it does not take good pictures in low light. For example under the picnic shelter the pictures were too dark. Takes really good pictures otherwise. I am going to get an extra boot light flash and hope that helps. Also noticed that the movie recording feature was broken up and not smooth.

May 23, 2011


Olympus should have kept the eyepiece from earlier cameras. It is impossible to see what you are shooting in bright sunlight. This is a huge drawback.

May 18, 2011


Awesome Product

It has an excellent sensor, and the pictures have vibrant colors its to bad that it it dosent have a view finder and it can be frustrating to use manually compared to a dslr but besides that its a great camera

May 11, 2011


Micro 4:3 out-performs DSLRs!

My favorite camera that I have owned. The EPL-1 has an excellent sensor, and the pictures have some of the most vibrant colours that I hae seen on any camera, ever! The lack of a traditional viewfinder is well worth it for the small and compact size of the machine. The LDC screen works like a charm. Also, the addition of a dedicated video button is very welcome, especially when you need to catch something spontaneous on film. Over-all, the value for money of this camera is unmatched!

May 07, 2011


Superb IQ & Features in a small package

I have owned various DSLRs from other manufacturers over the years and have truly fallen in love with the Pen. The IQ, is without a doubt, exceptional. The out-of-camera JPEGs are stunning with excellent levels of detail and superb color and tone. The menu system is rich with options that allow you to configure the camera to your liking and handling and performance are both top notch. After using the Pen, I can't seem to fathom using any other camera there is just something magical about the Olympus formula !

May 06, 2011


E-PL1 is good, could be much better with little more Olympus engagement.

May 01, 2011


What I've waited for

I've waited a couple month since getting the EPL-1 to write a review, since I've learned that newness can both intimidate and obscure. Well now it's a few thousand pictures later.I've had film SLRs and a Digital SLR. I've had numerous high end point and shoots from Olympus, which were great cameras. I've waited for a hybrid like this, that combines many of the features of both worlds.
I've come to expect great colors from Olympus, and this camera doesn't disappoint in that regard. The Focus is a little slow with the kit lens (14-42) compared to a DSLR, but it is very accurate. and the lens very sharp. I was a convinced RAW shooter, until really examining the quality of the jpg output from this camera. Now I can use my time taking pictures instead of processing them, and yet if I have a tricky exposure...RAW is there for latitude in developing. The high ISO noise is also less than I expected.
One of the main reasons I purchased the little EPL-1 is because with reasonably priced adapters, many, many older manual focus lenses can be used. I would recommend the excellent VF-2 viewfinder for that and also for shooting in bright light.
The kit lens sort of amazed me in color, contrast and sharpness. It's a very good kit lens.
To me this camera combines both the world of the point and shoot, and the DSLR in a good way. It's a great camera for those moving from point and shoots, and those who are tired of carrying a 20 pound bag of lenses, but still want high image quality.

April 27, 2011


Super Cross Over Camera with Amazing Features

I've only had the Camera a few weeks, but really like what I see. It's portable and the quality of photos is fantastic. I also own an Olympus DP&S that I love. (Stylus 800)
The E-PL1 lets me cross over at my own rate into the Digital, yet manual realm. I can see that it will take me a while to utilize all the great features, but I'm really looking forward to the learning curve. The samples are a few of the first photos I've taken.

April 21, 2011


Great camera for the price.

I was trying to decide whether to buy a DSLR or a regular point and shoot digital, when I saw this camera. I bought it to take pictures at Yellowstone next month, so I haven't used the 300mm lens too much. I have taken lots of pics around home though and they look amazing. The art filters are great too!

April 21, 2011


Great for the money

Purchased for the amazing Photos it produces,
just as good as any SLR without the bulk,
and much better than any point & shoot.
With the 14-42 Kit Lens it is most probably all you will ever need.
Clean image quality not like some Cameras that smear to make it look good, images from this are superb.
You can customise this to your liking, for example I did not like the Movie Button where it is so I set it to my Custom settings 1 so now I no longer press it by mistake and have to fumble around pressing buttons, to get back to taking Pictures.

April 19, 2011


for about the same price of a good P&S

You have a much superior products
Excellent image quality low noise cannot compete with a point and shoot
Much more fun and convenient than a
Heavy DSLR. Makes a fantastic family camera that will last many years to come...

April 15, 2011


Very Satisfying

My E-PL1 does about everything better than my expectations. The kit 14-42mm lens delivers really sharp images under every circumstance I have been in. Part of the secret seems to be the camera's image processing engine that can remove most of the noise from ISO's that my former P&S couldn't deal with and make a useable photo. The majority of my photographs are taken using existing illumination, and the E-PL1 excels here. Olympus would do well to make a good, fast,really sharp 20mm lens. I'd buy it.

April 14, 2011


Fantastic Capabilities In A Small Package

I've had my E-PL1 for almost a year. A friend told me about the M4/3 format and the concept was very appealing to me.

I started out using the camera's automatic features and got some great photos. Another friend of mine is heavily into photography and started showing me how to do HDR photos.

That's what's amazing about the E-PL1: if you want to just point and shoot, you can do that. If you want to get into controlling aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, bracketed exposures and so on, the E-PL1 can do it.

My friend lugs around 40 pounds of gear: 2 DSLRs, a large tripod, battery packs, etc. I carry the compact E-PL1 and a light tripod. We get very similar results with exactly the same editing software.

April 14, 2011


I like the weight and quality

I have taken excellent pictures with this camera and it seems to do well at stopping action. It is easier than most to use in the aperture and shutter priority modes. The extended zoom (40-150) has a great range.

April 12, 2011


Great compact underwater camera setup

I purchased the E-PL1 and the PT-EP01 with the addition of a strobe for underwater photography. I wanted something that had interchangeable lenses and was above the performance and quality of the typical point-and-shoots but I did not want the massive bulk associated with a full-size D-SLR.

The E-PL1 is a perfect fit for my needs. It is lightweight, performs as well as almost any other still camera system for underwater pictures and produces amazing pictures. The case is easy to maintain and all of the switches are easy to find and maneuver as it is designed.

Video is easy to shoot with the one-touch record button and it looks great. Autofocus with the video is reasonable and fast enough for quality video to show off.

For someone looking for a high quality underwater camera without the costs and bulk associated with a full D-SLR setup, then this is a perfect option for you.

April 06, 2011

Pilot 2 be

Excellent Camera

Excellent little camera that has the flexibility of an SLR with the size of a point and shoot. I have another point and shoot camera, and a few SLR's. This camera is great to take anywhere. It takes really great pictures. The lenses are top quality. I am already enjoying the camera a lot. I highly recommend this camera to anyone. I just wish it was a little less expensive.

April 03, 2011


Great software. Great pictures.

I think this camera is wonderful. It takes great pictures and comes with software for editting, which I love. The only problem that I have with this camera is that it doesn't perform as well as I hoped it would in low light. I took it sailing under the Super Moon last week and had a terrible time shooting after sunset with it. Otherwise, I would recommend this camera for sure. Best digital I have ever owned!!

April 02, 2011


Great Camera period

I used to lug 100 lbs of camera equipment into caves, up cliffs and down rivers. One week with an olympus pen and I've got more great shots, simply because my whole kit now weighs 18lbs

March 31, 2011


very versitile camera

very nice camera, the close up function is not great

March 27, 2011


This product is very versatile

The E-pl1 has only compact just size, but its quality is big. Good for traveling.

March 27, 2011


great manual and automatic camera. the ability to use other lenses in a smaller camera is the reason i purchased this camera

March 21, 2011


Photography is fun again!

I enjoy the PASM modes and all of the controls available for flash, WB, ISO, and gradation. The monochrome mode with filter settings brings back the joy of B&W photography. The one feature I miss in the EPL1 is a remote shutter release.

March 20, 2011


Top performing systems, exceptionally sharp Lenses

I traveled half-way around the world for over a month shooting thousands of photos. Not one failure, or even a stumble. My E-PL1 with the M.Zuiko 14-150mm lens performed flawlessly in a very wide range of shooting situations from caves to mountains. It was the only lens I took with me for this camera. I also shot a great deal of HD video which proved to be better than I expected. The VF-2 electronic viewfinder is very versatile in shooting and does a fine job of extending battery life between charges. All in all, I am very pleased with the small size, rugged, high performance quality of this camera.

March 19, 2011


Great in between...

I've had a DSLR for several years, but what I've wanted was something more portable and a bit less complex but with interchangeable lenses and a few. ie. Point and shoot was too small, SLR was too large.

My Pen I love tho. I CAN shove it in a pocket, I CAN do serious macro and Telephoto photography, and I love it.

The only thing I want to point out is the autofocus can hunt a bit, but a quick setting can correct that. I won't bore you with the howto, just google it, you can't help but find it.

Overall, GREAT camera!

March 18, 2011


Good find :)

Lovely camera, my first up-market digital and I am very happy with it so far. Still have lots to learn about its capabilities though!

March 17, 2011


I am totally in love with this camera. I have been blown away by how simple it has been to get great photos in low and impossible lighting situations. With just one basic reminder (have an epileptic finger) to ensure you do the autofocus and you'll always get a beautiful shot.

March 16, 2011


Great product for the price

This is my second Olympus camera, first was a film Stylus Epic. All of my other equipment is another brand. I was intrigued by the unique usability of this product, and it has not let me down. It will not replace my DSLR, but that is not it's function. This is a high-quality go-anywhere photographic tool that you can depend on to give "almost DSLR" quality pictures without the DSLR's size and heft. I highly recommend it.

March 14, 2011


good images producer in compact body

The EP-L1 is easy to handle and a capable compact camera. It produces good color images as old olys cameras in a small body. The image noise is not as good as APS-C DSLR but good enough for daily shooting. Auto focus speed is not as fast as DSLR, but much faster than point and shot cameras. The kit lens is only "good enough". Fortunately, with adapter(s), I can mount other good lens to the body.

Pros: compact body, good images
cons: very weak built-in flash, hard to see the LCD image under bright environment.

March 13, 2011


Poor Action Shots

The camera does not fare well when doing multiple single action shots.

March 12, 2011


Small footprint, excellent quality, vintage looks.

Love this little camera. Pictures that rival DSLR's. A camera isn't any good at all unless you are carrying it. This one you can carry anywhere you go. Stylish looks, easy to use, you can just take snapshots or have ball with all the manual controls. This camera even has a built-in manual. It just doesn't get any better that this. All this in an affordable package.

March 11, 2011


Excellent all around camera

This camera is as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be. It takes wonderful point and shoot art filter pictures. On the run shoot manual or sport and get a real nice picture. Switch to a priority setting or manual and take control. Nice range of lenses with a very good price range. Finally this camera has a very inexpensive underwater housing (for a DSLR). One other thing, this camera takes great video for not being a video camera.

I shoot underwater (or try to). This camera can keep up with my high end DSLR friends for a lot less weight, size, and ....cost!!

Excellent camera for someone who wants more than a point and shoot but does not want the mass of a full size DSLR. Excellent dive camera!!!!

March 10, 2011


I'm proud to have it

I am very glad to make a decision for EPL-1. I think it is a very clever choice means of mobility and SLR capabilities. Of course there are some negative points compared to other top brand SLR cameras but the size and wide menu and adjustment possibilities overcome those.

If some fetures like, bracketing (more than 3 frames), shutter speed, control buttons, auto focusing and less noise at higher ISO's are improved with the following models, I'll continue buying PEN series for sure.

Thanks to Olympus.

March 08, 2011


How much sensor do you need?

After you answer the title question you'll cave to the convenience of Olympus Pen PL-1.
Tired of lugging the heavy gear? Check.
Tired of intimidating your subjects? Check.
Chill with the Olympus Pen PL-1.

March 08, 2011

Darth Idiot

A great tool for the advanced photographer

This is one of those cameras that make you think, why didn't they think of this sooner. Superb image quality, excellent IS, solid build quality and of course the potability factor make this a must have for most any photo fan.
The bad parts? Well there are only two things I found while breaking in my new camera. 1. It has a distinct dislike for autofocus on shiny objects, even with a fairly high contrast focus point on several occasions it would beep and show that it was focused correctly but it was not. 2. Noise. The bane of Olympus Dslrs since the first is still there. Just like my e410 if i under expose even by 1 stop noise is very apparent.
Now are these deal breakers? Absolutely not. The focus problem can be solved by enabling auto with manual adjustment in the camera's focus menu. The noise problem is a simple fix too. Watch your histogram and increase exposure if you see its looking a bit on the low side. It also help to shoot jpgs. I know professionals only shoot raw, but in this case the jpg engine is superb, especially with noise/sharpness balance, and it produces photos that would take advanced know how to match in a photo editing program.
Bottom line: Buy one. You'll love it.

March 07, 2011


This product does everything a DSLR can an more

Excellent value, easy to operate and great pictures without post processing from the camera. The E-PL1 is light weight, easy to carry, and a great camera for street photography. Price is a great feature because you get M4/3 dslr for the price of a point & shoot camera with more capabilities.

March 06, 2011


E-PL1: great camera for everyone

My dSLR is too heavy for me to take sharp pictures without a tripod. The E-PL1 fills my need for something lighter that has changeable lenses and the capability of manual focus and exposure. While it is smaller than a dSLR, it feels like a real camera, not a teeny point and shoot. My images have turned out pretty good (after I figured out how to manipulate focus, etc.). I also love that I can shoot a video when I choose. The only drawback for me is that it does not have a viewfinder, which I will remedy as soon as I can get an EVF .

March 05, 2011


I still like this model.

Olympus keep making newer model, now E-PL2.
But, I still like this first version of my E-PL1.

Camera function is more than good enough for my ppurpose. Size is compact enough to carry.

Recently, I bought an additional lens, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-150mm. It works fine to me.
I just need this one lens for my travel.

I'd like to try shooting with Pancake lens.

March 04, 2011


Great Pictures and lots of options

It took me a year to buy this camera and I love it. It is small, powerful, takes great pictures, it has good features and the price was very good. I love the sharpness of the HD movies and all the art filters. You can really have a lot of fun with this camera. Recently I bought and adapter and I am using all my old OM1 lenses. Absolutely great!

March 01, 2011


Looking for a DSLR, go out and get this!!

Not only is it a great value but I talked a co-worker into buying one as soon as he saw the quality of photos and the different filter effects built right into the camera. Not to mention the incredibly sharp HD video you can capture with this camera. I have been a serious photographer for about 10 years now and this little camera is as good or better than a lot of the larger DSLR cameras I have used in the past. I bought this as a backup camera but it may become the primary camera for future shoots!

February 28, 2011


I have owned an OM1 and OM2 Program and this is another quality camera, not much bigger than a point and shoot. I can use my OM lenses with an adapter, either Olympus or third party. Picture quality is excellent and so many custom functions, I probably won't use all. In bright light it is difficult to see the display and I wish there was an inexpensive hot shoe eye piece that is not electronic, just a hole with center cross hairs in an eye cup would be great. Can take great low light pics with a tripod. Good job Olympus.

February 25, 2011


Great camera

Great camera. Much more solid than what pics online show.

There are many reviews, so I won't go into many details.

For the price, this is unbeatable. Specially now that the EPL-2 is out.

February 21, 2011

Experienced Underwater Photographer

Firmware cripples UW photography.

This camera is a giant step *backwards* from my old Olympus 7070 in one important way. It will not allow you to set the shutter speed faster than 1/160th of a second, when using the internal flash.

Shooting underwater, you need a fast shutter speed to get rid of the ambient light, because it has lost most of it's color. Only then can you use the light from your strobes to paint the scene.

While you could close the aperture instead to darken the image, this also wastes the light form the strobe. (It will work for macro, but not for wide angle)

I spent a *lot* of money on camera + housing + 2 new strobes + macro & wide angle lenses. It's very disappointing to not be able to take good pictures with this rig in tropical water because of a firmware bug!

I hope someone from Olympus reads this and fixes the problem. Until then, *avoid* this camera for under water use!

February 21, 2011


have had the e-pl1 for about a week. the camera is fun to use. i like the close focus detail and it's amazing how you can zoom in on details from the saved far so good.

February 20, 2011


Great shots!

Great Pictures. Good Value. People always ask what camera i use. Love this Camera.

February 19, 2011


AMAZING fell in love instintly!

This camera is truly perfect! It was not the first SLR type of camera i have used, and is by far the best. From the start it was very simple to use and figure out, and the size was not to big but fit perfectly in my hands. My husband who was never a picture person also loved stealing it from me to use and snap away. The art filters are so fun and make the images unique from the start no wasting time on the computer. Iv got SO many complaints on the quality of my pictures and the way they turn out. Even the battery life was great.
the ONLY complaint I could come up with is an easy fix, the lens that it comes with has almost no zoom on it. If you need can always get a new lens!
When we needed money cause my husband lost his job, i truly cried when i had to sell this camera! but here Iam shopping around to buy yet another one cause I still haven't found one that comes close to it

February 10, 2011


Love this camera!

This camera replaced an older point and shoot Olympus digital camera. I love the compact old world style of the body. The shutter speed is excellent and takes great low light pictures. The art filters are a nice feature to be a bit more creative while actually taking the picture instead of through software on a computer. Taking pictures with this camera takes me back to when I used my regular film based SLR camera (also an Olympus). I can't wait until I can really put it through its paces when spring arrives. One can only take so many "indoor" pictures.

February 10, 2011


Perfect compact BU camera for DSLR lover!

I have several DSLR's but needed a small carry camera. The EPL1 is perfect in size and performance. I added the VF2 for days when I am shooting in bright sunlight.

The picture quality is excellent! Best chaice for times when you want to leave the big DSLR home.

February 09, 2011


Good camera at a great price

I bought the E-PL1 as a bridge between my digital point and shoot and the DSLRs. I have a lot of experience with 13mm SLRs and thought to get a digital one, but desided that I was tired of lugging all of the equipment around.

Generally speaking I am really enjoying the camera. The quality of the images are great. And it is fairly easy to use. I've been exploring more and more of the manual functions and the menus, but I am having some trouble with some of the explanations in the owners manual. I'm sure that there are some that will find the menus hard to use because explanations in the manual, but if you persist, you'll find the menus fairly straight forward.

I am a little disappointed in the focus: even though I have a lot of experience with focusing manual 13mm SLRs, I seem to have a little trouble nailing the focus with this camera, and the autofocus is not as fast as I had hoped, though it is a significant improvement over my point and shoot. I'm actually faster manually focusing my old 13mm slr than I am with any autofocus I've ever tried. My problem may simply be the fact that I am using the video screen instead of a viewfinder and that it will just come with practice.

Other than that, I've tried the camera is a number of situations, locations and lightings and found it to be excellent at capturing the image of what I point it at and that is by far the most important consideration.

February 06, 2011


I've found this camera to be extremely easy to use

Being my first DSLR, I hesitated to give the five stars as I've nothing to compare it too. Well, I do own a point and shoot, but that's not even close to the same class.

This PL-1 is small, light and will take care of everything necessary to get excellent pictures. Yet, at the same time it lets me experiment with different camera settings as any beginner needs to. And it lets me see on screen the results of what I am doing.

Needless to say, I am very satisfied, even knowing that there are some things that are lacking. A great value as it is just as I had imagined. A couple of years with this and I will be ready for one of the big boys! But you can bet that I will keep and use this camera, no matter what the next one is.

Only regret is that I wish I had bought the kit with the two lenses so I could take advantage of the telephoto. A couple more months and I will have one of those too.


February 05, 2011


A truly outstanding camera from Olympus

This camera has made me a fan of the Olympus 4/3 lens mount system. It has many of the features of a larger SLR system, yet light, small and easy to carry. It takes beautiful pictures with ease, and has more than enough control for me, and most photographers I know.

I've read other reviews that moan slow autofocus in low light, but I have not seen a problem there - perhaps the updated software fixed that. Has a small built-in flash which suffices for many situations, or can trigger a slave for more demanding shots. also has a system hot-shoe if you need that.

I have both the standard and longer zoom lenses (love both of them), and will be adding the pancake 17mm lens as well.

I recommend it!

February 03, 2011


DSLR quality in a small package!

I used to shoot DSLRs with big lenses, primes, battery grip etc. I wanted to get back to my B&W film days when I was shooting a small film camera with a single 50mm 1.8 lens.

I sold all my DSLR gear and bought this amazing little gem with a single prime lens, with a lot of money to spare.

Image quality SOOC is amazing. Olympus JPEGs are the best ones I've seen. Yes I might still shoot RAW but I doubt I'll need them more than 4-5% of the time.

In-body IS is great if you want to use MF lenses. MF image zoom is also very helpful for focusing.

Shooting speed is perfect unless you want to shoot action sports.

I love my E-PL1!!

January 31, 2011


I love this camera's feel and performance

All the thrills of the bigger DSLR but not the intimidation factor, nor the expense. I'm having fun learning all about it's versatility. The camera's action is really nice and so far I haven't taken a bad photo. It's light sensitivity is phenomenal.

January 30, 2011


Not for the person who enjoys point & shoot

I've had several Olmpus point & shoot cameras, the last two were the SP 550uz & 600uz. I've loved both of these cameras but thought I would enjoy some of the new features of the E-PL 1. Perhaps it will take me more time to appreciate the E-PL 1 but I will tell you what I miss: an optical viewfinder & ultrazoom lense. I don't want to change lenses to zoom in; I also find the button to record movies to be in the way. It's located right where I grip the camera & so I'm continuously hitting it by mistake.

January 30, 2011


very happy with the camera

I like the small size, I have been in photography for 60 years , had many cameras, and the pl1 fits my hand and takes good pictures.

January 29, 2011



I absolutly love this camera. Its small yet powerful and takes crisp pictures especially portaits. The filters are fantastic and you cannot find them anywhere else, all my freinds are jealous. You can change the settings as easily as you want or be more precise with it with more advanced terms and settings. I highly recommend his camera to anyone who has photography as a serious hobby.
Also I would like to make the point that below in hte grainy film picture in real life for example on a computer the picture is not that grainy the window make the pictures look much more pixlelated. Keep that in mind.

January 28, 2011


Even I can take beautiful shots!

I am a rank novice...the dummy of dummies. I even have the book. I never could figure out my last camera and the manual was worthless. The new E-PL1 is designed for people like me. Right out of the box I took some beautiful pictures! I love the Live Guide that lets me correct things when I don't even understand the terminology. And, I love that I can continue to grow with this camera as I learn more and more about photography. THANK you Olympus!

January 28, 2011


Just what I wanted

After 30 years using film this is my first digital camera. I wanted portability along with quality. This camera has done everything that I asked it to do including getting some great pictures in low light using the 40 to 150 telephoto. Good job Olympus.

January 28, 2011


nice camera

This is a very nice compact camera which is as good as many D SLR's.
I wish Olympus would make a fast 2.0 or 2.2 lens with a 14- 100mm lens at an affordable price for this camera.

January 26, 2011


Excellent pics---quality images---buy it!

I switched from a big DSLR to the E-PL1 and have not regretted it. The proof is in the photos. They are sharp, they are accurate except under some mixed light situations, and there are many, many ways to manually override the auto settings for more control. The build is good and the kit lens sharp, though the lens is a tad plasticky-feeling when zoomed to tele. Not the best at low-light focusing, but there are workarounds that are worth it. Remember---if you want sharp photos, ones that can be blown up without quality loss, the E-PL1 really is a great choice. (OLY---you should have made the Super Control Panel the default instead of being so hard to set.) Only real downside to the camera is lens noise when shooting HD video.

January 26, 2011


Excellent Mix of Features and Quality

This camera is an excellent buy for those wanting more than a point-and-shoot without the bulk of a DSLR. The image quality in most cases is outstanding! The quality of the sensor is obvious when you blow up a raw image on a big screen. The art filters and auto functions are great for some users. I loaned the camera to a friend and she loved the art filters.

There have been complaints about slow focusing and noisy images in low light and there is some justification to that. The slow, or difficult, focusing in low light is a problem, but only for VERY low light conditions.

I shoot most challenging subjects using the manual modes and have found the image quality is actually very good in low light if you manually control ISO, shutter, etc. As good as any DSLR I've used in most cases. The small flash built into the camera is much better than I expected and functions extremely well considering its size. If you want night shots, as with most cameras, get a tripod and set things up manually. That way you avoid disappointment.

I do a lot of underwater photography and Olympus makes outstanding housings for their cameras. The E-PL1 is no exception. The PT-EP01 is GREAT and the combination of housing and camera is as good as you can get without buying an expensive DSLR, housing, ports and domes.

Overall, I've been extremely pleased with the camera and would have given it 5 stars if the low light performance of the autofocus were improved, and there were less noise when using the auto shooting modes in very low light.

I've included some shots taken this past Christmas in no to very low light. These shots were taken without a tripod, camera in hand, using manual camera settings, so the ISO was set higher than ideal. Some detail was lost converting to jpeg small enough to download, but it's easy to see that the camera will work well in low light. You just need to learn how.

January 26, 2011

The Digital Man

This product has some really great features

This is definitely a camera with great potential. The jpeg engine is really excellent. It offers a lot of features for the money, including raw combined with jpeg. The built in flash is also a great asset of this camera. The large micro four thirds sensor delivers excellent image quality, especially in low light at higher ISO's. My only little quibble is the autofocus is slow in low light. The bottom line is this is a really fantastic camera and a great value for the money.

January 25, 2011


Great size, pictures

This is a wonderful camera with DSLR qualities ever I had . However, the menu is not user friendly. The charger has a lengthy cord is not that advantage for carrying.

January 25, 2011


Great little camera

This is a great little camera with lots of features at a decent price. I will keep this short.
The only reason I did not give it a 5 rating may not concern everybody in which case it would then deserve a five rating.
Two things I would have changed is no lag time between pushing the shutter and getting the image.
Second I would heaved liked manual controls for the f-stop and shutter speed, with having to use the electronic menus.
Other wise this is a top notch little performer.

January 25, 2011


Overall Great! Needs some accessories!

I love the overall quality of this camera, and the pictures that it takes! Anything i have to criticize is basically nitpicking. Because the lens is expensive, i highly recommend putting a protective UV filter on it, and i wish that the lens cap had a way to tether it to the body. I always have to remember where i shoved the cap. Also, for ease of naming, i wish there was a GPS sensor for image location tagging purposes. Like i said, nitpicking! I love this camera, and takes great pictures for my family!

January 25, 2011


A great value

I bought the E-PL1 as a backup to my SLR that was simple enough for my wife to use with video capabilities and that could (with the MMF-2) adapter use my existing Olympus four-thirds lenses. The camera has actually become my primary camera. I have been very impressed with the build quality and sophistication of systems. Some have complained about a lack of direct dials, but I have found that the Live Guide is accurate under most situations with minor tweaking and when I need more the "Dummies Guide to the E-PL1" is a great resource to reach the more advanced features quickly.

January 25, 2011



This camera is aperfect bridge to aDSLR. Does everything I want it to do without the bigger size and price.

January 25, 2011


excellent IQ and great value for money

Excellent camera and fun to use.Lightweight and in fact used more than my E 3. Have recently applied for A.R.P.S. -for most photographs used the Pen. My impression is that the weaker anti-ailiasing filter helps significantly.
Great little camera

January 25, 2011


olympud e-pl1

Xcellent photo quality. needs a builtin viewfinder.

January 24, 2011


Excellent User friendly camera

I am just getting back into photography and wanted a DSLR for a while. My husband gave me this one for Christmas and I am so happy with it! It is probably the most user friendly DSLR I've encountered, but it also gives you a choice to use more advanced features. I really like the scene modes- you can have the camera set itself up for a great shot every time- you just have to focus and click. I can't wait to take it to Paris next year!

January 24, 2011


This is how digital imaging should have begun.

Finally we have a digital cameras that has gotten rid of an old dinosaur, that SLR mirror, flapping around with its noise and vibration. Another great improvement is the 4:3 aspect ratio, ideal for shots of people, from portraits to groups. I enjoy the smaller size of this camera. Small camera and lenses, large sensor. It makes sense to me.

January 24, 2011


great camara

I loved, easy to use, size, great price and pictures!!!

January 24, 2011


What's not to love?

This is my 2nd "expensive" camera of this type. I like to photograh flowers and animals. I already own a Stylus Tough, and I needed another camera similar to the brand name camera that I had. I like Olympus cameras, they are a lot of value and I think priced fairly. I have only had this camera a month, and while my ratings seem exhuberant(?), I have shot pictures nearly everyday and just love it for all the reasons they advertise. And I like to shoot in RAW. Awesome camera.

January 24, 2011


My eyes have been opened!

The E-PL1 is such a refreshing change from the point and shoot camera world that I kept myself in. The style, size and accessories appealed to me more than other brands or styles.

January 24, 2011

jf mclaughlin

great "go everywhere" camera

i use this along with my large dslr for walkaround photography as well as it's video capabilities. compared to other compact cameras, this one stands out way above as far as build, image and video quality. image quality is excellent with saturated colors and deep blacks, video is clean and smooth in nearly every situation

January 24, 2011



I have had 6 Olympus cameras and I have loved them all but the Pen makes circles around the others. I think it is the best camera I have ever owned. I have not taken one picture that I would consider not good!!! I love that I can use all my other Olympus lens- the thought of starting all over buying new lens was not something I wished to do.

The only drawback that I can see is the battery life and the button for record. I really have to be careful when I take pictures that I don't hit the record button with my thumb. It was not a good place to put it but I guess if it is the only thing I don't like it that is great. Oh and I wish all the attachments for this wonderful camera were just a little more reasonable.

Otherwise I would buy it again and have recommended it to my daughter who is a professional photograhpy to have it as one of her extras.

January 24, 2011


Big sensor + small camera = Outstanding Value!

I'm an amateur photographer, so the PEN has been a great tool for me to learn my way around a camera. I can use the preset modes when I need to take a picture in a hurry, but I still have all the manual features at my fingertips when I want to play around. Videos are easy. The package gives me the ability to change lenses, a big sensor, the ability to capture both great photos and HD videos, all in one affordable kit. I'd recommend it to anyone.

January 24, 2011


Excellent unit with a minor down side

The unit itself is very good, but it has problems focusing in low light and live view has a lot of artifacts in low light which is more likely just because the image sensor is throttled to extend the battery.

January 24, 2011


Best bang for the buck

I love my new Olympus Pen E-PL1. This is the first high-quality camera I have owned since the days of my SLR film cameras. I have been pretty pleased with the pictures from my point-n-shoot pocket cameras but wanted something that could make up for their few shortcomings, such as good physical telephoto beyond 3X and noisy low-light level pictures. I had thought about one of those 35mm-looking super-zoom cameras with lenses that would go from 14-300mm, but the size of the sensor was no better than my pocket cameras. I knew that I had to have a full-size sensor if I was going to get pictures that equaled my old 35mm film cameras. However, the size, weight and price of the camera was important and full-size DSLR cameras weighed too much, their lenses weighed too much and they were very pricey. In comes the Micro 4/3 cameras. Light in weight, lenses are super light, and the price is about half that of a DSLR. The only thing they lack is a good handgrip on the right side (because of their smaller size) and a shutter button that's as easy to get at as the DSLR.

I have been taking moonshots with my camera with a variety of lenses, including some old SLR lenses, and my pictures are as good, or better, than the guys taking pics with telescopes.

So far I'm very happy with it and I plan on using it a lot this summer while traveling. I have the kit lens it came with (14-42mm), the 40-150mm lens and the 70-300mm 4/3 lens with adapter, plus a 500mm mirror lens and an old 35mm 70-210mm zoom with macro. For normal photography I have a couple old 35mm lenses; a 28mm and a 50mm. Still waiting for my adapter to turn my 500mm mirror lens into a 1000mm with my 2X/macro adapter.

January 24, 2011


Great Images

Images and low noise is amazing. It actually outperforms my other cameras and lens that were used with the same settings for comparison.
I like the light compactness and big image quality it produces.

January 22, 2011


This is an awesome camera for all!

I LOVE THIS CAMERA! I got it for Christmas this year and i absolutely LOVE IT! I myself am not the best photographer but with this camera I feel like I AM the best! :P
I know this is pretty generic for a lot of cameras, but I absolutely love the shutter noise! It makes me feel like I'm taking a good picture! :P
It's affordable and it looks really REALLY great!

January 16, 2011


Amazing clarity

01 The image stabilization built into the camera body helps with my old OM Zuiko lenses and others which I am using with the OM to Micro four thirds adapter, especially the 500mm Cat telephoto.
02 The image quality allows me to get more information in a shot (such as a license plate 100 yards away which I was able to read when I zoomed in using my photo editing software) and crop to extremes because of the huge sensor.
03 Camera will keep me busy learning for a long time, because of the many capabilities of the camera. Not a negative, just a comment.
04 Ordinary or amazing - have not yet used or am learning many features and did not comment on them yet or have not yet made up my mind.
05 To Olympus - great camera and lenses, as have been all my other Olympus cameras, starting with my OM-1n. Olympus has never let me down, though the complexity - and the capabilities of the products - have required some effort to learn, but so did both of my ex wives, all definitely worth the effort. I still have all the cameras and neither of the wives.

Thank you.

January 15, 2011


a nice lightweight street camera

capable of dslr high quality images, easy to carry everyday, non-intimidating, in body stabilization allows usage of old lenses

January 14, 2011


An average one.

It's a great camera to start. The still images are of high quality, nice deep of field, good autofocus, well scene modes and good looking video.
The body quality is not the best one, but I still like its retro design. It's also comfortable to hold.

Don't like the fact of the mono audio recording.
The menu controls are slow and very childish; makes it look like a normal point-and-shoot camera. Not the best image stabilization.

January 11, 2011


Awesome Camera / Ease of use Wow !

I might say that I did look for that camera since few months, Surprise at Christmas under the tree, here it was. Thanks to my wife...Still discovering it, but I had taken some nice pictures and the video function is amazingly clear and crisp......The menu navigation is easy and intuitive.

Thanks Olympus for such a great product,

January 05, 2011


Great except

Only one person so far has commented on the DOOR THAT COVERS THE USB CONNECTION PORTS. This door will be used often and is very flimsy looks like it will soon break, it,s small and so poor it lets the camera down. If people saw this on purchase they might not buy the camera. A Great accessory is the electronic view finder.

December 26, 2010


I love it, I love it, I love it!!

My husband just got me this camera for xmas, After a long reserach we found out that this is the best product of this kind, I love the fact that I can take it with me everywhere and it has all the power and features of the full side SLR.. If you're thinking of buying this camera stop thinking and GO GET IT!!!

December 18, 2010


Love it!

I am loving this camera even though i am still learning how to use the more advanced aspects of it after previously using a point and shoot. i love how easy it is to use.

December 16, 2010


Great camera, cant wait to build on the micro four thirds platform

December 11, 2010


The most photo fun I have had in years

I have owned and used many cameras in the past 30 years and the E-PL1 is the most fun to use. I usually left my heavy SLR equipment home, but the E-PL1 and three lenses go with me everywhere. The best camera is the one you have with you of course.

I am not sure why many say it is targeted solely at the point-n-shoot audience. It has all of the advanced features that I need.

For the price, it is the best value on the market, in my opinion.

November 27, 2010


Not a great camera for hiking and backpacking

I'm hiker and backpacker who likes to take photographs. I had been using an Olympus E-410, and just loved the camera because it was lightweight, easy to use, and took really nice photos. I thought the E-PL1 would be a good replacement for the E-410, but I was wrong. If I leave it in automatic, I get an orange tone to many of my photos. This means I have to take a lot more time and adjust the settings to get good photos while I'm trying to hike or backpack. It's very hard to use the camera in bright light without a optical viewfinder, and it's really hard to use a circular polarizer with the camera. Anyway, I found a refurbished Olympus E-420 and ordered it to replace the E-PL1. I'm hoping the E-420 will be just as good as my old E-410 was.

November 26, 2010


Awesome Camera!

I was going to buy a big DSLR camera, but didn't want the bulkyness or the weight. When I went to my local photography store, the guy showed me the EPL-1 and I immediately fell in love with it.

I wanted something that was a step up from a point and shoot that I could interchange lenses and have more control over aperature and shutter speed and this did the trick. I bought this camera 6 months ago and haven't regretted the purchase one bit. I love it.

It does really well in low light and with a flash also. In really low light it struggles a bit with the autofocus, but in dim light it does just fine.

Love the in camera filters and settings. I take this camera everwhere. The software that comes with the camera is perfect. I dont need any other post-production software other than the Olympus ib.

If you want way more than a point and shoot, but dont want the weight and bulk of a full size DSLR, get this camera. You'll be glad you did.

November 23, 2010


Great portable camera, for travel or hiking.

I bought this camera to take with me places I did not want to lug the E-3 to. Overall the best thing this camera has going for it is the impressive image quality & top of the tier jpegs. My biggest complaint would be the slow menu navigation due to no dials, & personally I do not like the plastic back as it feels weak even though it has proven not to be.

November 19, 2010



I'm just like a kid with his new toy. Fun and easy to use to use. Although the lens supplied with it (14-42mm) does not feel very sturdy nor tight. Unmistakably plastic, but it seems to do the job.
Overall, I'm glad to own one.

November 15, 2010


beast camera, great price, beast pictures/videos

ever since I got this a few weeks ago, i've just loved it...I really like taking HD movies and high resolution really helps me with my little movie making and photography hobbies. I wouldn't be surprised if I use this for the rest of highschool and college

November 13, 2010


Overall, an excellent camera.

I was drawn to the camera by its size and styling. I was very impressed once I began seeing images. The out of camera images are phenomenal. The color and resolution of the images exceeded my expectations. I bought this as a back-up for my dSLR, but it may end up replacing it. In addition to the kit lens, I have the 40-150 and the 17mm. The image quality is superb on all these lenses. I only have three complaints about the camera.
1: NO REMOTE CONTROL!!!!? It's astonishing that a camera of this level doesn't have any provision for remote control (wired or wireless). 2: The design of the 14-42 lens makes using a polarizing filter difficult if not impossible, as turning the filter causes the lens helicoil to move triggering a "lens error" on the camera. 3. The door covering the USB connection seems lightly constructed and likely to break.
If it weren't for those three items, I would have unhesitatingly rated the camera at 5 stars. The image quality and feature set provide and excellent camera in a compact package.

October 23, 2010


Best JPEG Camera Ever !


I was plan to buy a DSLR to remplace my old one. And while a photo camera first job is to take picture I compared all jpeg taken with all camera even with top rated DSLR. Results : E-PL1 is clearly winner. Very very suprised and look into detail on it. Yes it is not DSLR not have all big specs but is does something very important. It gives me a real photo best ever to this date! Look forward results samples coming from this camera and compare with others you will understand.

October 23, 2010


E-PL1 - the end of my long searches

I would have probably decide to buy E-P1, as I like it's retro design more, and as it has a better quality. My only concern was that it doesn't have a flash. So, when the new model E-PL1 appeared in March, it was the end of my long searches.
- very portable;
- the built-in flash;
- in-body image stabilization;
- good high ISO performance;
- the dedicated button for video and the amazing quality of the video;

- you need at least a bit of light to be able to autofocus. You can not autofocus in darkness;
- the flash is low powered, so you can't count on it when the subject is too far;
- Low resolution screen that's hard to see in bright light; you may consider the optional electronic viewfinder;

October 11, 2010


So good

I knew that Olympus puts lots of work into new ideas, so I knew getting this would be a good decision. Video quality is what amazes me, it's so good for the price. The photos are also great. The special filters make it awesome to shoot everywhere.