July 20, 2013 by Bryan
Very nice little camera
I like this camera, I've had it for a couple years. My only complaint would be that the LCD screen does not accurately portray the brightness of the image. The image usually looks washed out. However when you download your images to your PC, they look correct. I'm not at all sure what causes this. An auto pop-up flash would have been nice too, but not a deal breaker.
July 21, 2012 by lookin2retire
Excellent Product for the Price
Having used other digital cameras before, I was greatly impressed with the Olympus' ability to display in bright light. This is a feature that actually drew me to this camera to start with. I still have things to learn yet on the operation, but I already enjoy the use and screen of this camera.
July 11, 2012 by DE Handyguy
Super value, performance and features!
I had been tracking a number of other compact digital, long zoom cameras because I was interested in replacing an entry level digital camera bought about five years ago from a computer manufacturer. That old camera (4.1 MP/2X zoom) served me well, although I sort of got used to a failure rate of about 50% for pictures taken. The zoom was useless. The SZ-20 is just what I was looking for and more. It suits me fine for pictures of family and flowers, movies, great zooms and 4" closeups too! It is suitable for intermediate and advanced photographers who want a more automatic and lightweight alternative to a DSLR. Plan on studying the 80+ page pdf manual; it is worth your time so that you can customize settings to your liking. I have ordered accessories to complement. Would say the deciding factor in purchasing was the price and comparable and/or superior features and build over other brands. GPS is lacking but not missed.
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July 6, 2012 by gpun
These little camera might be worth buying again
I lost my precious little camera, but it left me many good pictures. I went back to my old sp-350 it is an 8mp but the pictures are just as amazing not to mention it’s super macro abilities and it’s time-laps picture option. I think I will wait for the xz-2 to come out. Please Olympus leave the xz-1 camera as is only upgrade on the soft image in jpg everyone is talking about on the forums and if possible the focus issue in movies.
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June 11, 2012 by Kentuckycowboy2
This camera takes amazing photos
We bought this camera to replace an old X brand camera that recently died . I had been using a borrowed Olympus fe from my niece that I just could not get consistent decent photos from , she had replaced it with a SZ10 that was just Awesome ! After seeing the results from her SZ10 I had made up my mind it was going to be one of these SZ models . I decided on the SZ20 which after using left me a bit disappointed with the zoom but everything else was just amazing & exceeded my expectations .If I had to do over I would of got the SZ30 series for the added zoom but , but this camera will not let you down it takes beautiful photos .
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