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March 27, 2011


A bet nearly lost

Olympus could have accomplished a great compact camera, probably the best on the market right now, instead they deliberately throw it out giving to the XZ-1 the worst possible video mode. It can barely compete with cellphone video, it's a shame!
I have heard in some forums people talking about their hope that a new firmware could solve the video troubles...I do hope so, but I'm not confidant.

Come on Olympus...improve the XZ-1 firmware, amaze us all!!

March 27, 2011


So far So Good

Had it for a week now. Been out twice. Bought it for the lens. The greatest walk-a-bout point and shoot ever made. This little rig is street photographer's dream. Autofocus is blazing fast. Zoom range perfect. From wide angle to a slightly elongated portrait.
Image quality top notch! Stabilization works very well. 1/15 sec hand held no problem.
Use in program equals no worries. Want to compose? Av is there at your finger tips. Want to do some street shootin? Set your shutter and set for auto ISO and you are good to go to freeze moments on the street.
Haven't used i-AUTO as i am a bit of a control freak stemming from my film days so i can't comment nor have i played around with the art filters yet.
So far so good. Actually so far so great ! XZ-1 is exactly what I have been waiting for in a compact. Dare I say my DSLR gear may not see the light for a bit. It just might replace my DSLR gear as I am tired of the bulk. Contemplating the fl-36 flash for indoors.

March 25, 2011


Best Enthusiast Compact Available

My requirements for a new camera were: compact, good automatic settings but ability to do manual, good video and great pictures. The XZ-1 exceeded my expectations on all of these points. The quality is exceptional, especially for a small camera. Many of other brands feel like little plastic toys but this one just feels solid. It starts up quickly, focuses quickly too and takes sharp, clean pictures. The menus are intuitive and useful. Very comprehensive software package included as well.

March 21, 2011

Dean D

great compact camera

This camera fits in my pocket, so I can take it anywhere. This, plus the image quality and features is unbeatable.

March 13, 2011


XZ-1 is terrific

XZ-1 performed flawlessly on trip. In the sunshine the lcd was still useable. Didn't even need to use the electronic viewfinder.
Overall a really well built product. Pics were all excellent, shot in the sun and indoors with or without flash. Autofocus was fast and shutter release was quick. A really outstanding camera.

March 05, 2011


I couldn't wait for XZ-2

I like this camera, minor warts and all, but I can't help but think that just few tweaks will improve on a very good camera. People love the warmth and quality of the XZ-1's pictures. But, I think the ability to moderate the noise reduction and to program a function key are two key omissions that keep the XZ-1 from being head and shoulders above the competition (S95 or LX-5). Instead, it's merely the best, which isn't a bad thing.

And if we were judging camera's by their instruction manuals, the XZ-1 would be a zero star. Poorly written and inadequate, it looks like it was written months before the tech writers touched an actual camera. The "instructions" on setting the Custom Mode are especially horrible.

March 01, 2011


Excellant pocketable camera !!

I'm not a pro, by any means, but this little camera makes me feel like one!!

The "blues" on this camera are amazing. As are the macro's. If your into landscape shots or macro's or just looking for a camera that gives you TOP quality images in something very portable - this camera is for you.

My only drawback, initially; was the price. But after using this camera for a few weeks now? It was money well spent.

As I mentioned I'm not a pro, I just love taking photos. And the only things I would change on this camera would be to offer a slightly wider lens ( 24mm would have been really nice!!) And not sure why Olympus doesn't provide a wrist strap for this pricey camera. A neck strap just is a bit too much for this size camera (in my opinion).

But the sequential mode (pretty fast) the fast and bright lens, the simplicity of the menu, the outstanding image quality and the "in camera" panorama mode MORE than make up for the few ommisions on this great little camera.

All I can say is .... ENJOY ..... Olympus (for the most part) put together a great little toy !!

February 25, 2011


Best Point-n-Shoot I've Ever Owned

I've purchased quite a few point-n-shoot cameras over the years from a variety of manufacturers. The most recent addition to my P&S 'stable' is the Olympus XZ-1, and while I've only owned this camera for a month, it's just so much better than anything else at what it does. My main requirements when picking a point-n-shoot were: excellent image quality, excellent low-light performance, automatic and manual controls, pocketability, and excellent results straight from the camera. The XZ-1 provides these capabilities in spades.
- outstanding image quality
- excellent low-light performance
- high-quality super bright Zuiko lens
- excellent build quality
- pocketability
- requires special proprietary USB cable for connectivity & battery charging (included)
- lens cap is annoyingly easy to dislodge

February 24, 2011


Compact Camera that takes DSLR Quality Photos.

Compact and sleek design with a large CCD and fast f1.8 lens lets you capture great images where lighting is a challenge.

Combines point and shoot readiness with full manual control for full image range and creativity.

Less than two weeks old, still mastering the controls of this advanced imaging device.

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