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April 17, 2011

Underwater photo guy

Great Photos, But Why Crippled Video and Flash?

I won' repeat what has been said about the photo quality. It looks just great. Maybe, with the next go-around, you could up the resolution to 12-13 mp. That would be a sweet spot. If this were just photos only, it would be a 5 star review. I hope my comments get some feedback at the company.

You market this as an underwater camera, complete with housing, wide and macro wet lens adapters, and underwater modes. But, you have crippled two essential features for underwater photographers.

Why is the video crippled? A camera at this level of quality and price point should offer two video options: 1080p at 24 fps for maximum quality, and 720p at 60fps for motion capture and slow motion playback. Also, colors are weak, clips are limited in length, and the optical (sensor) IS does not work in video, only an electronic IS that degrades quality.

Olympus, there is just no excuse . . . . I am using this camera for underwater photo and video and it is fully a professional level tool for photos. The crippled video is inexcusable.

Also, why can't the flash fire in super-macro mode? That mode is very useful underwater and the flash is necessary to trigger the off-camera slave flashes. Everyone knows the on-camera flash won't work for the actual subject, but that is no excuse for disabling it for those of us using off-camera strobes for lighting.

These things are critical in an underwater camera, and I am sure many people would welcome the video upgrade for all types of shooting.

This could be the most versatile uw system going if you could fix the video and flash features.

The video and flash issue could be fixed with a firmware update. I, for one, would be willing to pay a reasonable price for such an update if it is complicated to do.

Please, do not wait until the next version, to include these upgrades, because that will entail a new camera, and a new housing if you change the control design.

April 16, 2011


it's a very good camera

it's a v.good camera,easy to use ,easy to navigate menu.

April 14, 2011


Best one in it's class but needs weatherproofing

The bright lens which is so good in low light sold me. I like nature shots and tend to shoot in early morning and evening. The quality of the images were even better than I expected. Some complain about the lens cap but I got used to it very quickly.
In 1995 my 1st camera was the Olympus superzoom 120. I loved the weatherproof aspect of it. I wish my XZ-1 had this. I'm going to get the optional view-finder to. I think the price is a bit steep though.

April 12, 2011


Great camera easy to use, with many features

I have only had this camera a short time. The iauto mode makes it easy to get good pictures. I have been able to very low light pictures. One of my favorite subjects are my Grandchildren. The focus tack feature makes it easy to lock on and follow them to get a shot.

The Oled screen is great, bright and sharp. I could still use a view finder, but the price for it is way to steep.

It would be better if the lens cover was built in. This might be difficult to do with a lens as wide open and quality.

This has been a fun camera to get to know. I have a lot more to learn. I look for reasons to take pictures.

April 12, 2011


Great camera - Just need option to turn off NR

This is the best compact camera to come out in years. The lens is very bright and high-ISO is very usable.

But the noise reduction is too strong. Images at ISO200+ come out like water colors. I am forced to shoot RAW solely for this reason.

Olympus if you are reading, please please please add an option to disable NR in a firmware update. It'll make our lives so much easier!

Thank you.

April 04, 2011


Great auto camera - best indoors I have seen

Bought for 2 reasons: fast shutter release and great shots inside in normal interior light.

Could not be more pleased - fulfills my 2 reasons for buying perfectly - better in my opinion than any other point and shoot on market at present.

2 things I would like improved, but no where near deal breakers -- need loose pockets to carry in pants and with lens protruding, makes bulge in jacket; lens cover is press on fit and just fell off until I added some tape around inside edge to make it fit snugger. Prefer the type cover that grabs lens and requires a squeeze on opposite sides to release.

Images of people are extremely sharp and in focus - more than I had hoped for. Easy to learn basics if have used auto point and shoots before. Of course, this is much more than an auto camera, but that is what I wanted it for primarily, and it fills the bill as good as I had hoped for - highly recommended if the 2 irritations I mentioned above are acceptable - I bought online as soon as released - probably better to go to a camera store and check it out.

April 04, 2011


has great features

stabilization video is amazing!

Verry great performance,Amazing art filters and easy to use!

April 01, 2011


Best P&S Camera Currently Available

Terrrific well desiged camera. Lots of flexability for advanced users but does an amazing job in iAuto. High quality images in JPEG or Raw. Pleasing color and tones. Noise reduction too strong in high ISO shots.

March 31, 2011


This camera is just the right size.

I have many other brands of point and shoot cameras this Olympus is by far the best for size, weight and features. The main purpose for my purchase was to be able to use manual settings and with help from my friends, I was able to conquer that in no time. The flash mode is adequate for most of my shootings, but with the adapter for other flash accessories I have more than needed. The lens is superb and great quality. Can't say enough good things about the XZ except go buy one.

March 28, 2011


Great raw images. Nice bright LCD screen - hope OLCD technology holds up. Nice compact size.

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