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July 01, 2011


Excellent shooter with serious, basic problem

Camera performs well for target use, namely as a portable yet powerful, adjustable tool for taking pictures that can rival SLRs'. The handling quirks mentioned in some reviews become much less of an issue with practice, even the lack of a dedicated ISO button. However there's a rather serious problem affecting its real world usefulness as an easy to carry camera: You can't install the customary UV filter (or any other) to protect this lens, which is after all the main reason to get this camera and likely the component most expensive to repair or replace. According to Olympus the "the lens is proprietary and does not accept standard filters." This problem is all the more serious because the camera also lacks the customary built in flaps that cover the lens when you turn it off. This lack of protection seriously compromises the camera precisely in its intended function as an easy to carry and therefore frequently used tool; the more often you use it, the more likely you are to unwittingly damage that lovely lens and rue your investment.

June 29, 2011

Uncle Ruddy

Very good - excellent

Very user friendly. An excellent step up from point-and-shoot for those of us who want more than the basics, but not the bulk or complexity of an SLR. Really easy to compose your shot and adjust exposure, etc after checking on the image before shooting. I have had this camera for about a month now and have used it daily. I have found I use the aperture priority for most shots. Very flexible and intuitive to use.

June 25, 2011


Way ahead in some aspects, way behind in others

I bought this camera fully aware that its video (quality, focus, resolution, and bulky outdated file format) were well behind the industry.

I was willing to overlook the video flaws because I have a modern smartphone that takes very good video, so I can use that instead.

What I wanted was good quality images even in low light, and this camera delivers.

However, I found a few unpleasant surprises, some of which may not matter to others, but they are a disappointment to me.

Your needs may be different from mine. I like to do stealth shooting (candid shots) so I have some special preferences.

1) I like to shoot with the screen off, and this camera apparently has no way to do that. Having the screen off draws less attention, and lengthens battery life.

2) When shooting, the camera makes a very audible (though pleasing) mechanical clicking sound. Not an issue for most people, but not good for stealth. This can be eliminated in High2 burst mode, but that mode takes pictures that are only 2 megapixels.

3) Features in settings are strangely limited. For example the burst modes are very constrained. I would like to be able to just hold down the button, and have the camera continue to take pictures, at a fairly steady pace. It could even be a slow pace. But this camera can't do that without going to a special mode and compromising image size. Otherwise I have to keep re-pressing and half-releasing the button, which is a skill it's going take a while to master, and something that makes camera shake more likely.

4) The entire camera locks up gratuitously in a couple of situations. One is when writing data to the SD (Class 10 SHDC in my case) card. This happens for example after taking several pictures in burst mode, or after taking video. Another is when the cable is connected, such as when charging. Even when charging is finished, you can't even play with settings while the power cable is connected. This is when the cable isn't even connected to a computer, so it's not like some sync may be happening. It's just the simple case of charging from the wall outlet.

5) Along with what everyone else has said about video, there is also the astonishing limitation on file size, 2GB maximum, which effectively also sets a length limit on videos, to 7 minutes maximum at the preferred HD resolution. This is almost inexcusable, when videos are widely used to document things like hour-long school performances. Imagine going to your child's school play and having to chop it up into 7-minute segments at unpredictable points. There are better file systems that have been around for ages that support more than 2GB, so it's hard to imagine what the engineers at Olympus are smoking.

6) Software does not have a Mac version! Amazing! But in a bad way.

A lot of the other amazing features on this camera are standard these days on many cameras. So I don't share the enthusiasm some other reviewers do about them. They are great, but not special. Panorama in particular is disappointing because it is arbitrarily limited to three shots, meaning you cannot do a 360 degree panorama even if you try.

The main thing is the image quality, which is great. I do love the camera even though it has some negatives as I mentioned. I would absolutely recommend it if you are willing to live with those flaws in exchange for the amazing lens speed it has and the resulting great pictures.

June 14, 2011


Poor video hurts this camera

The photo mode is good and still images are strong and punchy. The camera is easy to use and quite compact. The camera feels fast and responsive in operation.

But the video mode is simply unacceptable. The camera constantly hunts for focus, such that a large part of most videos are barely usable. This happens even in high contrast situations and even if the subject is not moving much.

Even when it is in focus the video is pretty soft. Audio recording is quite good, it is just video images that are poor.

Overall this is a great stills camera that is let down by it's poor video mode.

Only other comments are: 1) it would be nice to have an ISO button, 2) it would be nice to have a built-in lens cap. But these are minor niggles.

May 06, 2011


Outstanding low light performance beating big DSLR

Olympus hit a home run with this camera.

The f1.8 lens captures some amazing images with sharpness and true color reproduction that many large DSLRs can't match.

Compact size allows you to pocket this camera and take it anywhere.

I have captured images with this camera for almost three months and friends are amazed at the picture quality.

Low light performance is excellent without the flash.

-Low light performance from the sensitive f1.8 lens
-Compactness - easily fits in a pocket
-Built in Art filters produce dramatic effects
-Sharp OLED screen shows detailed images even in sun light
-Works well with Eye-Fi card to transfer images over WiFi and post pictures to social networking sites
-Focus is fast
-Digital zoom yields good quality images when the subject is far
-Supports Olympus hot shoe flashes and accessories
-Ability to charge camera with USB cable or power with portable battery
-Front rotating lens wheel allows quick changing of camera settings
-Great manual controls allow full creativity
-External view finder provides sharp images while allowing you to brace the camera
-Excellent color sharpness and reproduction

-Battery seems to drain faster with Eye-Fi card so purchase a second battery
-Unit is easily powered on, especially when play button is pressed twice or when holding camera
-HD movie quality not as sharp as expected
-No filter screw for UV and other filters
-Sometimes panoramic mode would not recognize that you were panning the camera
-No display integration with Eye-Fi to show progress (hopefully future firmware will allow full integration)

Overall, this is an excellent camera for low light image capture. You will forget about the camera's built in flash.

Future models will hopefully incorporate a 14+ MP image sensor, a wider and longer lens, 3D image capture, and support filter attachments.

You can't go wrong for the money if you are looking for a compact DSLR camera to capture low light images.

Please see my attached photos. The images really tell the story and demonstrate the performance of the Olympus XZ-1.

May 04, 2011


best the best

Crispy image

fast focus

The super-bright F1.8-2.5 lens does more than let you keep the ISO settings down in low light

All-in-all, it means the XZ-1 offers similar control over depth-of-field and a more flexible focal length range than most DSLRs or mirrorless cameras with their kit lenses

April 25, 2011


Great features. High quality pictures.

Bought the camera to take on a Mexico family vacation. Tried camera over Easter weekend to test features. Very impressed with picture quality, ease of use, menu & speed. I originally was going to purchase a S95; after researching online, glad I made decision with Olympus.

April 22, 2011


Awesome Camera

This camera is built like a little tank. Heavy little sucker that delivers awesome photos. I'm so glad I purchased this gem. Can't believe Olympus does not include a battery charger. Whats with that OLYMPUS? All in all its absolutely a real pleasure to use this camera.

April 20, 2011


great images, extensive features

Love, the quality of the images and build of this camera. Cery versatile and easy to use.

April 19, 2011


Excellent Lens

I chose this camera after a year of searching to replace my DSLR whose lens I had become disatisfied with. I wanted a portable camera with an excellent lens and I had to wait a while. I still haven't read the manual yet, but the camera produces excellent results out of the box. I've only been switching between iauto and aperture priority modes so far. That's all that's been needed

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