October 15, 2011 by PaulInNC
Nice in theory and in practice!
After years of using all kinds of cameras, I was looking for a camera that I could experiment with and my spouse could use as an effective point-and-shoot as well. This came out on top, as we wanted a camera that could take quality pictures both indoors and out without spending a ton of money. So far, we have really enjoyed the results in shooting our 9 month old as well as pets, outdoor scenery, and tiny outdoor items as well - flowers,mushrooms,insects and such. The detail on the JPEGs is pretty amazing and it is a real treat to get an f1.8 on a reasonably small camera. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who wants a really good lens on a compact camera.
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October 9, 2011 by TriadX1
Excellent optics
This camera has very fast and VERY sharp optics. I really love this camera and get great photos, but there are two complaints. 1. The quality of jpegs are HORRIBLE. They are over compressed and look like that have some sort of strong smoothing applied to them, and loose a lot of subtle details. I have to shoot everything in RAW and use lightroom to get a good photo. Done this way they are Excellent. 2. The focus on movies is worthless. I have found you can get ok movies if you put it in manual focus, but that is a pain. My guess is these items can be addressed in a firmware update. Please oly listen to you users!!!
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October 3, 2011 by Diga
Exzellent stills
I recommend this camera to everyone who is in search for an well build compact camera with excellent picture quality and good controls. The picture quality is on par with entry DSLRs. Dissatisfying is the really poor video quality. Don't buy the camera if video is very important for you.
October 2, 2011 by pressphotogMike
Excellent camera - takes sharp clear photos
This is a great little camera that is well worth the money. It takes excellent photographs, is great in low light, its controls are easy to use and the settings all work as they should, to allow you to take the photos you want in the conditions you want. Problem areas are the useless lens cap. A camera like this should have a threaded lens so you can put on a protective filter. The access door to plug in the USB cord seems very cheap and doesn't have a solid click or feel to it. The USB cord is also way too short; should be at least another 12 inches long, especially since there is no separate charger included. The battery must be charged in the camera. When you pay this much for a camera, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth to have to go out right away and buy a stand alone charger. THIS CAMERA NEEDS A GRIP! Very hard to hold. A large protruding molded in grip under the word OLYMPUS on the front would be great - hollow it out to hold a second Li-50 battery. It would be nice if you could load two batterys into this camera so the camera could be powered by two. Battery life is good, but long shoots require extra batteries. Also, the mode dial on top of the camera should have positive click stops. It is too easy to accidentally switch modes. Despite those few complaints, this is an outstanding camera. Beautiful, clear photos. Nice bokeh. Quick response time. This is my first digital camera. I have continued to use my Olympus OM-4T's, OM-4's, and OM-2N's. I love those cameras and the bodies, along with all the lenses, bounce grips, drives, etc. all still work great. When I saw the XZ-1, with its' 1.8 Zuiko lens, I couldn't resist. Now Olympus. This is what you need to do. I always carry two OM bodies with me. One with a 35-105mm and one with a 65-200mm. I'm ready for anything. You now need to create the Olympus XZ-2. This would be a camera that picks up where the XZ-1 leaves off. It would be just like the XZ-1, (hopefully including some of my above suggested improvements) but unlike the XZ-1 the XZ-2 would have a fast 140-250mm (in 35mm) Zuiko zoom. Then I could leave both my OM bodies at home, and take my XZ-1 and XZ-2 with me and be ready for anything. I haven't tried the video - no interest in video. If I want video, I'll buy a video camera.
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September 16, 2011 by Nature Shooter
Great still photography
I have had the camera for 4 months. I wanted a pocket sized camera that could shoot RAW and produce great JPEGs. The fast f 1.8 lens has allowed me to take wonderful indoor candid shots of my family without a flash. The Panorama feature is easy to use and has produced some great shots. The camera comes up short on the movie function otherwise it would rate 5 stars. It continuously is searching for the correct focus as you shoot a movie. The result is that the subject of the movie is going in and out of focus making the result virtually useless. If you are buyig the camera for its ability to shoot HD movies you will be disappointed. In spite of firmware updates (v1.4) Olympus has not fixed this problem as of this date.
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