January 14, 2012 by AnnieMac
Better than I expected. Spectacular pics! Was a little intimidated at first, but settled in after an afternoon with the camera. All controls are very intuitive.
November 11, 2011 by Ben Herrmann
Great features - but needs some firmware changes
To begin with, I love this camera in so many ways. I was so glad to see Olympus once again enter the all-in-one enthusiasts camera market - kudo's to them. This camera has an exceptional color tonality - reminding me of the ole' and venerable E-1. It is nicely constructed, allows RAW capabilities, and features a stellar DSLR-quality Zuiko lens. But it is lacking in one key abilitiy - I.E. the ability to adjust NR levels (of which there are none currently). This is a biggie and I was wondering if this could be added via a firmware update. Either way, this camera is a winner - but the NR scenario precludes me from giving it 5 stars - but it is an enthusiasts model which bests many a competitor and one that I can highly recommend. Please Olympus - include a firmware update for the addition of NR adjustment abilities. Thanks..... Ben Herrmann Fuquay Varina, NC
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November 6, 2011 by pat-the-cat
Great image from a tiny cam, fiddly menus
I like the small size and the aperture range is great. I doubt that current technology allows a bigger zoom range without adding so much bulk that the camera will go from shirt-pocketable to "jacket required." The optional viewfinder is superior to what the other guys offer. My big complaint is the menu system, which can be confusing if you like to make adjustments while shooting. My SLR has no macro mode, so the XZ-1 is my go to camera for this. There are just too many steps needed to get in & out of macro!
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October 24, 2011 by rongorongo
Really Good Macro
I bought this camera as a secondary camera for quick pix. But the super macro turned out to be so good that I keep it at that setting to get super-closeups of bugs and flowers. I use the Macro Arm Light often. The menu is a little annoying to scroll through to change the settings. I'm not thrilled with the movie button- I'd rather set the dial to movie and use the shutter like the rest of my cameras. And oops- don't forget to make sure the audio is activated for movie mode! The zoom is not impressive, but it's OK if you are only shooting "average" snapshots and are not at a zoo or out in the woods where you can't get that close to wildlife. The picture quality is actually nice and sharp for a point n shoot. But the macro is the best on any point n shoot I've used by Olympus or the other two-or three, etc. I also like the Art Filters, especially the soft focus. I use it for close-up flowers and other background images. There is also a "Document" picture mode which is very convenient. It's not quite as sharp as a scan- but it's good enough to file documents, checks and such. If it wasn't such trouble to change the settings- I find the ring for changing the settings can be unintentionally rotated and that is rather troublesome; and if there was more zoom, even 10X; and the movie mode had focus tracking when zooming- I'd say this camera was near perfect for a pocket camera and grab shots. Oh and this camera also has RAW which is good if the lighting is really flat or you suspect you'll need to make a really large image for display or do post-editing.
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October 16, 2011 by lefabwolkr
A fantastic compact camera
I've used my new XZ-1 for a month now, extremely satisfied. I've been looking for a good compact camera for 3 months, not easy task given the saturated market. Very easy, handy and functional for newcomers, it provides very good pictures in any light condition. Despite the zoom hasn't a wide range, it fulfills 95% of the situations and does its job quite well. I mainly use it on trips or holidays, when I cannot carry my SLR. The only backside is that it's again a "made in china" product...
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