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August 11, 2011


top notch unbeatable camera

This camera is top notch. My 8 1/2 X 11 prints
are so razor sharp you have to watch how you pick them up or you might cut yourself.
The lens is unbeatable the way you can control depth of field. Color and art filters are the best.
It sure beats carrying a anchor SLR around your
neck on vacation. The view screen is good but
I bought the electronic view finder when I bought the camera. I think you really need one
with this camera. I really like the fact it is
interchangeable with the Pen cameras. If I
buy a Pen in the feture the view finder will work
with it. All in all you could not get this camera
away from me.

August 10, 2011


Size is wonderful for travel.

XZ-1 is very good for taking pictures of on-stage concerts and other low-light situations. The monitor is hard to see in sunlight although it is a little better than some. Plan to purchase a viewfinder.

August 09, 2011


A big thumbs up

If you want a carry anywhere, high quality pocket camera, this is the one to get. Olympus, which had been conspicuously absent in the mirror-less, fixed lens prosumer camera niche, has hit one out of the park on their first try. This camera is that great. Image quality is outstanding. And the art filters, I thought I'd never use them. Turns out, no matter what I shoot I make sure to take at least one example using an art filter. I find that people really get a kick out of seeing the results.
Besides image quality and art filters, Olympus made it compatible with their top flash and electronic viewfinder. That is just so great. It would be so easy for them to make it non-compatible so you'd have to buy a more expensive product to use those accessories but they didn't. Kudos for that. I bought the e. viewfinder and it really is as good as everyone says but that's for a separate review.

August 09, 2011


Great package needing a few minor firmware tweeks

Like many of you I did the research and considered a couple of other models (LX-5, S95 etc) and settled on the xz-1.

I am a mid-level user who likes to travel light. The big glass, manual controls and overall build of the camera all add up to make this a favorite in my collection. Issues with NR and video quality are legit, however you will be pleased with your purchase, this is a nice package.

August 09, 2011


Superb image quality from edge to edge...

Really delighted with this camera. The image quality of a 4/3rds camera but in a much more usable compact form.

August 09, 2011


Great camera, few things missing

I love my XZ-1: The images are beautiful, jpgs right out of the camera are fine for printing, websharing and even publication. (Raw is available for those who must.) I've shot mostly in decent light at either Auto ISO or 100/200, and the images are clean and noise-free. I can't comment on high-ISO performance, but I expect it will be at least as good as other small-sensor cameras, no match for Micro 4/3s or DSLRs. However, how often do we really need to shoot in zero light?

Focus is fast and accurate. You can lock focus with a half-press of the shutter button; there's no dedicated focus-lock or exposure-lock button, a complaint of many reviewers. I don't see that it makes any difference.

The close-focus modes work fine, but I'd prefer a direct means of switching them on and off, rather than the "OK" menu via the LCD. This is a small gripe -- the OK menu is very handy overall, makes it seldom necessary to access the main menus. (The "OK" menu is activated by pressing the OK button when the LCD is live.)

Physically, the camera feels well-built and rugged, with enough weight to make it easy to hold, although it could have done with a molded-in finger grip. (I added a stick-on grip from a third-party supplier, which works fine.) The LCD is large, sharp and bright, but prone to fingerprints. I've added a fold-down cover to protect it.

The XZ-1 is improved dramatically with the VF-2 viewfinder -- even though it's very expensive, I think it's well worth it. It makes the camera not only easier to use in bright sunlight, but also adds immensely to the "cool factor." And the viewfinder will work on most Olympus EP cameras, too, if you decide to move into a larger-sensor machine.

In short, I think the XZ-1 is an excellent camera, especially with the viewfinder and a stick-on grip added. I plan to carry it as my primary camera on an upcoming vacation (my second/back-up is a pocketable weatherproof model), and am confident I'll come back with high-quality images.

I'm a lifelong photographer -- that's more than 40 years so far -- and have used a slew of film and digital cameras in all formats. I have access to pro quality gear from my own collection, but since I bought the XZ-1 I've been using it almost exclusively for my personal work. I am very happy with the camera.

August 09, 2011


excellent compact

great color, depth of field, sharpness.
Macro is excellent. Video is IFFY.someitmes on sometimes off.

August 09, 2011

glass fiend

a great camera

I purchased this camera for a recent two week trip to Europe. The lens is of very high quality and fast.
The camera takes razor sharp pictures that fill my 24" iMac screen with amazing detail.
Most of these cameras have a certain logic to them, but I've yet to develop an intuitive feel of the menu
selections. Could just be me.
Don't like the lens cap, but, yes, the string does work. I do wish the cap attached more firmly; it can easily come loose.
When shooting video (infrequently for me, at best) the camera does hunt to refocus on objects of different distance.
In general, the pictures seem to exaggerate black levels a bit, but I use Aperture and RAW to get around this.
Built in panorama is wonderful, but much better results with distant scenery.

July 02, 2011


Great easy to carry high performance camera.

The XZ-1 is easy to navigate and takes fantastic pictures. It small size and big performance makes it a camera that you can take everywhere and never be disappointed with the performance. The leather case for it is sweet as well.

July 01, 2011


Excellent shooter with serious, basic problem

Camera performs well for target use, namely as a portable yet powerful, adjustable tool for taking pictures that can rival SLRs'. The handling quirks mentioned in some reviews become much less of an issue with practice, even the lack of a dedicated ISO button. However there's a rather serious problem affecting its real world usefulness as an easy to carry camera: You can't install the customary UV filter (or any other) to protect this lens, which is after all the main reason to get this camera and likely the component most expensive to repair or replace. According to Olympus the "the lens is proprietary and does not accept standard filters." This problem is all the more serious because the camera also lacks the customary built in flaps that cover the lens when you turn it off. This lack of protection seriously compromises the camera precisely in its intended function as an easy to carry and therefore frequently used tool; the more often you use it, the more likely you are to unwittingly damage that lovely lens and rue your investment.

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