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September 07, 2011


Big camera quality that fits in your pocket.

I loved my bigger Olympus DSLR. But for the type of trip I was going on I didn't want to bring my camera bag, with extra lenses, etc. So I picked up the XZ-1 and couldn't be more happy! I needed something a lot smaller that was easier to carry around and fit in my pocket. But I'm used to the quality of pictures I get from a DSLR, so I didn't want to settle for any compact. The quality of pictures I got from the XZ-1 rivals and often surpasses that of my DSLR. It's got a great automatic mode perfect for pulling out and getting the shot quickly. And has all the manual features you're used to with your DSLR. Plus it shots RAW. It will no doubt be with me on all my future trips, regardless of if I bring my DLSR or not.

September 06, 2011


Great, except display readability in sun light !

Great camera,
Great lens,
Excellent display... except visibility in sun light !

August 28, 2011


Great little camera

I'm surprised by what this little camera can do and I love the simplicity of use.

August 24, 2011

Wife's camera shopper

Non-pro camera with many pro touchs

My wife's older Olympus point-n-shoot needed upgrading. Being the pro photographer in the family, the selecting fell to me. Since my wife is a travel agent and see lots of ocean time, my first thoughts were the Olympus TG-810. But one of the complaints my wife has had in the past is the poor match of our fast moving grandchildren to the slow shutter lag and focus time (my complaint too). We purchased the XZ-1 three days before traveling with our two granddaughters down the eastern coastline. This camera’s use is so easy my wife never used her other camera. And I only needed to use mine for longer telephoto shots. This camera may not be a DSLR, but my wife and I find it well beyond “normal” point-n-shoot in the shutter lag and focus time department. This camera was a perfect match for our two fast moving granddaughters along with all the other scenic shots. We even found the scene modes, art modes, and movie mode (which we normally never use) very easy to use. Although the sensor is listed as being not quite good as other cameras in its class (slightly lower sensitivity), the faster lens and good lens quality keeps it on par with all cameras in its class. Although I found the three inch screen acceptable for my use in bright sunlight, I will need to either purchase the VF-2 or the VF-3 for my wife’s use in bright sunlight. It is my wife’s and my personal opinion that the purchase of a XZ-1 will be money well spent.

August 23, 2011


Excellent DSLR Sidekick

After being "another brand" devotee for many years, I determined that the best product for the job was an Olympus. The bright lens was the deciding factor. The Art Filters are being used quite often. I am very happy with the purchase.

August 16, 2011


Quite Disappointing

I purchased the camera because of the 1.8 lens and was stunned by the lack of sharpness and clarity. Perhaps it was the unit, but this particular camera fell well short of glowing reviews. Ergonomics and build are superb, but if one is buying the camera because of the optics... don't. I returned the camera.

August 12, 2011


Great little camera!

This camera takes very high quality shots. It produces significantly better quality images than my top rated superzoom camera does. The XZ-1 particularly excels in low-light and macro photography, but seems to perform well in all situations. The images are sharp and have little to no noise, even viewed at 100%. Noise does certainly become present in extremely low light shots, but it's still well controlled. The high resolution viewscreen is exceptional. I like that you can add on a real high resolution viewfinder later, as well as various converter lenses and accessories. I also love that this camera has a true Bulb (long exposure) mode, one of the few compacts, maybe the only, to be so equipped. The shot to shot times and burst abilities are highly impressive. With a fast card, you can keep shooting RAW as long as you want about one per second. Or, you can shoot up to 16 RAW images in 8 seconds. Most compact digicams can only take 3-6 full resolution images (RAW or otherwise) in their burst modes before halting. If shooting JPG only, I don't know what the limit for consecutive full-res shots is - I stopped at 41 in 20 seconds. !! The menus are very easy to use and functions without a direct button (which are most) are easy to access and change.

Now for the downsides. The body, though feeling very well built, is much too slippery and thin, makes it very hard to hold the camera, much less hold it steady. The camera desperately needs a rubberized raised grip on the right side, though some grippy material on all sides would very helpful. Due to the thin body, there's no good place to put your left hand, either, especially if you need to use the built-in flash or viewfinder, makes it hard to stabilize your shots. The included lens cap comes off far too easily. Though I understand this is so the lens can push it off when powering on, the cap will easily fall off when transferring the camera to/from a bag or pocket. Image stabilization seems not as effective as that on my superzoom camera, though still decent, and the much shorter zoom and far faster lens compensate.

August 11, 2011


At my side

I am a retired professional photographer with an Olympus E-5 as my main camera. I bought the XZ-1 and it will ALWAYS be at my side. Besides medium and large format ALL of my digital cameras have been Olympuses! C-2000, C2500L, E-10, E-510, E-1, E-3, EPL1, E5 and now XZ-1! Of all these these the E-5 is my favorite but the XZ-1 comes in a close second. I also use five Olympus E-10s to teach photography.

August 11, 2011


easy to use

I have many Cameras to include DSLR's with thousands of dollars in lenses. I purchased the XZ-1 with VF-2 viewer. This setup is a dream to use. Composing shots couldn't be easier and the results are awesome.

August 11, 2011


top notch unbeatable camera

This camera is top notch. My 8 1/2 X 11 prints
are so razor sharp you have to watch how you pick them up or you might cut yourself.
The lens is unbeatable the way you can control depth of field. Color and art filters are the best.
It sure beats carrying a anchor SLR around your
neck on vacation. The view screen is good but
I bought the electronic view finder when I bought the camera. I think you really need one
with this camera. I really like the fact it is
interchangeable with the Pen cameras. If I
buy a Pen in the feture the view finder will work
with it. All in all you could not get this camera
away from me.

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