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March 04, 2012


GREAT Camera...great value! You won't be disappoi

JOY to use, compact, out shines larger DSLR's AWESOME!

February 17, 2012


Good camera but three significant problems

the strong point of this camera is the very fast Zuiko 1.8 lens which is still fast at the telephoto setting.

The three significant weak points are:
1. There is excessive automatic noise reduction in JPG which smears detail and there is no setting to reduce this in the camera. Thus I have to shoot only in RAW to avoid this.
2. The video is poor due to constant auto refocusing or "focus hunting".
3. There is more noise at higher ISO than some compatible cameras.

Many users on the DPR web site agree with these two points and would like Olympus to put out a software update to correct this.

February 14, 2012


Purchased for overall size and lens quality.

Early in the game. I'm on my way to Costa Rica and look forward to many great photos. I particularily like the ease of menu use and the many ways to set the camera up for specific scenes. I mostly shoot aperture control and have the "C" postition set up for my carry around preferred settings. I don't shoot video so can't comment on that but have enjoyed learning about the camera functions so that it is not all new to me on the trip. I went ahead and obtained the vf-2 view finder and the TCON-17 teleconverter so feel that I'm well equipped for many circumstances. I live near the mountains in Washington State and have included a shot of them that I took while learning to use the camera.

February 11, 2012


Outstanding Little Camera

I purchased one of these for personal use and we ended up using it in the studio. We liked it so much we bought another. For our product photography this gem is totally indispensable - images are superb, and kudos to Olympus for making such a fast, sharp lens. It would have been so much easier to make the slower lens like those found on competitors cameras - but it's the optics, images it produces and easy interface that make this a gem. Wish it would tether.

February 11, 2012


Excellent camera, great lens

Highly recommendable, great lens. Very nice manual operation

February 03, 2012


Fantastic images

Right out of the camera, with no expensive software programs needed to manipulate the image details, these 'JPG's are ready to print! I am not a pro, but I've been an enthusiast for 40+ years. I started with a simple SLR and over the years have evolved to a Pro-model DSLR with a set of Pro lenses. I wanted an easy to carry point and shoot for casual use and this camera caught my attention. All I can say is "WOW". This camera is a winner, and I've used the best there is. The XZ-1 is truly a gem.

January 31, 2012


I would recommend this camera because its lens is very fast.

January 28, 2012


Interesting camera with poor manual

I have only owned the camera a few weeks. The learning process was made difficult by a poorly written manual.

The manual has no index, so you cannot quickly find a topic, unless you think exactly like the Olympus engineer.

When I first tried to view the manual it opened in Adobe reader, which has no search function. I am fortunate to have Adobe 9, which has a search function.

Still, despite much searching, I am unable to find the difference between Auto and Program mode.

I am satisfied with the performance of the camera, and truly love the viewing screen.

January 19, 2012


XZ1 highlights

This is a very cool camera. The fast lens is a great advantage. I'm still working through all the menus and features. I'm very pleased with the XZ1, with the following reservations. The zoom could be a bit stronger and the "dramatic tone" art filter is quite a bit too dramatic and not adjustable. Otherwise it's great!

January 14, 2012



Better than I expected. Spectacular pics! Was a little intimidated at first, but settled in after an afternoon with the camera. All controls are very intuitive.

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