April 20, 2015 by Thiophene_Guy
Unexpectedly versatile design
Camera performance is excellent and its design has allowed me to pursue photos under conditions I would not have expected. Expectations met or exceeded: I acquired this camera because of its lens and small form factor. Like other reviewers I was more than pleased with its convenience and performance, particularly when shooting RAW. I use F4.0 and monochrome mode most of the time, even when intending a color image, and find RAW images are large and sharp enough to withstand +/- 1EV exposure manipulation and aggressive cropping. The bright lens and low noise at higher ISO yielded many more sharp, hand-held photos in instances where a tripod was impossibly slow or excessively bulky (as for macro shots in cramped quarters). The manual controls and built in ND filter expand creative possibilities to allow shallow and deep focus, bracketed, and slow shutter blur images to be collected in rapid succession. Unexpected surprise: I use it a lot on rainy days. The simple addition of a filter adapter made this a more versatile camera. This allowed me to use a polarizer or protect the lens with a UV filter. It does make the camera bulkier, but keeps lint off the lens when stuffed into an oversized winter coat pocket. Importantly, the adapter allowed me to quickly and securely enclose the camera with a transparent plastic bag taped to the adapter or filter. This minimal protection allowed me to take the camera out on rainy (or snowy) days without worry of a minor splash (or melting snowflakes). Even downpours have been safe as long as I also used an umbrella - the camera remained dry within the bag even when needing to wipe droplets from the filter. I am a big fan of this lens. I have not tried the XZ-2 but would note that the similar form factor makes that camera equally versatile.
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August 8, 2014 by Laura
Simply awesome!
I have been using my XZ-1 for underwater photography (together with the PT-050 housing) and it never ceases to amaze me. The quality of the images & videos underwater is spotless, and on dry land it surpasses a lot of more expensive rigs that I have tried and owned.
August 12, 2013 by David
Competent and a terrific value
I am very impressed with the XZ-1. It is pocketable (mostly), has a bright and sharp lens, and the Truepic V processor does an amazing job producing excellent jpg images. I did a LOT of research before plunking down my dollars, and found that Olympus gives you a great bang for the buck. What I like about the XZ-1 is that it hits a sweet spot: you can get larger sensor cameras, but at the expense of size; you can get smaller, more pocketable cameras, but at the expense of lens quality; you can get similar cameras but they will cost you more. There is no perfect camera, and the XZ-1 isn't perfect. But the combination of size, image quality, and price make it a good buy.
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July 16, 2012 by Larry C.
After 40-years of film photography with mostly rangefinder cameras this was the size/class camera I was looking for. I have only owned this camera for 3-weeks, but find it fairly easy to use with good image quality. So far, performance of the 1.8-2.5 I.Zuiko lense has been very impressive. I use my images primarily for my artwork, and like the quality of the jpeg's right out of the camera.
July 3, 2012 by Brob147
Big Little Camera
Great advanced compact camera. Image quality and performance is excellent. I found the menus easy to navigate. The lens is great. I would like to see a camera case & wrist strap. The camera is a little slow for shot to shot speed.
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