July 29, 2013 by wullscej
Very happy with this camera
I bought the predecessor sz-30mr about 22 months ago and have no complaints with it. When this upgraded camera went on sale for under $200, I decided the older camera could become a backup. The improvements I've noticed and like are: 1) Better image stabilization (and the 30mr wasn't bad), 2) Faster focusing, 3) 48x "super zoom" seems to work well...I can see myself using it regularly whereas I didn't use "digital zoom" much with the sz-30mr. Both cameras have excellent image quality for point and shoots...there are recent cases where I've taken similar pictures with the sz-30mr and my (other new) "compact system" camera with a DSLR size sensor and couldn't decide which was better with the image brought up to full resolution! While this isn't always the case, it is a reminder of just how good these cameras are. To get this quality, I use the "P" mode with ISO 100 and exposure -0.7. Recently I've been experimenting with white balance set to "cloudy" to get warmer picture color. Indoors, you would want the ISO Auto and white balance to match the light. Different settings in these areas can make a lot of difference with how happy you are with your results. I've never cared much for the results of "iAuto" but noticed that the sz-31mr has some Live Guide settings (like "Saturation" set to "vivid") that might make a big difference. If you like "iAuto", you might get good results experimenting with the Live Guide features. The little bit I've use it seems promising.
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July 29, 2013 by Michael
same quality as SZ-30MR
I purchase this unit at a sale price of $180 and was able to give my SZ-30 to grandson. Touch screen is a nice change but would have rather they put more technology into a smoother zoom of the lens and be able use zoom feature in panoramic mode.
July 21, 2013 by chamelon
i'm not very pleased
This camera doesn't take good action shots...I do not like the wrist strap it doesn't allow for a secure hold to the camera..I do not like the fact that I have to download the instruction manual...I think it should have been included...I think there should have been a Quick Guide included..The connector to the TV was not included in my camera box..Overall I'm not very satisfied at all..I will not purchase another Olympus product...
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July 15, 2013 by Johnathan
A Great Camera
I would highly recommend this camera its slim, light weight frame is very compatible to fit almost anywhere. It's performance is outstanding with the pictures quality and resolution. The zooming technology is just like a professional camera's except it's like half the cost of one. I've owned one until recently it got destroyed by a oceans wave crashing down on it. Now overall it is mostly waterproof I've accidently left it in a rain storm and it survived that like it was nothing, but the only down fall was the sand that got into it. Other than that the camera is extremely good and well made, just don't take it with you accidently into the ocean! I'm actually thinking on getting it again or contemplating between two others from Olympus.
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May 25, 2013 by Brian
Excellent Camera for Travel and Family Photo's.
This is the 6th Olympus Camera I have purchased. C-4040, Stylus 770SW, (2) PEN E-PL1's, SZ-16 iHS and this SZ-31MR. It has been, like all of my previous Olympus Camera's, easy to operate, takes excellent photo's, and was affordable. I am looking forward to more exciting things to come from Olympus.
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