August 11, 2013 by Fred
This will be my "go to camera"
Wow what a camera! I;ve got at least a dozen digital cameras and this is already my favorite I've had it two weeks and absolutely love the : filters, scenes, and live view- but most of all I like the outstanding results especially with the supermacro. This model focuses fast and accurately and live view gives a chance to change the vividness and brightness by touchscreen! Its easy to change modes and submenu items easily/quickly. The battery is the same one I have in my sz12 and so between the 2 I can always have a fresh battery. Its also a beautifull camera and light to carry, I have it with me most of the time- Thank You Olympus for this cam and the classic UZ 2100 which I still use a great deal.
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August 9, 2013 by Dan
I have a small waterproof Olympus that I take fishing. I have an Olympus Digital SLR that I use for sports photography. I bought the SZ-31MR iHS to take to Yellowstone because it looked like a good high quality alternative to the other 2. Just fooling around with it for one week, it will be spectacular. Plenty of features, beautiful photos, compact and easy to carry. Perfect!
August 1, 2013 by Buzz
Great Camera
Very good pictures, daylight or flash. Better than reviews state. Filters and programs very impressive. Buy extra battery and keep it charged Have not used video yet but if as good as stills were in for a treat. Just needed manual controls.
July 31, 2013 by Johnathan
An Awesome Camera
Olympus has always been known for their outstanding quality and low prices on some of the best up to date technology you can get your hands on. Over the last two to three years I have owned an Olympus SZ-31mr, IHS. I have to say you really couldn't ask for anything else out of a camera except maybe one or two minor adjustments. This cameras outstanding quality, light-compact frame and lens, 48 times total zoom, and High definition with every aspect of the camera, make it the perfect camera to be taken pretty much anywhere you go. Whether your in the nose bleed sections at a stadium, or just on a day to day basis taking pictures and videos, I would highly recommend this camera not just for residential or commercial photographers, but also to professionals. Finally the last points I have to make about this camera is to inform you on the only two adjustments I think would be essential for a camera such as this one and a select group of other Olympus camera's as well. Overall this camera is water protectant, I've accidently left it in an intense rain storm that lasted 3 days in our supply yard and the very next day I found it out there. So I turned it on and it was like the rain didn't even touch it. However I would not recommend trying that out of curiosity to test your cameras' durability. Another issue is the output of sound for the videos' it is outstanding with its' input but the output is lacking unless you plug it into another device with speakers of a greater output. The last point is to never take this camera out with you to take amazing pictures or videos' in the ocean although it is water resistant, I found out the sand within the oceans water had went into my camera and destroyed the components. So other than those 2 adjustments that could be made: this camera is one of the best. I've compared Olympus to all the major camera companies and read countless amounts of reviews, and I've come up with the conclusion that overall Olympus has the best camera's out of all of them. So don't forget to check out their outstanding line of products, they currently have 39 different cameras' to choose from and of those 39; 8 of them are designed specifically for full waterproof coverage. Olympus, Your vision - Our future
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July 29, 2013 by Zillakilla
Horrible Camera
I just purchased the SZ-31 MR and received it a few days ago. I've spend the last few days experimenting with the camera and learning its features. To sum it up, the zoom quality is horrible. Max zoom pictures look like they were taken with a 3 MP picture camera. A very bad 2 MP picture camera. Normal non-zoom pictures initially look ok, but download and looking at them in normal size shows blurred and smudged images. I've owned dozens of digital camera, starting with a 1MP to my current main camera which is a 18 MP. I've owned dozens of Olympus cameras, from the original OM-1, EPL-3, and dozens of point and shoots. This is by far the worst camera, and Olympus camera, that I have ever owned. I have asked for a refund and we will see what happens.
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