May 19, 2014


Mid size Compact

I had a large camera that was becoming cumbersome on vacations (especially since having an energetic child) so I bought this camera a few years ago and it's been my go-to camera ever since. The zoom is quite amazing and I've been able to take pictures that I do not think I would have been able to capture with my DSLR.

March 28, 2014


One Fantastic camera

This has become my go to camera for nearly every day shooting and under nearly every situation. I have an OM-D that I love but the SZ-31 MR is so simple to operate and it delivers such high quality pictures that I usually perfer it over my other cameras,. Worth every penny and then some. Glad I purchased it.

August 14, 2013


Great Little Camera

I bought this camera to take with me a trip to Utah. I took it hiking with me. It is a great little camera. It took amazing pictures. It really caught the reds of the rock everywhere and some beautiful pictures of the arches in Arches Natl.Park. I really enjoyed using this camera it is very easy to use. Thanks Olympus.

August 14, 2013


Handsome design

Olympus seems to have a knack for producing attractively designed cameras. This camera has to be one of their most attractive. It has all the latest features and more. Even a touch-screen 3" display. Nice.

August 12, 2013


Best camera

All I can say is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic camera. Easy to use. I'd say best camera under $1000.00. The last 30 years all I have owned is Olympus cameras. Now I have 5 different ones and all still work. Love em.

August 11, 2013


This will be my "go to camera"

Wow what a camera! I;ve got at least a dozen digital cameras and this is already my favorite I've had it two weeks and absolutely love the : filters, scenes, and live view- but most of all I like the outstanding results especially with the supermacro. This model focuses fast and accurately and live view gives a chance to change the vividness and brightness by touchscreen! Its easy to change modes and submenu items easily/quickly. The battery is the same one I have in my sz12 and so between the 2 I can always have a fresh battery. Its also a beautifull camera and light to carry, I have it with me most of the time- Thank You Olympus for this cam and the classic UZ 2100 which I still use a great deal.

August 09, 2013



I have a small waterproof Olympus that I take fishing. I have an Olympus Digital SLR that I use for sports photography. I bought the SZ-31MR iHS to take to Yellowstone because it looked like a good high quality alternative to the other 2. Just fooling around with it for one week, it will be spectacular. Plenty of features, beautiful photos, compact and easy to carry. Perfect!

August 01, 2013


Great Camera

Very good pictures, daylight or flash. Better than reviews state. Filters and programs very impressive. Buy extra battery and keep it charged
Have not used video yet but if as good as stills were in for a treat.
Just needed manual controls.

July 31, 2013


An Awesome Camera

Olympus has always been known for their outstanding quality and low prices on some of the best up to date technology you can get your hands on. Over the last two to three years I have owned an Olympus SZ-31mr, IHS. I have to say you really couldn't ask for anything else out of a camera except maybe one or two minor adjustments. This cameras outstanding quality, light-compact frame and lens, 48 times total zoom, and High definition with every aspect of the camera, make it the perfect camera to be taken pretty much anywhere you go. Whether your in the nose bleed sections at a stadium, or just on a day to day basis taking pictures and videos, I would highly recommend this camera not just for residential or commercial photographers, but also to professionals. Finally the last points I have to make about this camera is to inform you on the only two adjustments I think would be essential for a camera such as this one and a select group of other Olympus camera's as well. Overall this camera is water protectant, I've accidently left it in an intense rain storm that lasted 3 days in our supply yard and the very next day I found it out there. So I turned it on and it was like the rain didn't even touch it. However I would not recommend trying that out of curiosity to test your cameras' durability. Another issue is the output of sound for the videos' it is outstanding with its' input but the output is lacking unless you plug it into another device with speakers of a greater output. The last point is to never take this camera out with you to take amazing pictures or videos' in the ocean although it is water resistant, I found out the sand within the oceans water had went into my camera and destroyed the components. So other than those 2 adjustments that could be made: this camera is one of the best. I've compared Olympus to all the major camera companies and read countless amounts of reviews, and I've come up with the conclusion that overall Olympus has the best camera's out of all of them. So don't forget to check out their outstanding line of products, they currently have 39 different cameras' to choose from and of those 39; 8 of them are designed specifically for full waterproof coverage. Olympus, Your vision - Our future

July 29, 2013


Horrible Camera

I just purchased the SZ-31 MR and received it a few days ago. I've spend the last few days experimenting with the camera and learning its features.
To sum it up, the zoom quality is horrible. Max zoom pictures look like they were taken with a 3 MP picture camera. A very bad 2 MP picture camera. Normal non-zoom pictures initially look ok, but download and looking at them in normal size shows blurred and smudged images.

I've owned dozens of digital camera, starting with a 1MP to my current main camera which is a 18 MP. I've owned dozens of Olympus cameras, from the original OM-1, EPL-3, and dozens of point and shoots. This is by far the worst camera, and Olympus camera, that I have ever owned. I have asked for a refund and we will see what happens.

July 29, 2013


Very happy with this camera

I bought the predecessor sz-30mr about 22 months ago and have no complaints with it. When this upgraded camera went on sale for under $200, I decided the older camera could become a backup.

The improvements I've noticed and like are: 1) Better image stabilization (and the 30mr wasn't bad), 2) Faster focusing, 3) 48x "super zoom" seems to work well...I can see myself using it regularly whereas I didn't use "digital zoom" much with the sz-30mr.

Both cameras have excellent image quality for point and shoots...there are recent cases where I've taken similar pictures with the sz-30mr and my (other new) "compact system" camera with a DSLR size sensor and couldn't decide which was better with the image brought up to full resolution! While this isn't always the case, it is a reminder of just how good these cameras are. To get this quality, I use the "P" mode with ISO 100 and exposure -0.7.

Recently I've been experimenting with white balance set to "cloudy" to get warmer picture color. Indoors, you would want the ISO Auto and white balance to match the light. Different settings in these areas can make a lot of difference with how happy you are with your results.

I've never cared much for the results of "iAuto" but noticed that the sz-31mr has some Live Guide settings (like "Saturation" set to "vivid") that might make a big difference. If you like "iAuto", you might get good results experimenting with the Live Guide features. The little bit I've use it seems promising.

July 29, 2013


same quality as SZ-30MR

I purchase this unit at a sale price of $180 and was able to give my SZ-30 to grandson. Touch screen is a nice change but would have rather they put more technology into a smoother zoom of the lens and be able use zoom feature in panoramic mode.

July 21, 2013


i'm not very pleased

This camera doesn't take good action shots...I do not like the wrist strap it doesn't allow for a secure hold to the camera..I do not like the fact that I have to download the instruction manual...I think it should have been included...I think there should have been a Quick Guide included..The connector to the TV was not included in my camera box..Overall I'm not very satisfied at all..I will not purchase another Olympus product...

July 14, 2013


A Great Camera

I would highly recommend this camera its slim, light weight frame is very compatible to fit almost anywhere. It's performance is outstanding with the pictures quality and resolution. The zooming technology is just like a professional camera's except it's like half the cost of one. I've owned one until recently it got destroyed by a oceans wave crashing down on it. Now overall it is mostly waterproof I've accidently left it in a rain storm and it survived that like it was nothing, but the only down fall was the sand that got into it. Other than that the camera is extremely good and well made, just don't take it with you accidently into the ocean! I'm actually thinking on getting it again or contemplating between two others from Olympus.

May 25, 2013


Excellent Camera for Travel and Family Photo's.

This is the 6th Olympus Camera I have purchased.
C-4040, Stylus 770SW, (2) PEN E-PL1's, SZ-16 iHS and this SZ-31MR. It has been, like all of my previous Olympus Camera's, easy to operate, takes excellent photo's, and was affordable.
I am looking forward to more exciting things to come from Olympus.

May 21, 2013


Excellent camera for trips

Love this camera for its optical zoom power! Camera is compact and can fit into my pocket to go anywhere. Options are great on the camera, but I just wish the on/off button where easier to push. Too small a button and too recessed to use easily.

May 21, 2013


Excellent All In One!!!

Hi, I have been using Olympus equipment since studying at the Art Institute of Pittsbugh with the OM-1 and 4 Zuiko Prime lens, which I still use today. Bought this camera because of the quality of the lens and the ability for it to be used as an all around camera. Camera is very easy to use out of the box and will provide excellent results from the start. Have used this camera in both in personal and professional Fine Arts use. It is extremely portable and easy to carry every day. AF is spot on and very fast. Do yourself a favor, pick one up and don't put it down. You won't be disappointed.

January 28, 2013


Absolutely excellent for ' point and shoot'

I had a SZ-14 for 4 months. I was happy and I thought it was a very fine camera. But after I'd read reviews about SZ-31MR iHS, I could not stand still. On January 15th, I got my second baby, and I could not believe it. Boy, I am completely in a different world now!!

More than 200 pictures I have taken so far tell me this is probably the very best camera I could wish for. I'm in the heaven, and I'd like to wake the town and tell the people this is the camera!!!

June 29, 2012


Extremely pleased with the SZ-31MR iHS

I film and photograph nature and archaeological related events.

I have owned Olypus digital super zoom cameras since the Camedia C-740UZ, excellent for its day.

I am still using my SP-590UZ and will continue to use it as a backup.

I am Very pleased with the SZ-31MR iHS. I have cut my camera size by 1/3rd while increasing from 12 to 16 megapixels and adding full HD movies and Mutirecording functions.

I am still exploring all the features of the SZ-31MR but fully appreciate this All-In-One wonder ... especially when thinking back to my 35mm w/additional lenses days.

Thank you Olympus for an excellent product, as usual.

June 25, 2012


Great camera but Alittel to basic

Good camera for point and shot but I would like few features missing such as control over aperture and shutter speed, and being able to shot in raw.

June 25, 2012


Nice Catch!

Recently upgraded from the Olympus 1020. This is the fourth Olympus point-and-shoot I have owned. I am amazed at how much the technology has improved at each level. I can't imagine how the next generation will look.

The image quality, lens speed, zoom ratio and intuitive menus make this camera a nice catch for amateur and professional photographers.

June 18, 2012

Intermediate Photographer

Pleasingly Surprised

My DSLR didn't work and I needed a camera to shoot a wedding that I was getting paid to do. I didn't have enough funding to buy another DSLR, so I started looking for a camera that might be as good. I was pleased to find the SZ-31MR iHS. First it shipped fast from Olympus. I had no trouble learning the camera 2 days before the wedding. The day of the wedding I took over 500 photos. The portraits were amazing. Couldn't use a flash in the church, but camera did alright. Realized at the reception the sports mode which made a huge difference in pictures in motion. I wasn't sure the pictures were ok, till I uploaded them to my laptop. It was really amazing how well the camera preformed. I would definitely recommend this camera. I was impressed.

June 14, 2012


Best Point and Shoot Ever

As a novice in photography, I can not say enough about the new Olympus SZ-31MR iHS. The size and molded hand grip make the camera easy to hold on to. The SZ-31 controls and menus makes the camera very easy to learn and operate. With its 24x lens this little camera can take beautiful pictures ,from the minute, in the macro mode, to subject that would be out of range with most point and shoot cameras.

June 12, 2012


Simple to operate.

I baught this as an accessory to my other cameras because it fits in to my pocket and it is easier to carry than my dslr s. It is packed with lots of easy to operate features.

June 11, 2012


excellent product, good value.

very satisfied with product, simplicity in menu selection,

June 07, 2012

The New SZ-31 MR iHS

Looks to be a great camera

I am very satisfied with getting the pictures to my computer, The quality of photos is exactly what I would expect from an Olympus product. I have taken it on one trip. I am still getting use to it. The record button is in a place where my thumb naturally goes, so I hit it more than I mean to. I ran the battery down the first day before the day was finished. I don;t have enough experience with the camera yet to know if that will be an issue, but I am going to order an extra battery. I also am not comfortable with having to hold the camera when not in use, (No shoulder/neck strap)

May 29, 2012


GOOD CAM! captures breath-taking moments!

Unlimited features, Good quality! god of capturing moments! :)

May 24, 2012


Small package Big surprise

Fantastic in a small package. Size does not matter with this unit.

May 22, 2012


it's a super cam!

been searching for a cam like this....finally found it!
worth the wait...!!!

May 20, 2012


The best!!

I am a home inspector and I love love love this camera. I also have an SP 600UZ which is another fantastic camera.

The zoom on this is amazing! What a fantastic camera!!!

May 07, 2012


Love the sz31-mr

Truly an amanzing camera
putting away my DSLR and will be using this sweet thing all the time.