October 2, 2013 by GLENN
Good camera, difficult software and Charging
I have had the camera just over 1 week and it replaces a previous Olympus model. In downloading the software it took a while with a couple of false starts and the first charge took overnight and even when charged it asked me not to remove the cable. On first use it was pretty good both for stills and video. The features are again good but difficult to use. Its not a point and shoot device but when you get the hang of the set up routine its very good for the price paid.
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August 24, 2013 by Stephen
Very,very good camera
The SZ-12 is great! Other than ultimate photos, the menus on the screen are easy and completely understandable. Not only that, there is a help button right on the camera that will take you through any procedure you are attempting. Already we've taken great pictures of ourselves and our animals, and even a photo of the rare Blue Moon. Looks just like a regular moon by the way, but it's a blue moon after all so we wanted a shot. The Olympus did a perfect job in the dark, the moon was clear and it even got a good shot of the surrounding clouds and trees framing the moon. You can set this camera for almost any photo and it's very easy to do. Thanks to Olympus, we are very happy with our choice.
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July 26, 2013 by Jim
Olympus SZ-12
This is my first digital camera and I couldn't be more impressed.I really didn't know what to look for.Walmart was the only place I could go to at the time,so,I really didn't have any sales help to speak of.I wound up just taking a shot and picked the one that was priced midway between cheap and expensive,leaning a little towards the high end.I'm an astronomer and I set it up on a tripod to shoot the Moon.After figuring the focus and shutter speeds I began creating beautiful images in different phases.With a little manipulation with the camera's software on my computer I can create 9"X11"photo quality prints.People have actually asked me what kind of telescope I used!!When I show them this little camera mounted on a tripod they don't believe me. Keep up the good work and when I'm in the market to upgrade,Olympus is the one I'm choosing.Thanks; Jim Martin
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June 16, 2013 by Paul
SZ-12 Excellent Camera
This little camera has it all fits in your pocket and always ready to go. For the price you cant beat this camera, You can shoot in just about any light. I looked at some others too at the time I got this. This is my third Olympus camera I still have the other two and they still work fine.
June 8, 2013 by Travis
Great Camera!!!!! Bar None!!!!!!!
I purchased the Olympus SZ-12 only a few days ago and I am already satisfied. The 24x zoom is to me the best aspect of the camera. It is very lightweight as well. I have only taken a dozen pictures and they all turned out clear and crisp. The Olympus SZ-12 is a must buy!!!
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